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I review movies with sound effects and a few jokes to keep it interesting.

I review movies with sound effects and a few jokes to keep it interesting.
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I review movies with sound effects and a few jokes to keep it interesting.








James White

This is no "feel good" film to go see with friends after cocktails. It's a tale of drug addiction, cancer, shiftlessness, and mental illness. If you're ok with those themes though, it's a damn good film with a few scenes that are downright earth shatteringly good. [There are a couple descriptions of scenes that may be regarded as spoilers, you've been warned.] James White (2015) R | 1h 25min | Drama | 13 November 2015 (USA) James, a twenty-something New Yorker, struggles to take control of...

Duration: 00:05:41

Creature from the Black Lagoon

Watching a horror film in black and white can hypnotize your brain to believe the creature is real and the production is modern. It's an odd thing. What's more, if you make the tiniest effort to examine the sets, the wardrobe, and the creatures in the feature, you just might find that the movie makers of that time (ie; 1954) put more effort into their craft than many horror movies in modern times. Creature from the Black Lagoon (1954) G | 1h 19min | Horror | 5 March 1954 (USA) A strange...

Duration: 00:06:14

The Killing of a Sacred Deer

It’s being compared to the classic film “the Shining.” It’s clearly weird like this director’s other recent film, “The Lobster.” Yorgos Lanthimos directed this and co-wrote it as well. His skills at suspense are right up front but sadly the story is best understood only as metaphor. The film begins as literally the most antiseptic film you can imagine. We find out that Steven is a charismatic surgeon who is of late quite devoid of animated life. He’s lost his drive with his wife and his...

Duration: 00:17:53

Relationships in 4 Films

In this episode I cover 4 films and the focus is on relationships. The films are: "Call Me By Your Name,"Menashe," "Breathe," and "The Mountain Between Us." All are 2017 releases. I cover all genres on this show. If you enjoy the show and would like to be a guest, please let me know through twitter, a comment, or an email to rileycentral at gmail dot com See you at the movies!

Duration: 00:34:13

Beasts of No Nation

Chilling portrayal of war in Africa. Idris Elba shines brightly in this though his character is not always admirable in his actions. I recorded this with a strong recommendation that you see it. This is one of the best war related films I've seen in quite some time. You should also see it if for no other reason than to see the incredible acting ability of Idris Elba. I hope you enjoy listening to this, my podcast on "Beasts of No Nation."

Duration: 00:03:46

Seven Psychopaths

Saw this a few days ago and found it worthy of sharing on the podcast. I don't know how this one got under my radar. It's a star-studded ensemble cast with really funny black humor. Ensemble cast of psychopaths? Yep, exactly right! In this gem we have Colin Farrell playing an uninspired script writer who gets involved with some organized crime psychopaths in the writing of his movie. Seven Psychopaths (2012) R | 1h 50min | Comedy, Crime | 12 October 2012 (USA) A struggling screenwriter...

Duration: 00:03:26

“Funny Games” In-Depth

You may have heard my episode on Funny Games where I gave a "non-spoilers" review to my listeners. This is a continuation of that episode where have a guest, The Vern, with me to really get into the plot and discuss the director's possible intentions. We hope you enjoy our discussion of this masterful film. Please feel free to join the conversation in the comments. I wish to send a big thank you out to The Vern for being my guest on this show! Our minds are warped similarly :)

Duration: 01:18:23

Blind Date (1987)

This film is comedy gold. Because it's old, from 1987, I feel many young folks will miss it. That's why I review older films like this on my podcast. I hope you enjoy listening to my podcast on the comedy greatness of Blind Date. 9/10

Duration: 00:09:21

Godzilla (2014)

I had a lot of fun here talking about this film. As I say in the show, it was an incredible reminder for me that I needed to see it. After all, 2014 was 3 years ago and I somehow missed this action/thriller? Shall we call it a horror? Eh, maybe not but so so good. The monsters are glorious and so much fun to watch. Please check out my recorded podcast! Music: Take me Higher by Jahzzar

Duration: 00:38:39


One of Director M. Night Shyamalan’s stories was adapted into a screenplay and made into a movie. This is a different way to market something of his because he usually writes, produces, and even acts a small role in everything he makes. This time, he just gets the producer credit. Devil is a combination of light horror (PG-13), mystery, and thriller. It’s hard to believe all three of those can be pulled off from inside an elevator but they are. Devil is directed by John Erick Dowdle who...

Duration: 00:04:24

Coco (2017)

The tradition of the Day of the Dead in Mexico and Mexican music, culture, and food. These are a few of my favorite things! Some movies are so easy to talk about. This is one of those: welcome to the DRP's podcast review of Coco (Short Runtime of 6:38). My written review should show up eventually at Riley on Film, but please listen ... I have songs here ;)

Duration: 00:07:43

Wonder (2017)

There must be a certain hell experienced by deformed children. Imagine what it's like to be the parent of such a child, the sister of such a child, the teacher, the Principal, the friend. This film puts you in those shoes and you sort of ask yourself: "How would I respond to this." Kids can be cruel. This is a really good film, definitely tugged at my heart a few times. It left me with a good feeling. I responded in a podcast, so press play above and hear my thoughts. No spoilers to a...

Duration: 00:15:32

Two Lovers and a Bear

I love the novels of Jack London where there's sure to be snow, whiskey, white fanged husky dogs and other Alaskan treasures. Nature "bites" in this film where we have a couple trying to fight back their demons in this harsh place. Is it a romance? Well, lets examine that too. Enter Hemingway, Melville, London … you will like what’s being served at this table. We’ve heard of nature being our indifferent enemy but what to do when that enemy is our own nature. We have not yet begun that...

Duration: 00:09:03

The Wailing

A small village is the setting for this terrifying horror movie from South Korea. The running time of this podcast review is longer than usual at about 22 minutes. At well over two hours, it plays with its viewers and weaves clues to a mystery revealed brilliantly in the final scenes. Not Rated | 2h 36min | Fantasy, Horror, Mystery | 3 June 2016 (USA) A stranger arrives in a little village and soon after a mysterious sickness starts spreading. A policeman is drawn into the incident and is...

Duration: 00:26:00

Lady Bird (2017)

Listen to me explain on my podcast why Lady Bird the film is far from a 10/10 and closer to an 8/10 with me. You may know that Lady Bird is being touted as the “best reviewed movie of the year.” You may also know it’s a coming of age tale that takes place in California … … and that Lady Bird is a girl graduating High School. BUT did you know that the actress playing her mother is the one who played Roseanne’s sister on TV, Jackie? Well it is and she does a hell of a job. This is a limited...

Duration: 00:11:10

Funny Games (2008)

Have a listen to me talking about this film. If you're interested in being on a panel discussion on the Damien Riley Podcast about this film, or any film, let me know! I am starting to scout for guests. Enjoy. The key to enjoying this film is understanding its own specialized genre. In America, we have heroes like Bruce Willis and Superman who come in with a big gun and leave us feeling empowered over evil. While I have no real idea what the director was going for here, I will say it's...

Duration: 00:05:46