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24. Stand Up Or Sit Down

The guys reflect on some funny childhood moments thanks to a quality submission. Topics include a lot of dad pranks, dealing with bullies, concussions and more wonderful memories. We also need your input on a very important topic in this episode that left the dads split. Please submit which side you’re on so we can get some more information for this very serious debate. Hashtag us cool guys on Twitter and follow @DapperDads Buy stuff so this doesn’t end...

Duration: 01:50:58

23. The Cottage Cheese Incident?

The guys finally ventured back to Chicago and didn’t even have to wait 3 hours on a train. They finally find out about the “egg” from Richard’s, play some intense arcade games, acted like complete animals at a show and Slim had his first taste of Malört. There’s also some submissions including a two-parter that creates so many questions and zero answers. Hit play already. We finally have a Twitter so #teens will think we’re cool! Follow @DapperDads New year, new you (with cool shirts...

Duration: 01:26:57

22. Stripper Chop

Welcome to 2018. The dads had a wild holiday weekend together. They tell the tale which features $1 Applebee’s long island iced teas, freeish drinks, going too hard and tapping out early, Mexican food, a gentleman’s club full of fog and of course Slim’s ugly sweater party. There’s no guidelines for going on a bender, but this isn’t a bad example either. Cop some merch already 2018 is the year of you leaving us 5 star reviews. Follow @dapperdadspodcast on...

Duration: 01:31:50


Suprise. This is a compilation of test recordings we do before each episode to ensure everything sounds good. We affectionately refer to these as “pre” and I’m sure you can already see the type of jokes that result. Shortly after implementing this process we realized we were leaving some real gold on the cutting room floor and decided to grab some hilarious pieces of them as an extra thank you for sticking with us throughout 2017. The quality of this at times is less than ideal, but fun...

Duration: 00:59:58

21. Goodbye 2017: Albums Of The Year

The guys wave farewell to 2017 by discussing their top 10 albums of the year each in great detail. They also talk about starting the podcast, Drama tells one of his favorite stories of the year and they talk about what 2018 holds just like everyone else. See ya next year. WE HAVE MERCH NOW! There better be new 5 star reviews by 2018. Follow @dapperdadspodcast on Instagram and maybe we’ll follow back. Let’s ring in the new year with wild submissions: Call or...

Duration: 02:15:33

20. ‘Tis The Season: Christmas & Songs Of The Year

An episode full of Christmas cheer (and a video full of so much more - go watch now on Yotube). Hear about how Slim was Santa, Drama got his first starbucks ever and finally cashed in his fraudulent free Chik-Fil-A card, plus their favorite christmas movies and memories. Then the songs of the year get discussed in great detail. Also a lot of awful singing from both Dads. 5 star reviews are the only gift we need. Newish Instagram alert: follow @dapperdadspodcast and maybe we’ll follow...

Duration: 02:05:47

19. Premium Nightmares Lingering In The Ether Since The 90s

The guys take a deep dive into all their crazy dreams and nightmares thanks to a submission. They also chat about out of touch rappers, old relationships and the thought of waking up years in the past. It’s all super captivating and will change your life probably. Give us 5 star reviews so we don’t feel worthless. We have an Instagram. Go follow @dapperdadspodcast and maybe we’ll follow back. Shoot us some hot submissions to discuss: Call or text 402-7DAPPER (402-732-7737) with whatever...

Duration: 01:35:49

18. Beautiful Wet Candy

The guys got a gaggle of submissions and answered them all. Topics range from net neutrality to gambling on a fart, music that makes you emotional to video game music, plus a bunch of other stuff. It’s an emotional rollercoaster. FIGHT AGAINST NET NEUTRALITY. IT IS FAST AND SIMPLE. LEARN HOW AT Smash that mf 5 star review button. We have an Instagram. Go follow @dapperdadspodcast and maybe we’ll follow back. Keep the submissions coming to one of the following...

Duration: 01:39:05

17. A Rain Man Type Scenario

3 out of 5 Mormon wives say this episode is good. When you bring Slim to his breaking point and keep Drama nice and relaxed you get quality content like episode 17 here. The guys chat about Drama trying to buy fake Gucci flip flops, Slim’s father disowning him, Chuck E. Cheese’s, their wild Dad’s night out on the town and a bunch of other random stuff. While you’re reading this why don’t you click a nice, hot 5 star review for us? Call/text 402-7DAPPER (402-732-7737) and tell or ask us...

Duration: 01:23:59

16. Over The Hand Pants Job

More madman rambles in episode 16 when the guys get into a very intense documentary Drama witnessed, an awful customer interaction at Slim’s work plus a solid talking point submission and a terrible idea submission. Plus we finally get to hear about the time Slim ran over his foot with a mower. Subscribe, rate and review! Send us submissions any of the ways below. Call or text 402-7DAPPER (402-732-7737) with anything and see if it makes an upcoming episode. for all...

