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The Cosmic Geppetto Podcast is a Pop Culture show talking about Movies, Music, TV, Books, Comics & Whatever Else They Feel Like

The Cosmic Geppetto Podcast is a Pop Culture show talking about Movies, Music, TV, Books, Comics & Whatever Else They Feel Like
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The Cosmic Geppetto Podcast is a Pop Culture show talking about Movies, Music, TV, Books, Comics & Whatever Else They Feel Like




Episode 121 - The Return of Queersplay & A Wrinkle in Time

Kimber & Leigh from Queersplay return! Jason & Katie are excited for the film adaption of A Wrinkle in Time. The Digressions: Queersplay will be at & Katie loves The Campaign What was Mel Brooks last great movie? Katie fundraising page is Jason wants you to check out the writing of Carisa Starr


Episode 120 - Babetown Deep Dive Review & Fans on Patrol

Shawn & Brad do a Deep Dive Review of Babetown's self-titled EP. Jarf interviews Montago & Tiffany from the excellent Fans on Patrol Podcast. Digressions- Is Babetown an actual city? Soul Asylum was cool at one time. Their video for the song used in Clerks had a bigger budget than the movie. Apparently, Brad calls his wife ‘Babe.’ There is always room for a kazoo Brad & Shawn will do a Cover Conversation about James Wolpert’s version of ‘Case of You’ and Coco Hames’ version of Bastion...


Episode 119 - Oscars 2018 w/ Murren Kennedy & Jessa Lowe

Brad, Murren & Jessa share their opinions & pics for the 2018 Academy Awards. The Digressions: * We were supposed to talk about Babetown's new album, but had to push back that conversation with Shawn Reynolds one week. * The 1989 Oscar Winners of Tomorrow routine * Rob Lowe had a sex tape before everyone else * Fishing w/ John * Which Chris/Kris do you support? Pratt, Evans, Hemsworth, Pine or Kristofferson? * I Saw the Devil * Armie Hammer * The Handmaiden Subscribe to The Cosmic Geppetto...


Episode 118 - The Black Panther Panel

Brad hands over hosting to Lamar Robinson, who is joined by Jarf, Michael & Dorphise to talk about Marvel’s Black Panther film. It is also the first Geppetto Theatre Production. Murren, Jessa, Sean German & Michael present ‘Michael Watson Goes to Hollywood.’ Since Brad isn’t in charge this episode, the Digressions are kept to a minimum: Letitia Wright in Black Mirror Black Panther: World of Wakanda Dorphise had to watch Fantastic Four for a film class


Episode 117 - Carissa Starr, Jason Lenox & Ant-Man & The Wasp

We are late getting this episode out, but it is filled with goodness. Science Fiction Author Carissa Starr ( talks about her writing process and giving Ben Affleck gum. Artist Jason Lenox ( returns to talk about the Kickstarter campaign for Lords of the Cosmos ( Katie & Ryan are joined by Eric Deutsch, making his Cosmic Geppetto Debut, to talk about...


Episode 116 - Transformers & The XFL

Jarf, Lamar & Brad talk about Transformers and other Geeky Stuff they're excited for. Kyle from Pele Media has opinions about the return of the XFL (Dear God, it's actually happening). The Digressions: Defenders Send Iron Fist to training camp John Cena is becoming a star Kingsmen 2 Halle Berry The unknown Storm/Wolverine story Storm was married to Black Panther The Safety Pin Box Interracial Jawn Podcast Brad is a QA Analyst at heart Jarf recommends


Episode 115 - Director Rick Harper & A Major Announcement

Brad talks to director Rick Harper to talk about the documentary Room Full of Spoons and the legal battle with Tommy Wiseau over the film. Jarf joins Brad to announce The Cosmic Geppetto Podcast is joining The Cheap Pops! Podcast Network. The Digressions: Dueling Genres’ radio play Geek by Night Brad & Jarf were on Point Break Minute Dave Pallas and the excellent Five Minutes of Mystery Zach Luna is very awesome. Would you see a gender switched Point Break with Blake Lively & Krysten...


Episode 114 – Crystal Sparrow & Tom Bacon

Crystal Sparrow from joins Brad & Jarf to talk about X-Men's television spin-off Gifted. Entertainment writer Tom Bacon returns to talk about the Past & Future of the Netflix Marvel shows. SPECIAL BONUS: Jason Moyle's amazing daughter Ellen gives her opinion on Justice League. The Digressions: -Universal Fan Con -Jarf Recommends CW’s Crisis on Earth X -Supporting characters don’t last long in Punisher comics -What the hell are unstable molecules? -Brad has been reading...


Episode 113 – So Many Star Wars Reviews

Happy New Year! The Last Jedi has been...Polarizing. We decided to talk to a LOT of people about it. Our Guests are: -Brian Waltersdorff from Comic Store West -Dave Pallas from Five Minutes of Mystery -Thomas Howeth from Neverending Minute -One Steele Sister Tierney, who is also from Neverending Minute -Freestyle Komics' Mike Watson Since it is New Years Day (barely); Tom Bacon, Shawn & Beth, Brian, and Heather and The Little Mendenhalls share their favorite things of 2017. (Including...


