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A podcast sent back in time to save your creative future; to change your artistic fate.






Thank You, Goodbye and some thoughts on the ending things.

Thank You So Much For Listening And Being Awesome! @joshuacliston

Duration: 00:04:38

Some Thoughts on Pressfield's Research Diet, the 2017 MacBook Pro, and Strymon's Flint Reverb Pedal

HQ = [ Production and Editing by] In this episode of the show Josh talks about applying Pressfield's "Research Diet" idea from his book Do The Work to his new audio production venture, Soup To Nuts podcasting. He also shares his first impressions of the 2017 MacBook Pro (15inch 3.1GHz), and the Strymon Flint Reverb Pedal - both 'beautiful' and powerful devices. "You want to do the work. Not prepare to do the work." ~ Steven...

Duration: 00:15:25

Ep. 27: "When finding an adversary morphs into something more positive - plus founding Soup To Nuts podcasting."

Our Home = [ Production and Editing from ] In this episode of the show Josh finds himself sharing a story about how he came to the conclusion that he's starting a side-business called "Soup to Nuts Podcasting" to help people edit their podcasts and get more and better sounding shows out there. Why should you listen? Well, the reasons Josh shares for starting this new venture may not be what you're thinking. In fact it's almost certainly not what...

Duration: 00:18:37

Ep. 26: "Regular Output vs Content Perfection - where do you stand?"

More [ a production of ] In this episode Josh asks the question "what is the correct balance between regular output for your creative efforts and content-perfection?" • Get #deadlyarnold on iOS:…d1137331370?ls=1 • Get Deadly Arnold on RSS: • Get Deadly Arnold on Android:… Reach out to Josh directly on the contacts below [ or use #DeadlyArnold on...

Duration: 00:04:58

Ep. 25: Ari Herstand - "some thoughts on Making It, DMB, music culture and critics, and authoring a book."

More [ a not-for-profit production from ] In this episode josh is joined by musician and author Ari Herstand (USA) to discuss his latest book "How To Make it in the New Music Business" - a book that the mighty Derek Sivers has described as "The single best book on the current music business." (2016) Find Ari here: [Full Episode Breakdown/Notes Coming March 1st 2017 at]. • Get #deadlyarnold on iOS:...

Duration: 01:18:05

Ep. 24: author David Sax - "some thoughts on the Revenge of Analog and the digital classroom."

More [ a not-for-profit production from ] In this episode josh is joined by author David Sax (CAN/USA) to discuss his latest book The Revenge of Analog - one of Josh's must-read books of 2016 for artists and/or anyone who grew up sharing and enjoying analog things. Find David here on Twitter: [Full Episode Breakdown/Notes Coming Feb 19th 2017]. Get #deadlyarnold on iOS:...

Duration: 00:30:15

Ep. 23: Professor Aaron Perzanowski - "some thoughts on ownership and property in the digital economy."

More | Today Josh is joined by Professor and author Aaron Perzanowski. Aaron is the Professor of Law at Case Western Reserve University and also the co-author of one of Josh's favourite books of 2016, The End of Ownership (co-authored with Jason Schultz). Episode Glossary and Full Show Notes coming Feb 3rd 2017. Some links for pondering: Aaron's Twitter:...

Duration: 00:30:52

Ep. 22: "Some thoughts on mastering those things that are actually within your grasp."

More | In this episode Josh shares something that has been bugging him lately. "Creative people spending their energy, focus, time (and even hard earned dollars) trying to work out ways off skipping the HARD WORK that drives all but the rarest of creative careers." Thoughts shared: BHAG can be poisoneventprocess Get #deadlyarnold on iOS - Get Deadly Arnold on RSS...

Duration: 00:09:26

Ep. 21: "2016 in Review - favourite albums, songs, books and Great Courses"

More | Subscribe to the show here: In this episode Josh shares his favourite Albums, Playlists, Songs, Books and Great Courses of 2016 (see below for Josh's picks). If you wanted to send in your own picks for 2016 check the contacts below. Also, Josh has attached his most downloaded podcast of 2016 to the end of this episode - it's actually not an episode of #DeadlyArnold but rather an episode of his other...

Duration: 00:43:39

Ep. 20: "Ownership in the Digital Age" part 2 - w/ visual artist JimmyMIA8

More | JIMMY on Instagram Josh and his friend Jimmy (visual artist and filmmaker) go deeper into Ownership in the Digital Era. Josh is pretty worried about the situation - Jimmy is less so - between the two, the guys are hoping they've found a balance here on the pod. If it's in your phone, and you paid for it, you own it (click to read the Quartz article by Christopher Groskopf) Full #DeadlyArnold Ep. 20 show-notes coming after December, 21st 2016. Reach out to Josh...

