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Arguing 101: Do you know what you're fighting for?

Hi and thanks for joining us for The Couples Expert with your host, Stuart Fensterheim. This is episode 154 of our show. This week, Stuart is going to give you a course in arguing with your partner. Not that you should, but everyone does at one time or another. Listen to Arguing 101, a guide to fighting with your partner. Yes, you heard that correctly! Conflict will come up in daily life for all couples (even The Couples Expert). Stuart describes somethings that came up for him and his...


Episode 153 - Your Sex Life Is Not A Porno Movie

Hi and welcome to episode 153 of The Couples Expert with your host The Couples Expert Stuart Fensterheim. Stuart brings you a topic that he’s had come up lately in his counseling practice: The idea that your sex life is not a porno movie. Are your expectations about sex with your partner realistic or do you expect your sex life to be like a porno movie? Listen as Stuart discusses sexuality and expectations on today’s Couples Expert podcast. Even the Couples Expert has expectations about...


Episode 152 - Exorcising the Ghosts That Haunt Your Relationships

This is episode 152 of The Couples Expert Podcast with Stuart Fensterheim. Today, Stuart is speaking today about the ghost of our past relationships that continue to haunt us and how to exorcise them from our lives. We can tend to get into patterns that repeat; we get stuck in these ways of interacting in relationships that are a carryover from the past. Listen as how Stuart shows us how to get rid of those ghosts that haunt us and to live in the moment, in the present with our partners...


Episode 151 - What is EFT?

Today on episode 151 of The Couples Expert Podcast, Stuart is going to talk about what moves him to help couples. The type of counseling that he does is called Emotionally Focused Therapy, or EFT. Stuart is going to talk about what EFT is all about and how it helps couples and families feel more connected and learn how to meet each other’s attachment needs; what they need to feel loved and important to one another. You should only seek help for your relationship by a counselor that uses...


What is romance? Romance is not only good for Valentines Day

This is episode 150 of The Couples Expert Podcast. Stuart's topic today is romance and Valentine's Day. This episode, is about the other 364 days of the year where you have an opportunity to be just as romantic as you would on Valentine's Day. Romance is not about Valentine’s Day! You don’t love your partner only on February 14th. If that’s the only day you’re showing love to your partner, there’s something terribly wrong! Listen as Stuart brings you some valuable insight into romancing...


Importance of Family Celebrations

Hello and welcome to this episode of The Couples Expert Podcast with Stuart Fensterheim. This is show #149. We’re so glad you’ve chosen to join us as we talk about love and connection. Stuart’s topic today is the importance of family celebrations. You may wonder what that has to do with your love life or relationship. Stuart believes that the family connections we keep teach our children to model healthy love relationships in the future, and that having a strong bond with your siblings and...


Stuart Brings the Happy Back with Guest Vicki Hadfield

This is episode 148 of our show. Stuart's guest today is Vicki Hadfield, also known as The Happiness Ambassador and Love Lifter. She and her husband Richard have developed a program surrounding "The Supportive Spouse." It’s all about having happiness in your home and your relationship with your partner, and that is Stuart’s goal too. Listen and Stuart and Vicki discuss what it means to have (and be) a supportive spouse and stop the nitpicking and bickering that we sometimes do with our...


The Reason We All Cheat - Stuart Tells All

In episode 147 of The Couples Expert Podcast, Stuart is discussing a troubling topic today; infidelity. All of Stuart’s work centers around creating and maintaining healthy couple relationships. He believes that this is truly the cornerstone of a healthy society as a whole. Healthy relationships passed down from parents who model them for their children create generations of healthy relationships and a healthier society overall. Infidelity, whether it be sexual, emotional or even...


Episode 146 - Where’s The Fire? I feel like you’re my roommate!

The Couples Expert Podcast with your host Stuart Fensterheim. This is episode 146 of our show. We’re so happy that you’re here with us for the show. Today Stuart is discussing an all too common scenario for couples: When two people in a committed relationship end up living like roommates instead of lovers. Listen in while Stuart addresses this familiar problem.


Episode 145 - Beware Relationship Heart Attack

The wakeup call of a heart attack in your relationship might be the catalyst, the very incentive you need to realize that you need some help. Use this wakeup call as a jumping off point to begin changing your interactions and improving your relationship. This wakeup call can put you on the path to having a stronger and healthier relationship than you’ve ever had before. Don’t let yourself become so comfortable that you ignore the warning signs. You need to be aware when there is something...


Episode 144 - Can your marriage be saved?

Hello and welcome to this episode of The Couples Expert Podcast with Stuart Fensterheim. This is episode 144 of our show. Today Stuart is going to help you answer a question that you may be struggling with: Can my marriage be saved? If you’re asking yourself that question we’re here to help. Please listen as Stuart discusses how to know if your marriage needs saving and the steps to go about making that happen. The good news is that it can be done. What you’ll learn from today’s...


Parents use Mindfulness to Avoid Losing Their Minds With Guest Nicole Burgess

Welcome to The Couples Expert Podcast episode 143. Stuart’s guest on the podcast is Nicole Burgess, LMFT. Nicole specializes in counseling teens and women. She teaches mindfulness practice as a way to being a more centered and balanced individual.


What Am I Missing? My Partner Wants A Divorce.

Welcome to The Couples Expert Podcast.This is episode 142 of our show today we'll be speaking about a divorce that comes on "all the sudden" and how to pay attention to the signs.


Stop! Don't Let In-laws Become Outlaws

Welcome to episode 141 of our show. Today The Couples Expert is going to talk about something that can complicate relationships when people break up or divorce then get remarried.


Is Social Media Destroying my Marriage?

Welcome to episode 140 of the Couples Expert Podcast. In today's show, Stuart is going to talk about a subject that most of you will be familiar with, and some of you may struggle with: That of the impact of Social Media on your life and relationships.


Banish Boredom in the Bedroom

Welcome to episode 139 of our show. Your host Stuart Fensterheim has some insights to share with his listeners today about intimate partner relationships and sexual intimacy with your partner; specifically about banishing boredom from your bedroom.


10 Secrets to Building a Successful Marriage

Welcome to episode 138 of the Couples Expert Podcast. In today's show Stuart is going to share with listeners the secrets to a successful marriage that we all crave to know.


Laugh Before You Cry; Using Humor to Divorce-Proof Your Marriage

In episode 137 of this week's podcast, Stuart speaks of using humor and positivity to divorce-proof your marriage.


When you Remarry Where do you Unpack the baggage?

In episode 136 of this week's podcast, Stuart speaks of remarriage & the "Doubt Factor" with special guest Brian Mayer.


I am My Brothers Keeper & My Sisters Too!

In episode 135 of this week's podcast Stuart speaks of the connections that we have with our siblings in addition to the relationships that we have with our spouses and partners, the sibling connection is a major relationship that we keep near our hearts. What you’ll learn in today’s podcast: • Why family relationships with siblings are so important 6:20 • How your early relationships form your adult interactions 7:10 • How your partner views you based on how you interact with your...


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