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Our podcast, at it's core, is essentially a dumping ground for all those conversations we'd like to be having about comics, TV shows, games and movies at work but work gets in the way. So we've put them all here instead! Fortnightly, we'll bring you insights (and occasionally oversights) of ours into these most entertaining of worlds and make crude attempts at humour while we're at it. Regular features include what we're Reading, Watching or Playing, a For/Against debate and our topic of the fortnight. We're also writing a couple of comics as complete amateurs so sometimes we try to act like we know what we're doing by talking about how we go about the writing process. It'd be our pleasure to have you as part of our audience and if you'd be so kind as to oblige, let us fill your ears with our voices!




The Desert Whales Podcast Season 2 Episode 7

Welcome one, welcome all! It's nice to have you back and we appreciate your company. That may sound sarcastic but we really appreciate you downloading this podcast as often as you do to get very little entertainment in return. So cheers! Group hug, go team, etc etc. This time around we talk about all sorts - Uncharted 4 and its predecessors, Civil War, what the hardest and easiest horror film franchises would be to survive and, most importantly, what the best flavour of crisps is. That...

The Desert Whales Podcast Season 2 Episode 6

The tremendous success brought by our last questions session made us think. Can we do it again? Would it be a success a second time around? The answers lie within dear listener. We ponder what fictional world we would live in if we could. We pore over what film or comic should be shite but is actually pretty good. We try to reach common ground over whether it would be better to fight a grizzly bear or a shark.All these questions and more sit in this podcast, waiting for you to listen to...

The Desert Whales Podcast Season 2 Episode 5

What do we want? PODCASTS! When do we want them? AT OUR CONVENIENCE, AND FOR THEM TO BE AVAILABLE TO DOWNLOAD FROM SEVERAL DIFFERENT OUTLETS DEPENDING ON WHICH SOFTWARE OUR ELECTRONIC DEVICES RUN ON! OUTLETS CAN INCLUDE iTUNES, PODIGEE, TUNE IN RADIO AND MORE!! Well we can arrange that. This podcast talk about our day out at Big Glasgow Comic's Comic and Craft event, we have a Batman vs. Superman discussion and beautifully frustrating quiz for Richard and Tommy. Greg pulls the strings as...

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The Desert Whales Podcast Season 2 Episode 2

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, gather round and listen to what has been described by some people as 'a podcast'. We can assure you that in the most literal terms, this is indeed something loosely resembling a podcast! This time around we talk about the Deadpool movie (complete with spoilers), there's Reading Watching Playing with an unexpected Playing and there is, of course, a magical thrill ride of a quiz! There's also a funny 'bing' noise every now and then throughout the...

The Desert Whales Podcast Episode 17 - Everybody's Gone To Rapture, Airboy, News and A QUIZ!!

No we've not spiked your drink, you're visiting us of your own accord and we're glad to have you back! It's episode 17 of our podcast, the audio equivalent of biting into an out of date Scotch egg! We've got RWP (Everybody's Gone to Rapture, Airboy and a F4 film review), News and a QUIZ! The quiz has a weird little ending to it and we'd recommend listening intently to spot what we've done differently! As ever, we're eager to here from you! Any feedback we're happy to take on the chin like...

The Desert Whales Podcast Episode 16 - The Perfect 10, Swamp Thing and Nintendo land?

There's a million and one reasons you should be listening to this podcast. I present you Reason 1 - uhhh... On this podcast we discuss more of what you've grown to learn to tolerate, what you've perhaps even learned to... like? Amongst all of what's there, know this - Tommy was naked when we recorded. And we loved every second of it.

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The Desert Whales Podcast Episode 13 - Rocket League, DCU and BBQ (Big Beau


The Desert Whales Podcast Episode 11 - Monster Fights, E3 News and a Noisy

If you're looking for a podcast with Shrek fighting the Kraken, a discussion about cereal and a really noisy table we had the mic on whilst recording, you've come to the right place! We discuss what we're reading, watching and playing, go over some E3 announcements and have a monster fight section! There's a worthy winner too... As ever, let us know what you think once you've listened! TDW

New Episode

Like taking a big mouthful of seawater you just can't keep us down! The Desert Whales are back and into double digits! The tenth podcast is here, and it's ready for your ears. On this podcast we have an open and honest discussion about what we've been reading, watching and playing, there's news in abundance with little tidbits on DC Convergance, the heir to Andrew Garfield's Spider-throne and some more Suicide Squads bits too. From there, we move onto a new feature called 'The Hate...

Episode 007 - Daredevil, News and Monsters

We're back and surviving the world of podcasts each fortnight more precariously than a minor character in The Walking Dead. This week we discuss Netflix's Daredevil, have our news section full of movie trailer news and comic news and we have a lovely wee discussion about creatures from games and movies!

The Desert Whales Podcast Episode 005.5 - 100% My Fault

Greg forgot to bring the microphone to the recording session so... blame him for the lack of Desert Whales in your ears this week!

The Desert Whales Podcast Episode 004 - Superman as Oprah Winfrey

We're back again for our regularly scheduled bletherings! This show includes our staple feature of Reading/Watching/Playing, a Tri-Debate (oo-er!), Tommy's art process, and a new feature called fantasy booking, which is a discussion about what we'd like to see in films, comics and TV shows. We should probably point out that the majority of that conversation is, well... made up nonsense. Let us know what you think here: Twitter - @desertwhales Instagram - @thedesertwhales Email -...

The Desert Whales Podcast Episode 003 - When Two Become Cree

The Desert Whales are back once again to tackle the world of podcasting. We're two amateur Comic Book writers from Edinburgh who have decided to... talk rubbish for your enjoyment (hopefully). This week we're joined by Edinburgh based comic book artist Tommy Cree. Show content: Interview With Tommy - Finding An Artist For Your Projects. Reading / Watching / Playing The Debate - DC vs Marvel, Who Has The Worst Characters There's also a brand new feature this week - a quiz! But it's not just...

The Desert Whales Podcast Episode 001 - You Can't Put A Price On Memories

Welcome to our debut podcast! Listen on for informative or inscrutable insights of ours into comics, gaming, movies, books and general musings from our HQ (Greg's attic) in Edinburgh, Scotland. Enjoy and let us know what you think! Twitter - @Desertwhales Instagram - @thedesertwhales Email - thedesertwhales @gmail.com