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A weekly dose of the best live Grateful Dead music

A weekly dose of the best live Grateful Dead music
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A weekly dose of the best live Grateful Dead music




Dead Show/podcast for 10/13/17

This week's Deadpod features the 2nd set of the band's performance on October 14th, 1977 from the Hofheinz Pavilion at the University of Houston in Houston Texas. They really come out rocking here with a great Bertha into a sweet Good Lovin'. Candyman follows, with Garcia in fine voice. Then they move out into space with a fine, long 'Playin In the Band'... some great explorations here. They transition seamlessly into a short but interesting Drums, then back out quickly into that beautiful...

Duration: 01:17:34

Dead Show/podcast for 10/6/17

This week we'll feature a fine show from the Fall of 1977, a period which doesn't get as much attention as the Spring but which nevertheless contains some very fine music. This fine show from October 14th, 1977 at the Hofheinz Pavilion in Houston Texas has some wonderful harmonies - check out the wonderful Mississippi Half-Step and the really beautiful Friend of the Devil. Passenger and The Music Never Stopped show the band can still rock it this night as well. Grateful Dead Hofheinz...

Duration: 01:53:24

Dead Show/podcast for 9/29/17

We'll close out September with the second set of this fine show from September of 1982.. September 21st at Madison Square Garden in New York City. It starts with an interesting combo of 'Touch of Grey' into 'Samson and Delilah'. 'High Time' follows, a song far too infrequently played, in my opinion. Estimated Prophet goes into He's Gone - marked by a loud M-80 which was set off during the song. Post-Drums, Jerry brings things home with 'Black Peter'.. then Bobby ends with a rockin' Good...

Dead Show/podcast for 9/22/17

Happy Autumnal Equinox! While it still feels like summer here, we have a wonderful show from 1982 to celebrate the arrival of Autumn. This comes to us from September 21st, 1982 at Madison Square Garden, N.Y., N.Y. This first set has been called the best of the year and while I'm not quite certain I'm willing to crown it that I will say I found it very enjoyable and hope you do as well. This is one of those shows where they delighted the crowd with an unusual opening.. a wonderful Playin'...

Duration: 01:33:51

Dead Show/podcast for 9/15/17

Always a great way to start out set 2, this week's Deadpod starts with a wonderful Scarlet ->Fire. The boys do a nice job of exploring on this one, as the Scarlet is a bit more exploratory as usual, and that is a property of this entire set. Highlights for me include the great transition between Eyes of the World and Space, Garcia really explores some new areas there. The unusual post-drums setlist puts Not Fade Away before Wharf Rat and gives us a unusual double encore to end our...

Duration: 03:01:25

Dead show/podcast for 9/8/17

This week we celebrate going back to school with a trip back to one of our favorite schools - the Univ of California at Berkeley with a wonderful show at the Greek theater on September 12th, 1981. The show is rad throughout, but this first set is off the hook with a great Shakedown Street opener and a rousing Greatest Story to open the set. Friend of the Devil follows in a slower but quite pretty tempo. El Paso is improved with some Jerry trills.. but the Birdsong that follows is clearly...

Duration: 01:25:51

Dead Show/podcast for 9/1/17

This week's Deadpod opens with a classic combo the band did justice to as they opened the second set on August 22nd, 1993 at Autzen Stadium in Eugene, Oregon. This Help->Slip->Frank is, and always was, a wonderful way to open a set, and I hope, a great way to open your Labor Day weekend. The jam into Slipknot is particularly tasty. They follow with a rockin' Samson (it was Sunday after all). Corrina makes a rare but welcome appearance on the Deadpod going into Drums and Space.. The...

Duration: 02:43:53

Dead Show/podcast for 8/25/17

Usually in the month of August I'm drawn to playing some latter day Dead simply because the power of Garcia's ballads seemed to grow as his other abilities diminished. I also enjoy hearing some of the songs that the band debuted in the latter phase of their existence. Many listeners of the Deadpod only had the chance to see the band live in these latter day concerts as well, so its great to revisit them occasionally. I think the show I've chosen this week is one of the better ones. This...

Duration: 01:25:58

Dead Show/podcast for 8/18/17

We have a very fine second set to usher in the start of 'full eclipse' weekend on this edition of the Deadpod! Shows at the Uptown in Chicago were usually great, and this one was no exception. They start with a song they hadn't played since 1965! - Little Red Rooster - while you may have grown tired of it - the audience that night couldn't say the same :) The rest of the set is well played and I really enjoy hearing Brent as he fits into his role with the band at this early stage of his...

Duration: 01:20:40

Dead Show/podcast for 8 /11/17

This week we have a really fine show from the summer of 1980 - this one takes place at the Uptown Theater in Chicago IL, on August 19th, 1980. They start with a trifecta that really takes off and was only done on two other occasions, the Mississippi Half-Step->Franklin's Tower->Minglewood. Personally I always enjoyed when Franklin's found its way into unusual combinations, and the Minglewood here is really rockin' as well. Other highlights in this fine first set include an excellent...

