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Episode 42 - Atomic Blonde

00.00.58 - Intro This week we review Atomic Blonde and Meli resists the urge to punch Kristian in his angry face. Also Caley checks in from the Edinburgh Fringe. 00.08.42 - Red Head Movie News 00.21.03 - What Have We Been Watching 00.42.01 - Caley at the Fringe 01.12.41 - REVIEW: Atmoic Blonde 01.41.20 - SPOILER REVIEW: Atomic Blonde 01.48.55 - Outro

Duration: 01:53:49

Episode 41 - The Theatre

This week because Caley is not at mission control but in fact at the Edinburgh Fringe with her latest play we talk the theatre and how it relates to films we like and stuff. I sentenced good.

Duration: 02:09:26

Episode 40 - Lets Talk Animation

Episode 40 - Lets Talk Animation by Flitter Films & ActingHour

Duration: 02:36:56

Episode 39 - Dunkirk

This week we review Dunkirk and talk war movies. 00.00.52 - Intro 00.10.29 - Red Head Movie News 00.54.32 - What Have We Been Watching This Week 01.05.34 - Dunkirk Review 01.35.15 - SPOILERS: Dunkirk Review 02.07.30 - Outro

Duration: 02:11:08

Episode 38 - War for the Planet of the Apes

This week we review War for the Planet of the Apes and talk about the trilogy as a whole, some of us having seen it for the first time and some of us still having not seen so we have all bases covered. 00.00.51 - Intro 00.10.05 - Red Head Movie News 00.36.12 - What Have We Seen This Week 00.45.13 - Topic: Planet of the Apes 00.48.47 - Review: Rise of the Planet of the Apes 00.56.59 - Review: Dawn of the Planet of the Apes 01.04.03 - Review: War for the Planet of the Apes 01.52.04 - Outro

Duration: 01:56:49

Episode 37 - Spider-Man Homecoming

This week we review Spider-Man Homecoming.

Duration: 02:17:24

Episode 36 - The Year So Far

This week we talk highs and lows of the year so far in movies. (further description not currently available)

Duration: 02:05:26

Episode 35: Lets Talk Casting

On this weeks show we talk casting so this weeks episode is hosted by the podcasts very own Casting Director Caley Powell. Show Notes: 00:00 Intro 09:31 Red Head Movie News (now with a jingle!) 56:56 Things We've Been Watching This Week 1:18:27 Lets talk Casting 2:05:10 Outro

Duration: 02:10:18

Episode 34 - The Spider-Man Franchise

This week we invited David Molofsky from A Place To Hang Your Cape to talk all things Spider-Man and review the five current movies in the build up to the long awaited return to the MCU in Spider-Man Homecoming. Find him here: https://ap2hyc.com/ And follow him on Twitter @ap2hyc

Duration: 02:08:49

Episode 33 - Women Only Wonder Woman Special

On this weeks episode of the show we once again boot the men off the podcast for a Women Only Special talking about the latest film in the DCEU franchise 'Wonder Woman'. Joining regular hosts Caley Powell and Meli Crossey is actress and fellow podcaster Melanie Radloff who is returning to the show after the first Women Only special and joining us for the first time is theatre director Bella Loudon from In Tandem Theatre Company. Follow Caley on Twitter @CaleyPowell Follow Meli on Twitter...

Duration: 02:59:40

Episode 31: Pirates of the Caribbean 5 review

Whether you call it Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales or Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar's Revenge, on this weeks show we give our review. Did we like it, did we hate it, why is the rum always gone? These are the questions we answer in this weeks episode. Twitter: @DeletedScenePod Facebook: www.facebook.com/TheDeletedSceneP...1101243339953901 Instagram: www.instagram.com/thedeletedscenepodcast/ 00.15.06 - Red Head Movie News 00.40.19 - What Have We Been Watching 01.03.10 -...