Duration: 01:39:46

15. Damp Naps

Drama went to Chicago for the last time this year (maybe) and seen a slew of artists including the Big Tymer$ reunion. Slim finally got a resolution for a sweater issue that has been pushing him to the edge for almost 5 months. Then they touch on the most serious submission they’ve gotten so far. Plus some very specific talk about the comforts of home. What more could you want? Call and/or text anything to 402-7DAPPER (402-732-7737) and see if it makes it on a future...

Duration: 01:31:36

14. Old Man Dabs At Ground: 36 Questions To Fall In Love

The boys are back and they brought their energy. After recouping from episode 13, the guys keep their word and answer (almost) all of the 36 questions that are supposed to make you fall in love. Do sparks fly? Are there wedding bells in the future? Listen and find out already. Also hear about Drama getting to see Young Thug and Slim celebrating another birthday. Well what are you waiting for?? Leave us some juicy positive reviews please! Call and/or text 402-7DAPPER (402-732-7737) with...

Duration: 02:02:19

13. The Quiet Aesthetic

In this low energy, unlucky episode 13 we hear about Slim’s raging Halloween party and Drama’s comparable weekend festivities. Running off of no sleep they also get into some submissions and deep questions. All of this plus more of the usual. Leave us some nice reviews on the iTunes Podcast app so more people can find us and be cool too. Call or text 402-7DAPPER (402-732-7737) and tell us something exciting that we can put in a future episode. for everything you...

Duration: 01:32:52

12. We’re Train People Now: A Trip To Chicago

The guys took a trip to Chicago. In this episode they recap that trip and talk about the rain, their food selections, cool stores, a glass skull and why they thought they might live on the train permanently now. They also get to some very interesting submissions and other stimulating chit chat. Please leave a 5 star review if you like the show, it helps us grow a lot! Call/text 402-7DAPPER (402-732-7737) with whatever floats your boat, then listen to see if it appears in an upcoming...

Duration: 01:51:27

11. Dog Breast Forums

The guys finally get some submission which leads to deep conversations about Drama’s new dog (and her unique body type), comedians, past loves and conspiracies. There’s probably other stuff too, who knows? Leave some 5 star reviews and help us grow! Call and/or text 402-7DAPPER (402-732-7737) and you might end up on a future episode. Email us at Check out for EVERYTHING.

Duration: 01:29:53

10. Horror Movie Friday The 13th Halloween Spooky Extravaganza

Welcome to the episode 10 special on Friday the 13th! Hope you like horror movies because we REALLY like horror movies and discuss it for about 2 hours. Hear the guy’s top five movies, honorable and not so honorable mentions plus other fond memories. Shoot us a call or text at 402-7DAPPER (402-732-7737) and see if we cover it on the show Email with anything and everything Check out for all the links and other fun Leave a 5 star review...

Duration: 01:58:01

9. Would You Rather: Cursed By A Gypsy

Would you rather have a deathmatch with everyone in a Home Depot or everyone in a Whole Foods? Would you rather know the exact date of your death or how you die? Would you rather only eat roadkill for the rest of your life or have everyone sound like Gilbert Gottfried? The guys answer these very important questions and many more in this special WOULD YOU RATHER episode. Check out the website: Call or text us at 402-7DAPPER (402-732-7737) and leave us...

Duration: 01:31:20

8. Take The Baby

In this VERY hot episode the guys get into 2 liters of pop, fun school memories, public toilets, raising children and what haunts you before you drift off to a sweet, sweet slumber. Did we mention how HOT it was? CALL US! 402-7DAPPER (that’s (402) 732-7737) Leave us voicemails that might get put in an episode or text us things! Check out our new website We’re also on Youtube, Bandcamp, Stitcher, Google Play, TuneIn and probably more! 5 star reviews and all...

Duration: 01:23:27

7. Tacos vs. Predator

In this tasty treat of an episode the guys chat about Drama’s Minneapolis trip, Slim stops a wedding brawl, things get spooky discussing witch private parts, plus a story from a listener and more! We have a website! We have a phone number! 402-7DAPPER (that’s (402) 732-7737) Call and leave us voicemails or text us things! We’re also on Youtube, Bandcamp, Stitcher, Google Play, TuneIn and probably more! 5 star reviews and all that jazz please! We

Duration: 01:25:37

6. The Slick Summer Slapper

With fall right around the corner the guys discuss their picks for song of the summer, family genetics, hotel pranks like leaving a surprise in the shower and more. Email us: Facebook: Also available on Stitcher, YouTube, Bandcamp and more! Smash them 5 star ratings for us!

Duration: 01:20:02

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