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91 - We Interview 12 Tabletop Podcast at the Dragonmeet 2017 Podcast Zone!

We're back at the Dragonmeet gaming convention in London for another year, where we were invited to join the #podcastzone. We decided to interview the other podcasts to find out why you should listen to them! Join us as we endeavour to learn more about our fellow podcasters, discover tips for getting started with podcasting and find out answers to important questions, such as "If your podcast was a character from Friends, which character would it be and why?" Pretending with Dice (01:43)...

Duration: 01:28:17

90 - Why we ain't excited for Necromunda Underhive no more

The Critical Twits were raised on Game's Workshop's 90s Specialist Games, and Necromunda is their king. Find out here how GW popped our enthusiasm and left us non-plussed with their reboot, Necromunda: Underhive.

Duration: 01:46:35

89 - The Halloween Themed One: Indie Games The Deed, Morph Girl, and Gloom

A spooky indie video game special this week. Aaron and Brian discuss their experiences with; The Deed, a Cluedo (or Clue) -esque adventure about fratricide; Gloom, an artistic Lovecraftian/Cthulhu-based action adventure; and Morph Girl, an FMV game with a love for Japanese horror. Also a special feature at the end where we discuss our favourite horror books, films and video games (that aren't featured here obviously).

Duration: 01:37:55

88 - Burst of the Worst - Sub-Par Masters Tournament - Monthly Malifaux

This week we report back from our latest self-enforced tournament, Burst of the Worst. Based on a poll run by Huzzah Hobbies, this tournament got us to play Masters commonly considered to be the worst. Are they really so bad or have we found ways of making them work?

Duration: 01:34:36

Most Wanted List 2.0 - To ban or not to ban, and what is restricted? Netrunner Noobs/CT Podcast #87

We discuss the new Most Wanted List (MWL) 2.0, and what it means for Netrunner players new and old. Do we agree with banning cards, especially cards that are so young and had their whole lives ahead of them?

Duration: 01:11:54

85 - The Sprawl Cyberpunk RPG: A Review

This week Brian and Aaron review cyberpunk RPG, The Sprawl. Hear tales of Neo-London, its corporations and the actual review itself. Enjoy, slick eaters.

Duration: 01:18:55

84 - Netrunner Noobs - A Noobs Perspective on Rotation

This week Aaron and Brian jump back into Netrunner, only to discover some of their favorite and most loathed cards are disappearing. Join them in their bandwagon like discussion of the consequences and what it means to new players.

Duration: 01:37:50

The Twits First Malifaux Tournament (Monthly Malifaux)

This week we give our thoughts on our very first Malifaux tournament, with timed matches and rules and everything! Listen to Aaron's excuses, Brian's glory and some stark warnings about Green Stuff.

Duration: 01:07:08

Twitflix Podcast: Ghost In The Shell '95 vs '17 - Same Name, Different Genre?

Beware: SPOILERS ABOUND! This week we try something a little different and discuss a couple of films - Ghost in the Shell (1995) and Ghost in the Shell (2017). We talk cyberpunk, hard versus soft science fiction, transcendentalism, whitewashing, and nipples. Great big pointy ones.

Duration: 01:36:57

81 - Insert Twits - Stories Untold, Tokyo 42, Mother Russia Bleeds and Persona 5

This week we return to our video games coverage. We give our review of Stories Untold alongside our first impressions of Tokyo 42, Mother Russia Bleeds and Persona 5. All of which we have playthroughs of! Have a listen and enjoy our thoughts and tangents on these games and the video game industry. Warning: There are some spoilers in our Stories Untold review, skip to 24:36 to avoid. Or just play this wonderful little gem, listen and join in the discussion!

Duration: 01:23:09

80 - UK Games Expo: Best of the Rest

This week covers the last of our UK Games Expo coverage. We have interviews about: Zombies Run the board game, Book of Nox, Modern Horrors, Shadowscape, Syrinscape, Urban Heroes and The Walking Dead miniatures game.

Duration: 00:48:14

79 - Mutant Mechatron RPG Alpha Preview

This week we received the Alpha preview of Mutant: Mechatron, the latest expansion in Fria Ligan's Mutant: Year Zero RPG series. Brian and Joe inform Aaron on character creation, gameplay, plot potential and comparisons to the rest of the series. Spoiler free! You can back it on Kickstarter here:

Duration: 00:57:32

78 - Netrunner Community Interviews - Ben Ni aka Beyoken and Tristan Von Zahn

Joe talks Netrunner with Ben Ni, aka Beyoken, World Championship Runner-Up and YouTuber extraordinaire, and Tristan Von Zahn, who took fourth place at the European Championships and has been a brilliant ambassador for the South African Netrunner meta. Find Beyoken's YouTube channel here:

Duration: 01:13:34

77 - Agent November Escape Games and Undead Escapes Zombie Run Interview

We caught up with Agent November at the UK Games Expo to get top secret information about his escape room-style games and the Undead Escape zombie run. We had a great time and got a really interesting behind-the-scenes peek at these two growing areas of real-life gaming, and also laughed like idiots. Find the games here:

Duration: 00:48:09

76 – Netrunner Euros Report & Interview with Coop (Tournament Organiser)

Competitive Netrunner from a noob's perspective. We bring you our Netrunner European Championship 2017 report, the first time one of the Twits has taken part in a "Premier" Fantasy Flight Event. We also interview one of the unsung heroes of the Netrunner community, Tournament Organiser Michael Coop, who gives us the sCoop (geddit?) on what it takes to run such a prestigious event. We just hope he enjoyed trashing the event after it was played. Joe's Euro's Decklists (Use at your own risk):...

Duration: 01:25:55

75 - Fallout Wasteland Warfare and Star Trek Adventures Interview with Modiphius

We spoke to Modiphius's Chris Birch at the UK Games Expo about their new Star Trek: Adventures roleplaying game, upcoming miniatures game, Fallout: Wasteland Warfare, and chatted about the origins of one of the fastest-growing tabletop gaming publishers in the world.

Duration: 00:25:50

74 - Netrunner Euros Interviews - Run Last Click, Teamwork Cast, Dan D'Argenio, Kenny Deakins

Welcome to the first of several podcasts covering the Netrunner European Campionships 2017, held 2nd-4th June 2017 at the UK Games Expo. Roving reporter Joe brings you interviews, anecdotes, and tips from scene luminaries Run Last Click, Teamwork Cast, Dan D'Argenio and Kenny Deakins, recorded live on the last day of the tournament. Them! Run Last Click: Teamwork Cast: Dan D'Argenio's Channel:...

Duration: 00:49:11

73 - UK Games Expo Crowdfunding Interviews - 12 Realms, Dead Throne, Dized, and Game On

This week, following the Twits excursion to the UK Games Expo, we bring to you a collection of interviews related to board game crowdfunding, including current Kickstarter games 12 Realms Dungeonland and Dead Throne, Indiegogo-based tutorial and teaching app Dized, and upcoming crowdfunding website Game On. For those interested, you can find more information about 12 Realms: Dungeonland here: Dead Throne here:...

Duration: 00:29:35

72 - 5 Great One Shot and Filler RPGs

We look at 5 great one shot and filler RPGs to play between campaigns - The Quiet Year, Fiasco, Paranoia, Goblin Quest, and The Sprawl!

Duration: 01:10:33

71 - UK Games Expo 2017 Preview

The UK Games Expo is back! We've had a blast there the last couple of years, so we share what we're going to be up to and what we're looking forward to.

Duration: 01:01:24

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