Episode 112 – Christmas 2017 w/ Alverne Ball & Veronica Smith

Almost in time for Christmas (oops!), Brad is joined by writer Alverne Ball & colorist Veronica Smith. Both are involved in Freestyle Komics' series Vigilance. This episode is pretty tight, kind of light on the Digressions. Be sure to check out the Kickstarter for Vigilance. So many cool rewards! Alverne's website is


Episode 111 – Talking ‘Bout Star Wars

With an event as big as the release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, we went big with Two (TWO!) panels. Kathleen welcomes the Sensational Crystal Beth, Tierney (who is One Steele Sister) and Dave Pallas from Five Minutes of Mystery to talk about their hopes and fears for the new film. They also share their favorite Star Wars characters. Emily K from Feathered Hat Studios, Charlotte from Skytalkers & Jarf join brad to discuss the importance of Rey to the Star Wars Universe. The Digressions:...


Episode 109 – The Return of Dani Bradford from Lone Rucksack

Episode 94 featured an awesome interview with Adventurer Dani Bradford, who was taking a motorcycle trip through South America. Not long after that conversation, Dani got hit by a truck. Since Dani is tough as nails, she is on the mend and back on the show. Also joining the show is Tim Burdick to talk about the excellent comic book series Saga. The Digressions: -The web comic strip The Least I Could Do -Comic Store West and their great staff. Honest, they don't pay us to talk about them,...


Episode 108 – Going Against The Crowd w/ Zach Luna

Zach Luna from Dueling Genre's Spider-Man Minute and Brad disagreed on Facebook. It turned into an intelligent discussion that then turned into an episode of this podcast. Because they are adults. The Digressions: -Brad & Zach have different thoughts on Hocus Pocus -Sarah Jessica Parker on the show Equal Justice -Being misled by Talented Mr. Ripley -Robert Egger’s The Witch -Robert Downey Jr. and other actors who like to ad lib -Zach’s car was in Justified. -Brad met someone famous, but...


Episode 107 – Centralia: Pennsylvania’s Lost Town Director Joseph Sapienza

Brad talks to documentary filmmaker Joe Sapienza about his excellent film Centralia: Pennsylvania's Lost Town. For the first time in a while, Brad does a To & From Review. He caught Zack Snyder's Justice League. The Digressions: -The Zoetropolis Art House Theater in Lancaster, PA -Centralia was almost shelved 3 times -Ronald Reagan's quote: ‘The most terrifying words in the English language are: I'm from the government and I'm here to help.’ -Bill Bryson's A Walk in the Woods Silent Hill...


Episode 106 – Actor/Writer/Director Robyn Paris

Actor/Writer/Director Robyn Paris talks with Brad about her Web series 'The Actors of The Room: Where Are They Now?' The Digressions: -Robyn is known for acting in the worst movie of all time, so Brad asks her about working with Michael J Fox in Back to the Future 2. -The film Disaster Artist is coming out soon. It is based on the book of the same name by Greg Sestero -Craig Cackowski is awesome -The Wonderful June Diane Raphael portrays Robyn in The Disaster Artist. That is So Freaking...


Episode 105 – Discussing the Nature Boy w/ Brian Fritz

Brian Fritz from The Between The Ropes Podcast returns to talk about ESPN's 30 for 30 Documentary "The Nature Boy." The Digressions: -Sign up for BTR’s Facebook Page. They are awesome answering questions. -Which Chris would you buy stock in: Evans, Hemsworth, Pine? -You always want to be friends with people with Australian accents -Ric Flair had his own podcast -Brian isn’t watching 205 Live -Ric Flair was struck by lightning -He also survived a plane crash -Ricky 'The Dragon' Steamboat...


Episode 104 – Thor Talk w/ Walt Simonson

So much Awesome Thor Talk! Jarf, Katie & Mike Watson join Brad to talk about Thor: Ragnarok. Extra Special Guest Walt Simonson discusses his Legendary Career working on such titles as X-Factor, Manhunter and, of course, The Might Thor. The Digressions: -Marvel Battle Royale -Katie feels Chris Hemsworth is ‘not bad to look at.’ -Frog Thor -Michael & Katie are both huge Harry Potter fans. A friendship is born. -Chris Hemsworth might be a breakout star of the Marvel Cinematic Universe -Brad...


Episode 103 – Halloween 2017

It is the 2017 Halloween Episode with Special Guests Kyle, Kathleen, Ryan & Katie talking about some of the Horror Movies everyone saw this year. Kelly Yates, an excellent artist possibly best known for his work on Dr. Who comics, talked to Brad at the recent Baltimore Comic Con. We finally have the conversation edited and it is a good one. The Digressions: -Do owls have butt-holes? -Who was possessed in The Thing? -What does everyone think of Kristen Stewart? -Monkeyshines -Crazy Woman...


Episode 102 – Star Wars w/ Ray Esposito & Wonder Woman w/ Ellen Moyle

It is a packed episode! Brad talked to Old Lime Productions Ray Esposito about the Star Wars Episode 9 director change. Ellen Moyle, and her dad Jason, join Brad to have the definitive Wonder Woman discussion. Pele Media's Kyle Crane reviews the new Blade Runner. The Digressions: -The Phineas & Ferb where they age 10 years. -Wonder Woman lost her powers in the 70s. -Brad asks Ellen her favorite Star Wars movies. If you listen real close, you can tell he doesn’t believe her. -Disney’s...


Episode 101 – Fixing Arrow w/ Jarf & Lamar

Jarf & Lamar join Brad to Fix the CW Show Arrow. And because you can't get enough Jarf, he also reviews the new Fox show Gifted. The Digressions: -Is Black Lightning part of the Arrowverse? -Spider-Man used to hate hippies -Green Arrow had a Boxing Glove Arrow -The Hulu doc Batman & Bill -The book How to Catch a Russian Spy by Naveed Jamali -Pod Save the People -Pod Save America


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