Duration: 00:18:13

Ep. 19: "The Age of Ownership - Part 1 - some thoughts on ownership in the digital age."

More | If it's in your phone, and you paid for it, you own it (click to read the Quartz article by Chrisopher Groskopf) Full #DeadlyArnold Ep. 19 Show Notes Coming Novermber, 3rd 2016. Reach out to Josh directly on the contacts below [ or use #DeadlyArnold on Twitter and Instagram ] • Em: • Twitter: • Instagram: • Facebook: • Goodreads:...

Duration: 00:12:26

Ep. 18: "Some thoughts on the importance of business knowledge for musicians and artists."

More | Have you ever heard a career musician, artist or creative say something like the following? "I wish I knew more about business early on in my career.." Well your host Josh sure has, and up until recently he believed completely in the idea that, having greater knowledge must in-turn lead to more success, but he's had a change of heart. Possible Thought Technology: "..Cast your mind to the present, focus on process, and master yourself.." Reach...

Duration: 00:05:57

Ep. 17: "Some thoughts on 'H is For Hawk' by Helen Macdonald."

More | In this episode Josh L discusses his favourite book of 2016 "H is for Hawk" by Helen Macdonald. Get #deadlyarnold on iOS - Get Deadly Arnold on SoundCloud - Get Deadly Arnold on RSS - Reach out to Josh directly on the contacts below [ or use #DeadlyArnold...

Duration: 00:09:30

Ep. 16: "Some thoughts on Seneca, and the bordering of ones true self." - part 1

More | In this quick episode Josh introduces an idea that has been occupying much of his spare cycles of late, and that's an interpretation from the works of Seneca. " is the base state of man to live in proximity to, and rarely push up against, the borders of ones true self.." ~ Josh L via Seneca Josh also shared some words on Instagram to go along with his thinking on this subject: "I used to worry that exploring my internal world was...

Duration: 00:02:20

Ep. 15: "Some thoughts on starting anywhere, plus some tactics for avoiding snake oil."

More | In this episode Josh (@joshuacliston) pulls his car over while listening to Improv Wisdom by "Patricia Ryan Madson" and shares his excitement about The Fourth Maxim - Start Anywhere. 3 Key Lines from The Fourth Maxim - Start Anywhere. • "All starting points are equally valid." • "The notion that there is such a thing as a proper beginning, and the search to find that ideal starting place, Robs Us of Time!" • "Once a job is underway you have a new and...

Duration: 00:07:28

Programming Note: "Some quick thoughts on starting over." (plus a request for your time)

More In this episode Josh shares some frustrations about technology that go right back to when he more susceptible to "Marketeer BS." He also asks a quick favour. If the title of the show you're listening to isn't "The Deadly Arnold 2.0" please search that in your favourite Podcasting search engine or mobile App and press Subscribe. Otherwise look below. Subscribe Link for iOS or Apple iTunes users:...

Duration: 00:06:03

Ep. 13: "Some thoughts on not getting lost marketing-your-marketing."

More In this episode Josh L talks about his own failings in keeping song writing and performing at the centre of his musical world as opposed to music marketing. He introduces what he sees as the "marketing-your-marketing problem" and then goes on to explain how a musician or band might be able to spot if their focus has shifted away from what's really important - the completion of the best music and lyrics possible. Proposed Thought Technology:...

Duration: 00:07:52

Ep. 12: Shanul Sharma "Some thoughts on leaving rock music to become a professional Opera singer."

Shanul’s next great adventure – help him out by taking a look at this link! In this episode Josh is joined by long time friend Shanul Sharma. Shanul moved from India to Australia in the early 00’s and soon after entered the world of Australian heavy metal. He has since transitioned into a career as a professional Opera singer. Yes that’s right, the bloke can REALLY SING, and is also a...

Ep. 11: "Some thoughts on the Cult of Planning."

More In this episode of the show Josh speaks extemporaneously about his growing belief that the online marketing world is creating a Cult of Planning, and how he thinks it might be a bad-thing for your creative career – as he is finding it is for his own song writing and third-act music career. These are just Josh’s initial thoughts on whether planning every aspect of your creative output will actually help you succeed, or whether it could end up...

Duration: 00:08:54

Ep. 10: Josh & George TheBuskersGuide "Some thoughts on S/E Asia, opening a bar, and busking for a living."

More The Deadly Arnold welcomes Josh Thompson and George Arnold from The Buskers Guide – the boys are travelling the world using primarily busking as their financial engine (oh yeah, they’ve also made a few films and sold a few toasted sandwiches along the way). The boys share some really funny stories, and amazingly (being the awesome blokes that they are) avoid pitching anything in particular – outside of an admiral level of self awareness and...
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