Duration: 00:58:28

Dead Show/podcast for 8/4/17

Here is the second set from the band's performance on July 25th, 1972 at the Paramount Theater in Portland Oregon. I think its a great performance to hear during these 'Days Between' as it showcases the band at one of the peak times of their career. Check out the rousing 'Greatest Story Ever Told' and the unusually languid 'China Cat->I Know You Rider' that follows. The Other One and the jams around it are the stars here however. I'm happy that this one includes a fine 'Wharf Rat'.. while...

Duration: 02:12:05

Dead Show/podcast for 7/28/17

As we approach what would have been Jerry Garcia's 75th birthday on Tuesday, I always struggle with finding the appropriate show to feature. I settled on a classic show from the summer of 1972 which showcases the band during one of their best periods. This comes to us from July 25th, 1972 at the Paramount Theater in Portland Oregon. It is surely not the 'best' show of this year, perhaps not even the best show of the run, but it is surely a good show; the band is listening to each other and...

Duration: 01:08:45

Dead Show/podcast for 7/21/17

This week's Deadpod features the second set from the excellent performance the band gave us from March 24th, 1973 at the Spectrum in Philadelphia PA. This performance is solid throughout, Jerry's vocals are spot on, and the entire band is on the top of their game. This set contains one of the great jams ever, coming out of Truckin' and through to the Dark Star. The China->Rider is no slouch either. Settle back and be transported.. Grateful Dead The Spectrum Philadelphia, PA 3/24/73 -...

Duration: 01:57:04

Dead Show/podcast for 7/14/17

This week's Deadpod is a request from Steve, a great friend of the Deadpod's, who wanted to hear this phenomenal show from March 24th, 1973 at the Philadelphia Spectrum. The first set clocks in at over 90 minutes and is an excellent example of the early 1973 sound, where the band is moving from towards a more jazzy fluid style and its reflected even here int he first set numbers although perhaps more so in next week's set 2. Too many highlights to list here, but of course there is 'The...

Duration: 01:18:19

Dead Show/podcast for 7/7/17

Lucky 7's today :) and I hope you'll feel lucky after listening to this week's fine second set from the Shoreline Amphitheater in Mt. View CA on June 21st, 1989. This is a fine set for the period, Jerry is in excellent voice, and Phil is energetic and out front throughout. Jerry breaks out the Fender -Midi outfit during space, which is quite interesting and the addition of the late, longtime E Street Band saxophonist Clarence Clemons adds a nice fill to several spaces in the music, I...

Duration: 01:17:59

Dead Show/podcast for 6/30/17

Here we are already at the end of June.. summer is flying by and for alot of people this is the start of a big 4th of July celebration.. I decided to bring you what I consider a very good show from the summer solstice of 1989 - June 21st, 1989 from the Shoreline Ampitheater. This was originally offered as a Pay Per View broadcast so some of you may have watched it. Despite playing this first set in a hot, sunny afternoon (to accommodate East Coast viewers), I think they put on a fine...

Duration: 01:02:36

Dead Show/podcast for 6/23/17

This week we are back in Miami for the 2nd set of an incredible show the Dead played back on June 23rd, 1974. This set starts with a beautiful jam into Ship of Fools. The pace picks up with a sprightly Big River, featuring some great Garcia runs. Jerry slows the pace again with a soulful, 'Black Peter'. 'Around and Around' gets the show swinging again and them we're transported to deep space for a wonderful 'Dark Star ->Spanish Jam' - this one was chosen to appear on the 'So Many Roads'...

Duration: 01:15:05

Dead Show/podcast for 6/16/17

This week's Deadpod features a classic from the Wall of Sound era - June 23rd 1974 - from Miami FL. This is a great big first set, to go with that great big sound stage - clocking in at over 1:47, and featuring some excellent versions of Dead standards along with the only time they ever played the great 'Let It Rock'. The sound is a bit muffled at first, but clears up fairly nicely, there are some anomalies here and there -this setup had its issues - but overall it sounds great. There's a...

Duration: 01:44:17

Dead Show/podcast for 6/9/17

This week's Deadpod continues with the band's second set from their terrific performance on 6/19/76 at the Capitol Theater in Passaic NJ. The tempo, as in much of this period is more controlled and a little slower.. but everyone is blending in and doing a great job. They open with a nice 'Might As Well' (not yet over played :), then follow with Samson and Delilah. A terrific High Time follows - a song we don't get to hear very often. Let It Grow follows, split by a short drum segment, then...

Duration: 01:33:59

Dead Show/podcast for 6/2/17

Once in awhile I stumble upon a request that for some odd reason or other I never got around to playing .. that's what happened this week and that chance discovery leads to the happy selection for this week's Deadpod, June 19th, 1976 from Passaic New Jersey. While this concert was broadcast on FM radio, and many of you may have had it on tape, I think the quality of the performance merits its' selection for the Deadpod. The band, recently coming out of its 'retirement', performs most of...

Duration: 01:16:32

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