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#4. Waiting For Daniel

On this very special episode of the podcast Davies & Jowett honour the man, the myth and the legend that is, Sir Daniel Day Lewis. After much discussion looking into the life and works of the legendary actor and a visit to 'Confrontation Corner' they are graced with the presence of the man himself. That's right folks, Daniel Day Lewis drops in to the studio for an exclusive interview and bares all, relating to his craft, why he's left the world of the stage and screen and some helpful tips...


#4. What's A Cornflick?

Davies & Jowett kick off the New Year by rambling about illness, hypochondria, headshots and something called a 'Cornflick'. They then move swiftly on to their newly invented, 'Who Said It? - Peaky Blinders Game!'. Afterwards the podcast hotline is opened up once again and they dish out some acting tips to the general public, then rounding things up with a quick chat about the new films of 2018. Thanks for listening everybody and, as always, don't forget to share/subscribe/enjoy!


#3. The Christmas One (Family Friendly)

Davies & Jowett end 2017 with a bang, quite literally with their action packed, 'Christmas Cracker Crazy Questions Quiz!'. They discuss what makes a great Christmas film, new years resolutions and Pantomime season. Then they open up the 'Davies & Jowett Hotline' to grant a few festive wishes from the general public. Thanks for listening everybody and have a great Christmas and New Year. Keep sharing and subscribing and we'll see you in 2018! x


#2. What's Wrong With Mumford & Sons?

On the pod this month, Davies & Jowett begin by playing the 'Recast Game' then discuss their worst jobs. Davies talks about Black Mirror and The League Of Gentlemen and Jowett defends his right to indulge in 'guilt-free' pleasures, mainly Mumford & Sons. We then head over to Richard Madigan's gaff where matters turn to 'The Disaster Artist' and what makes a 'Good Bad Movie'. Thanks for listening and we'll be back on Christmas Eve x


#1. We Need To Talk About Carrey

To kick off the new 'rebranded' series, Davies & Jowett try their best to be slick, dynamic, professional presenters and restyle their podcast delivery. You can judge for yourself how successful they were. Topics on the pod this month include - turning 30, more public confrontations, famous dinner parties, guilty pleasures, Harvey Weinstein and 'What's going on with Jim Carrey?'. Plus we answer your twitter questions. Thanks for listening everybody! - Don't forget to share/subscribe and...


Davies & Jowett - The Actor's Podcast - Episode 40

On this months pod, we welcome back our old chum Harry Dyer for a jolly good catch up. We talk about writing comedy and how to stay true to your ideas, something about this new Pepsi advert, and panic attacks in The Crystal Maze. Then we round things off with a trip down memory lane and recount our time at Kendal Calling Festival with Slaughterhouse Comedy Sketch Show, a time steeped in excitement, misfortune and a fair few fuck ups. Thank you all for listening and don’t forget to...


Davies & Jowett - The Actor's Podcast - Episode 38

This week Davies comes baring gifts and we start the show with a festive present unwrapping. We then went onto play the 'Friends Episodes That Never Got Made' game, a craze taking Facebook by storm. Then we wind things up with a few horror stories about our first jobs as budding young actors. Films discussed this week include, Bleed For This, Office Christmas Party and Arrival (again). Cheers for listening and don't forget to click subscribe!


Davies & Jowett - The Actor's Podcast - Episode 37

This week Davies & Jowett discuss bowel mishaps, public confrontations, onstage injuries, Donald Trump and Alan Sugar's chubby finger. Film reviews include, Nocturnal Animals and Arrival. Please share/subscribe and follow us @twitblackhand!


Davies & Jowett - The Actor's Podcast - Episode 35

This weeks topic - Well-Being, specifically mental health. As is was mental health awareness day this week, to kick things off Davies & Jowett delved right into the nitty gritty of depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts, it was hysterical! The conversation then moved into 'Guruism' - From motivational speakers and life coaches such as Tony Robbins, and also the dangers of guruism in acting. Thanks for listening everybody. Share/subscribe/enjoy!


Davies & Jowett - The Actor's Podcast - Episode 34

This week Davies & Jowett touch on a number of topics including the joys of insomnia, the evolution of the music industry and the importance of physical maintenance. Plus we discuss the distructiveness of 'the actor and the ego'. Of course we couldn't talk about this without mentioning Mr Brando, specifically his antics on 'The Island Of Dr. Moreau' Thanks for listening and don't forget to share/susbcribe and drop us a line @twitblackhand.


Davies & Jowett - The Actor's Podcast - Episode 33 (Feat. Adam Ridgway)

For a change this week we are joined by a guest who has absolutely nothing to do with the acting industry! However this hasn't stopped him from providing some very articulate and thought-provoking insights on the art of film making. Please welcome our good friend and avid listener Mr Adam Ridgway. Topics this week include great auteur's, Paul Thomas Anderson & Stanley Kubrick, films based on books and 'Politics in Acting' - Plus we look at new releases Hell Or High Water, David Brent: Life...