Duration: 02:06:21

Talking With ... Redshirt Films

We spoke to Jamie and Michael at the Redshirt Films booth in the VidFest section of MCM Comic Con about their adventures in web series, conventions and their upcoming feature film 'The Book Club', which is currently funding on Kickstarter. They talk about their very funny works including long running web series 'I Am Tim' and offer a little advice to wannabe YouTube and web series creatives regarding conventions and connecting with people. Find the Kickstarter for 'The Book Club' here...

Duration: 00:27:05

Search For The Worst Film Ever - Birdemic

Based on audience suggestions we watch Birdemic as part of our pursuit to find the worse film ever made.

Duration: 00:42:39

Episode 30 - Movies vs Reality & Science

This week we discuss how movies frequently misunderstand science and reality as a whole. 00.00.38 - Intro 00.09.42 - Red Head Movie News 00.59.44 - What Have We Been Watching 01.13.42 - Topic: Movies vs Reality & Science 02.01.23 - Outro

Duration: 02:06:27

Episode 29 - Our Favourite Directors

This week is a long one as we've been away and have a lot to catch up on. We talk movie news, what we've been watching and delve a little into the works of some of our favourite directors. 00.01.11 - Intro 00.17.32 - Movie News 00.47.24 - What Have We Been Watching 01.38.05 - Our Favourite Directors 02.22.51 - Defenders Trailer 02.25.29 - Outro

Duration: 02:31:57

Talking With ... Juliette Burton at Happy Hour

There was no new episode this week but to make up for that Kristian went out and interviewed stand up comedian and writer Juliette Burton as she prepares for another round of Happy Hour and works up towards her new show Butterfly Effect. Want to know what either of those things are? Well then you'd better listen up! Juliette can be found here http://www.julietteburton.co.uk And she appeared on a previous episode of this show that can be heard here...

Duration: 00:22:52

Episode 28 - Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2

This week we discuss Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 and wonder where the hell Matt is! Twitter: @DeletedScenePod Facebook: www.facebook.com/TheDeletedSceneP...1101243339953901 Instagram: www.instagram.com/thedeletedscenepodcast/ 00.13.13 - Movie News 00.41.54 - What Have We Been Watching 01.02.09 - Review: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 01.48.23 - Outro

Duration: 01:52:04

Talking With ... Emma Grace Arends, Fortunes Fools Productions & Michael O'Shea

In this Interview Special we talk to Emma Grace Arends whose currently starring in 'Peppa Pig: My First Cinema Experience' as the only human character Daisy; Fortune's Fools Productions on the set of their new web series 'TIE Me Down'; and feature a snippet of an interview with Michael O'Shea by Marc Jason Ali at The Fan Carpet for his new movie 'The Transfiguration', the rest of which can be found at the link below....

Duration: 00:33:18

Episode 27 - Board Games & International TableTop Day

This week International TableTop Day is approaching so we talk board games and the movies, TV and web series inspired by them. 00.08.04 - Movie News 00.27.18 - What Have We Been Watching 00.38.10 - Topic: International TableTop Day 00.41.13 - Review: BattleShip 00.46.34 - Review: Clue 00.52.55 - Topic: The World of Board Games 00.56.04 - What Games Would We Adapt to Screen? 01.07.37 - Topic: Web Series Based Around Table Top Games 01.36.36 - The Dungeons & Dragons Movie 01.44.26 - Mazes &...

Duration: 02:00:54

Episode 26 - The Influence of Shakespeare

This week we talk Shakespeare, watch some Shakespeare inspired web series, shout out to some of our personal favourite adaptations and talk the bard and his influence on the culture of film and television. Web Series links: Shakespeare Republic (http://shakespearerepublic.com) Titus and Dronicus (https://www.youtube.com/user/BetterThanShakes) Nothing Much To Do (https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLZ4M4eic7acSLgM6Fs_VYWafCgwIByldy) Ask Will...

Duration: 02:06:49

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