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The struggle to believe in you with Joanne Mosconi

It's about living the life that YOU want and not the life that others choose for you! Dannie asks the tough question: Are you struggling with believing in yourself? Well, you're not alone. Learn the 3 things that you need to recognize in yourself today so you can stop self-doubt. Why allow external forces to decide what will bring you joy when the choice is yours to make! Plus Joanne Mosconi joins the podcast! Joanne has been teaching and directing actors for over 17 years in both New York...


Turning Imagination into Success/Guest David Newman

Sometimes you need to look at things through a different lens! Dannie talks about how she likes to track her life success by her overall fitness success. So with all of its ups and downs, how do you stay focused on your goals when things don't appear to be happening for you? She explains how turning to imagination has helped her steer the right course! Plus David Newman from Rx Smart Gear talks about how the need for a better Jump Rope during his CrossFit workouts helped to spark his own...


Living life from tee to green-with Carmen Costa

In the middle of redefining herself, Dannie struggles with the terms of her divorce and how to describe being labeled a "single mom". She talks about her internal competition she has going on and how it has enabled her to not worry about what others think but to focus on her...and her daughter! Golf Pro Carmen Costa is the Director of Instruction at Frosty Valley Golf Links in Bethel Park, PA. He talks about how he instructs his students to not worry about the distractions around you while...


How to find purpose in life / Guest Dan Miller

Do you question why you were put on this and earth and if anything you are doing has an impact at all? Dannie talks about stories she has heard about that have caused her to live with great purpose. She has 3 examples of purpose that will inspire you. From CrossFit to law, along with the inspiring story of her father, the examples she gives will help to guide you on a path to a life of purpose. Plus, State Rep. Dan Miller of Pennsylvania's 42nd legislative district talks about his life of...


How I made fear in life motivate and not hinder

Dannie will make you question everything you know about fear. She talks about how you have to reach the threshold to where your desire overcomes your shame. There are many reasons why we may have fear. Divorce, appearance, depression all may play a part. Dannie shares the 3 small steps you can do to overcome the power of fear in your life and help you to grow. Plus Terry Warren from ATP Strength and Conditioning asks if you are prepared to run towards pain and suffering and not away from...


Inside depression and fighting back/Guest "Demo" Casanova

Dannie talks about the importance of breaking the cycle of depressive thinking. She talks about her battle with spiritual depression and how having a level of awareness is so critical in making a change of attitude to a life worthy of living. Plus, Music Producer Don Juan Demarco "Demo" Casanova talks about his battles with depression and shifting one's perspective using some very simple techniques.


Women as Mentors / Guest Mary Welsh

Do woman ignore other woman when it comes to mentoring? Dannie talks about the need for more woman to get involved in mentoring a new generation. She talks about how woman need the benefit of the experience of the women who have come before them. Guest Mary Welsh from Special Counsel, the largest full-service provider of legal staffing and recruiting services in the United States, talks about what employers are looking for in the workplace and how to be prepared.


What's you plan after a divorce? Guest Liberty Weyandt

Divorce is not for the faint of heart, so Dannie shares the plan that she created to take on the world after her divorce. She shares the secret of this plan to help with some of the other big transformations in her life. Plus, Liberty Weyandt from the Lynch Law Group. She concentrates her practice in family matters including divorce, equitable distribution, support, child custody and pre and post nuptial agreements. Liberty discusses what to be prepared for after your divorce.


Passionate people can change lives. With guest Brenda Vester

On this episode of the Dannie De Novo podcast, Dannie talks about the reasons why she started her podcast and the desire to introduce you to the passionate people who are doing incredible things that you may not know about! From small businesses to innovators, start ups and woman-owned businesses, Dannie talks about how sharing your knowledge with others can truly make a difference! Plus, Brenda Vester , the Chief Strategy Officer with THRIVE. Thrive is a collaboration platform for the...


The Trials of a Mom. Plus Tina Bishai

Dannie Maiolo, your host of the Dannie De Novo podcast, talks about her love of children and the trials of just being a mom. She discusses her loss of confidence as a child due to her issues involving Dyslexia and Spatial Orientation. Tina Bishai from Golden Healings joins Dannie to talk about her years of experience with Complementary and Alternative Medicine. She talks about how her reiki and shamanic treatments have helped to treat many ailments, especially with children.


The Dannie De Novo Podcast Ep. 4 with Peggy McColl

On this episode, Dannie talks openly about her fight with depression early in her life and how learning to dwell on the good moods instead of the bad ones has really made a difference. Plus, New York Times Best Selling Author Peggy McColl joins the podcast! Peggy talks about her success, why you should not being shy about setting lofty goals and how you can realize your success (both mentally, spiritually, and in “the real world”), whatever your chosen field may be!


The Dannie De Novo Podcast Ep. 3 with Sean Casey

Today, Dannie talks about the new book she is writing about what happiness really means , and why always being in a good mood is so important. Dannie also talks about raising kids in competitive sports and how important mentors are when it comes to learning to play your favorite sport. Plus Dannie welcomes Baseball great Sean Casey! Sean talks about the kind of work and effort needed to excel in sports and how do you know if your child has the talent to make it to the big leagues. Should...


The Dannie De Novo Podcast Ep. 2 with David May

On this episode, Dannie talks to her brother Steve about their fantastic new Childrens book series and toy line. Discover how growing up on a farm allowed them to bring each "character" to life! Also, Dannie talks about how she has been fighting fear and devoting her time to Self Awareness study. Plus , Yoga instructor David May talks about how he found the personal strength to overcome his adversities and now is able to help others to stop and focus on what's inside of each of us!


The Dannie De Novo Podcast Ep. 1 with Carrie Lehman

It's the inaugural episode of the Dannie De Novo podcast! Learn all about Dannie and how she has dealt with the struggles that so many of us go through. Growing up in a home where weight loss, diet, eating healthy and self image were always in question. But ultimately learning how to bring her best self to everything she does! From the gym, to her workouts and life itself! Plus her guest, Carrie Lehman from CrossFit Mt. Lebanon , tells the incredible story of what brought her through the...