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Special Episode-Goodbye Aim

Special Episode-Goodbye Aim by The Cure

Duration: 01:52:28


Marcus out.... Rell In(With the other horsemen, plus one ) MAILBAG EPISODE!!!! Follow us Rell Snapchat : iamrell Marcus Thank you guys for the support! Y'all helped us chart iTunes comedy top 30-50(overall helped us break top 100 in all categories) , gave us entertaining listener letters, guest referrals, actually on our ass for not putting out shows, especially on time (haha) and we...

Duration: 01:21:02

The World We Live In - finalep

The World We Live In - finalep by The Cure

Duration: 01:17:14

Name It Eclipse

We trying here... Eclipse baby Rkelly.......... DX Anniversary Plus your listener letters: Submit your questions- or Email Donate Sponsors Blue Apron: For less than $10 per meal, Blue Apron delivers seasonal recipes along with pre-portioned ingredients to make delicious, home-cooked meals. The Curepodcast listeners get their first three meals $30 off including free shipping by going to:...

Duration: 01:26:41

Unsettling Truths

Unsettling Truths by The Cure

Duration: 01:07:19

I Love, Who I Love

I Love, Who I Love by The Cure

Duration: 01:24:05

Catching Up...

Catching Up... by The Cure

Duration: 01:01:19

The Bill's

This week we talk about Bill Maher use of the N word, Bill Cosby keeping hope alive, Our fav Tv Dads of the 90's and your listener letters. Follow us on Soundcloud Itunes and subscribe. Also come support our friends WeComeFromQueens and their first live show buy tickets at

Duration: 01:21:49

The Banter- Ep 3

The Banter- Ep 3 by The Cure

Duration: 01:03:09

I Would Wear Rompers

Marcus is back! Title of the show explains it all Donate Shop our Sponsors

Duration: 01:10:19

Lets Talk...Ep-1 ft. @thepodcastgirl

Sorry for the wait… This week, Rell is alone but he brought a friend to join him the co-host chair. The Podcast Girl Listen to her... Shop our Sponsors ‪ ‬ ‪ ‬ ‪ ‬ ‪‬

Duration: 01:33:41

The Banter: Ep 2

This Episode is a bit much: Bill O'rielly losing sponsors Fire in Atlanta Pepsi burns everyone and more... Plus your questions Submit your listener letters to or email us at Shop our sponsors:

Duration: 01:15:31

Samurai Fiasco

Pedophile in Marcus area Why are you messing with Maxine Waters Lupe Fiasco a samurai now? Plus your questions Submit your listener letters to or email us at Shop our sponsor

Duration: 01:09:08

Revolting Revolts White Tears

Revolt white tears Teacher Couldn't wait to mess with student White people Terrorizing Plus your questions Submit your listener letters to or email us at Shop our sponsor

Duration: 01:14:00

Good Vibes and Jiggyness

Good Vibes and Jiggyness by The Cure

Duration: 01:05:59

Tea with Queen and J episode

This weeks episode we have the ladies Tea w/ Queen and J Podcast stop by, to talk about their show, get into their personal lives and Marcus and Queen settle things that happen on twitter *Eye Emoji*… While Rell didn’t do anything but prob throw his co host under and J was just being the mediator sort of. They also help us answer your listener questions…. Find Tea W/ Queen and J Twitter Instagram — Submit your listener...

Duration: 02:15:09

@BrooklynButtah Episode

In our final Black Millennial Entrepreneurial series, We was join by Alley Olivier aka Brooklyn Buttah. She discuss Brooklyn Buttah being more of a lifestyle than just a blog to her. She talks about how she got into Brooklyn Buttah , Who and What were some of inspirations behind it and where she planning on taking it in 3-5 years. Also she helps us answer some of yall questions! Check out Alley Olivier: Twitter

Duration: 01:43:03

@Tulaalfredo (@tulatalksent) & @OchoDougie Episode

This week we got visted by Lauren aka Tulaalfredo CEO of TulaTalksEnt. We discussed what made her got into vlogging and turn her name into a brand. We also was blessed to sit down with her fiancé , Pro- Football player, Douglas McNeil III. We talk about life in the pros, being in the NFL and what advice he would give to inspiring football players. Also, they help us answer your listener questions! Check out Tula Site: And follow Tula and Douglas Tula-...

Duration: 01:40:15

The @Stoop_Kidz Episode

This week we have the creators of blessing you guys ear holes. We talk about what is stoopkidz, what they doing with their platform, and other things they have going with it. Also we dive into some current events, Trump Beyonce pregnancy and coachella Lauryn Hill being late... AGAIN Plus some of yall listener questions.... Have question you'll like us to answer on air? Submit it OR if you want to remain anonymous...

Duration: 01:39:31

Value your brother...

Disclaimer- Skype Recording... Trump News Oscars Azealia banks vs The World Plus your letters Also... We have an special announcement regarding BHM Shop our Sponsor 30 day free trial at Audible

Duration: 01:23:06

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