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We're Number One!

The DC Inno team is changing! But not without a visit from our friends over at our sister site Chicago Inno to talk about the similarities in Chicago and DC's tech hubs.

Duration: 00:37:32

The Future of Wearable Devices Isn't Where You Think It Is

Upskill CEO and founder Brian Ballard talks about the company's rebrand from APX Labs and where he sees the future of wearable devices heading with the DC Inno crew.

Duration: 00:36:48

With A New $22M Fund, What's Next for NextGen

NextGen Venture Partners Vice President Lisa Cuesta sits down with the DC Inno team to talk about NextGen's new fund and its pivot into venture capital from angel investing.

Duration: 00:28:50

Airbnb: DC's Latest Homeshare Bill Misses the Mark

Airbnb's Mid-Atlantic policy director Will Burns chats with the DC Inno crew about the company's latest dispute with the D.C. government and its future in the metro area.

Duration: 00:36:04

SXSW to DC: How Deputy Mayor Brian Kenner Will Get More Startups to DC

D.C. Deputy Mayor Brian Kenner joins the crew at DC Inno to talk about why D.C.’s innovation scene is stronger than ever and the District's presence at SXSW 2017.

Duration: 00:43:49

H-1B Visas: What Is The Future Of The Tech World's Favorite Immigration Tool

Phone2Action CEO Ximena Hartsock, CTA Government Affairs Manager Michael Hayes and former Chief of Staff of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Vikrum Aiyer join a roundtable discussion about the H-1B visa program. The visas for high skilled workers are favored by the tech industry but the future of the program is up in the air under a new administration.

Duration: 00:43:07

Beat 44: The Startup Using Data To Create The Next YouTube Star

ICX Media is a D.C.-based startup founded by Mike Avon, an accomplished investor and former executive of Millennial Media. The company uses data to give performers, artists and social media stars a better understanding of their target audience and the best way to expand their online reach. The company was founded in late 2015, raised $2.5 million in early 2016, and recently launched their platform out of beta.

Duration: 00:40:10

Beat 43: Measuring The Legal Marijuana Industry

On this week's Beat Podcast, Giadha DeCarcer, founder and CEO of New Frontier Data joins to talk about her company's analysis of the legal marijuana industry. A former investment banker, she found no comprehensive industry reports on legal weed, so she saw an opening. Her "Bloomberg for Weed" startup is now raising money and looking at providing data on the nation's fastest-growing industry.

Duration: 00:34:31

Beat 42: A New Communications Supergroup Talks Digital Storytelling

Beat 42: A New Communications Supergroup Talks Digital Storytelling by DC Inno

Duration: 00:36:48

Beat 41: What President Trump Means For DC Tech

This week on the Beat, we break down some of the potential impacts of a Trump Presidency on the local tech ecosystem, and talk with G. Nagesh Rao, Chief Technologist of the U.S. Small Business Administration about how innovation in government will continue under the next administration.

Duration: 00:33:12

Beat 40: Moonlighting CEO on the Future of the Gig Economy

Jeff Tennery is the CEO of Moonlighting, an online marketplace for hourly and gig economy jobs that he calls "Craigslist without the creepiness." Moonlighting has raised capital from notable publishing industry names like Gannett and tronc as the classified ads shift into the digital realm. He joins the Beat Podcast to talk about the future of the gig economy and how the work and employment as we know it is going to change.

Duration: 00:35:22

Beat Podcast 36: Meet DC Inno's Newest Writer

Beat Podcast 36: Meet DC Inno's Newest Writer by DC Inno

Duration: 00:27:46

Beat Podcast 35: Coolest Company Winners and Supporting Female Startup Founders

This week on The Beat, we unveil the winners of our annual Coolest Companies competition. In our interview, we talk with co-chairs of the DC Vinneta Project chapter, Anna Kohanski Mason and Amelia Friedman, about how their upcoming pitch competition final is supporting female startup founders.

Beat Podcast 33: What It's Like To Live In WeLive, WeWork's 'Adult Dorms'

What's it like to live in WeLive? We talked with Jessica Guzik about her experience living in WeWork's 'adult dorm' concept. Plus, the top 5 stories from the summer.

Beat Podcast 32: The Startup Money Whiz Making DC's Financials Work

Beat Podcast 32: The Startup Money Whiz Making DC's Financials Work by DC Inno

Beat Podcast 31: Pandora Predicts Music's Next Hot Tracks

Beat Podcast 31: Pandora Predicts Music's Next Hot Tracks by DC Inno

Beat Podcast 30: Hashtags for Good

GoodWorld is a social driven, online giving platform that leverages social media to harness charitable giving. Founder and CEO Dale Nirvani Pfiefer joins the podcast to talk about how her company is aiming to capture market share of the $3 billion of annual charitable giving in the United States.

Beat Podcast 27: Steve Case Talks Rise of the Rest

Beat Podcast 27: Steve Case Talks Rise of the Rest by DC Inno

Beat Podcast 26: DC Tech Queen Shana Glenzer

Beat Podcast 26: DC Tech Queen Shana Glenzer by DC Inno

Beat Podcast 25: The DC Startup Connecting Veterans

A look at the Northrop Grumman robot used to take out the suspect in the Dallas Shootings, a breakdown of some recent tech hires and funding news in DC and an interview with Don Miller of Sandboxx, a startup that helps connect veterans to those they served with.
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