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DAS-Mar 17th, 2018 Christopher Lopez

Steve and Dave talk about hay-fever season here again and how to screw up any act following you on stage. Dave talks about his adventures in buying a second hand car and limiting his fantasies. Their guest this week is 2018 President of The Pacific Coast Association of Magicians, Christopher Lopez to talk about this year’s convention in Bakersfield California and having his car broken into during the interview.

DAS-Mar 11th, 2018 Michael Ammar Part II

Steve talks about his encounter with a secret society and Dave regales everyone with his adventures down south. Their guest this week is the world renown Michael Ammar talking about being born at the right time and 1 degree of separation.

DAS-Mar 11th, 2018 Michael Ammar Part I

Steve talks about his encounter with a secret society and Dave regails everyone with his adventures down south. Their guest this week is the world reknown Michael Ammar talking about being born at the right time and 1 degree of seperation.

DAS-January 13th, 2018 Dave and Steve

Happy New Year from everyone at AMS. Steve and Dave start the year by talking about being a General Practitioner of magic, the importance of having a contract and sending out thank you cards to your clients. Dave and Steve also talk about some magical resolutions to make this year as successful as possible.

DAS-December 16th, 2017 Trish Alaskey Part 2

This being the last show of 2017 Dave and Steve reflect on the past year and the excitement of what is in store for 2018. Trish Alaskey is calling in again for part 2 of their interview. From everyone here at AMS we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

DAS-Dec 9th, 2017 Trish Alaskey

This week Dave and Steve talk about the importance of contracts and Dave talks about opening a brand new chapter in his life with his brand new fiancé. Their guest this week is Director of Membership Services of the Academy of Magical Arts Trish Alaskey.

DAS-November 26th, 2017 Dave And Steve

Dave’s Christmas decorating has begun and Steve breathes a sigh of relief and Dave talks about the order in which to buy your Christmas presents and fighting big Candy Cane . Dave also talks about his experience with how open minded and accepting magic society.

DAS-November 24th, 2017 Bizzaro

Dave talks about riding home in a monsoon and how he found the mythical unicorn otherwise known as a girlfriend that embraces the wild world of magic. Our guest this week is the creative genius and devote disciple of magic, Bizzaro talking about consulting, prop building and performing in bars at 16 in North Texas.

DAS-November 8th, 2017 David And Steve

A freshly bearded Steve complains about daylight savings again and Dave talks about his family huge Halloween party fail. Dave and Steve also tackle the issue of magician etiquette

DAS-October 29th, 2017 Paul Romhany, Matt Marcey, Master Payne, Ben Robinson

Dave and Steve performing a live TDAS podcast at the 3 of Clubs Convention in Victoria with Paul Romhany, Matt Marcey, Master Payne and Ben Robinson.

DAS-October 22nd, 2017 Neils Duinker

Steve has a stay-cation and Dave tries to wrangle his kids up for fall photos once again. Their guest this week is Guinness Book Of World Record juggler Niels Duinker talking about how he built his act and his magical influences.

DAS-October 15th, 2017 Craig McKee

Dave starts the show talking about bringing his new girl to the family Thanksgiving Dinner and another improvement on the deep fried turkey. Our guest this week is Craig McKee, magician, con man and side show performer talking about some of the crazy things he does to entertain his audience and Steve and Craig end the show in a staple shoot out.

DAS-October 7th, 2017 Steven Hignett

Steve and Dave start the show addressing the tragedy in Las Vegas and Dave talks about supportting our brothers and sisters in magic when they are performing. This week Steve Hignett opened up about his history, his unique outlook on life and his journey in magic.

DAS-October 1st, 2017 Jason Verners

Steve talks about surviving another apocalypse and Dave talks about his first dating experience in decades. They also talk about not discounting your gigs during Christmas time. Their guest this week is local rising star, award winning, Jason Verners talking about working his weekly show on a hibachi grill and his new project this year titled The Millenniall

DAS-Sept 23rd, 2017 Siegfried Tieber

Dave talks about his 19th birthday and the genisus of his love for the old fashion cocktail. Then Dave talks about a horrible gig he had and a great date last week. Their guest this week is one of this seasons FU winners Seigfried Tieber talking about him moving to Los Angeles and working with his mentor Jamy Ian Swiss and joining forces with Jon Armstrong.

DAS-Sept 16th, 2017 Eric Jones

Steve talks about tipping his toes back into the children’s entertainment arena. Dave talks about hanging out with his poker club and stepping outside of the person that you are supposed to be. Our guest this week is Eric Jones fresh off his run on America’s Got Talent talking about his experience and his new life after AGT.

DAS-Sept 7th, 2017 Jorg Alexander

Dave starts the show talking about climatic change his on going saga of weight loss and his adventures attempting to get onto a boat in the river. Their guest this week is Jörg Alexander talking about his visit to Canada and his philosophy on magic and misdirection.

DAS-Sept 2nd, 2017 Jamy Ian Swiss

Dave and Steve start the show with their thoughts on the Mcgregor Mayweather fight and then Dave talked about his 30th high school re-union where he appears and then disappears. Our Guest this week is the mulit faceted Jamy Ian Smith to talk about his beginnings in magic and his special cocktail. The Jamy Ian Smith Aviation Crème de violette, 1/2 oz Luxardo Maraschino, 1 1/2 oz Gin, 1/2 oz Lemon juice and 1/2 oz St. Germain Elderflower Liquer. Garnish with a cherry.

DAS-Aug 26th, 2017 Dean Hankey

This week Steve and Dave talk about the eclipse happening in Victoria and how dangerous it is to take a strolling gig after leg day at the gym. We are joined by the Dean Of Success himself, Dean Hankey giving us and our listeners some amazing advice to boost your success in business and life. As a gift to our listeners Dean Hankey has given us some FREE success products to enjoy. (FREE!) (FREE!)

DAS-Aug 19th, 2017 Eugene Burger Dedication

This week we remember one of the greatest magical minds of our time, a teacher, a mentor and a friend to so many, Eugene Burger.

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