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Episode 126-Kings Identity and Culture, LaMarcus On The Move, Raiders Future

Deuce and Morgan kicked off the show talking about the Kings final preseason game (1:30), why Dave Joerger thinks it may take up to a year and half to get their identity (3:26), he opened up about Ty Lawson and their culture (5:25), the NBA HOFer who says Sacramento is a sleeper and Deuce doesn’t think it’s ridiculous (10:00), Rudy Gay trade rumors (14:45) and Ben McLemore’s future (19:17), and how LaMarcus Aldridge could be on the move (24:00). They tried to figure out why the Jets...

Duration: 00:54:27

Episode 125-NBA GM Survey, Isaiah Thomas Wants DeMarcus, and Bill Belichick’s Rant

Deuce and Morgan start the show talking about Vlade and Dave Joerger’s response to the Ty Lawson news (1:40), Isaiah Thomas would love to play with DeMarcus in Boston (8:18), they discuss the NBA GM survey that says Cousins is the 2nd best center in the NBA (9:45), Carmelo has some good ideas about the D-League and they discussed how the Kings may be using it a lot this season (22:49). They also talked about the Jets QB situation (29:40), comparing Brian Hoyer and Aaron Rodgers (34:23),...

Duration: 00:59:38

Episode 124-NFL Week 6 Recap, Raiders lose and Ty Lawson’s Future

Deuce and Morgan reflect on the Raiders loss to the Chiefs (00:57), if they’re worried after the loss (9:30), how Kap looked in the 49ers loss to Buffalo (11:10), they talk about the biggest surprise of week 6 (17:30) and Deuce admits he was wrong and says the Cowboys should stick with Dak (19:00). They also talked about Rodgers’ struggles (24:30), why they didn’t like how Cam Newton handled the postgame (26:35), Deuce bragged about his outfit and how he split his pants at a wedding...

Duration: 01:08:32

Episode 123-Week 6 Preview, Chiefs Favored Over Raiders, Draymond’s Rant and Steve Bartman

Deuce and Morgan start off the show discussing why she is so grump (1:00), why the Chargers were so emotional (3:00), they looked ahead at the Raiders and Chiefs and discussed why Kansas City is favored (5:15), they talked about what to expect from Kap and Deuce has his list of things going for and against him (12:10), they talk about some of the best games of the weekend (21:47), Morgan defends Cam Newton riding a Segway when he’s under concussion protocol (23:20), Deuce isn’t buying the...

Duration: 01:08:01

Episode 122-Geoff Petrie’s Comments, Durant-Westbrook Feud and Bill Kennedy

Deuce and Morgan kick off the show talking Broncos-Chargers (1:04), why LeSean McCoy is telling fans to treat Kap with respect (2:28), Morgan explains why Kap is starting now (7:13), Deuce and Morgan don’t understand why Martellus Bennett is show angry (9:10), they discuss the latest drama with the Kings involving Vikek and former Kings GM Geoff Petrie (14:10), the feud between Westbrook and Durant is heating up and they discuss if Westbrook is handling it the right way (29:10) and they...

Duration: 00:51:02

Episode 121-Giants season is over, Life Lessons with Deuce, Kap Is Ready, Kings Trade Rumors

Deuce and Morgan talk about the Giants season coming to an end (1:07), they discuss Bochy not living Moore in the game (2:15), they talked about what was different with the 2016 Giants (6:20), Deuce then provides life lessons on how sports fans lack perspective (8:16), they discussed Casilla’s comments (14:17), they talked about Kaepernick and Gabbert’s comments about the QB change (17:38), Dak says he turned down Kanye tickets to sit at home and watch Thursday night football and Morgan...

Duration: 00:48:18

Episode 120-Giants-Cubs Classic, Kaepernick is the starter and Raiders AFC Contenders

Deuce and Morgan start the show talking about the classic Giants game (1:50) what makes baseball’s postseason so special (4:00), they looked ahead to Game 4 (6:40), Morgan is shocked when Deuce reads Dave Flemming’s tweet (10:04), Deuce is upset with MLB replay (16:20), they discussed Chip Kelly naming Kap the starter, what expectations they have and Trent Baalke’s power (18:50), the Bucs worried about Aguyao (26:20), Greg Hardy is pursuing an MMA career and Morgan goes crazy (30:31), Tom...

Duration: 00:57:58

Episode 119-Raiders Escape, Tom Brady Returns and Giants-Cubs

Deuce and Morgan start the show talking about the Raiders win and why they feel bad for Chargers fans (2:30), Jack Del Rio compares his team to Santa Claus (9:00), Deuce explains why he’s not going crazy over Brady’s performance (11:10), Morgan wonders how Belichick talks to his wife (15:52), if they’re ready to believe in the Falcons (16:50), the Vikings dominance (19:00), Morgan thinks the Giants should suspend Ereck Flowers for pushing a reporter (24:05), they discuss Dak remaining the...

Duration: 00:53:28

Episode 117-Giants Advance, 49ers-Cards, Kings-Warriors and Joe Buck’s hair plugs

Deuce and Morgan start the show talking about the Giants dramatic victory over the Mets (00:40), Bumgarner’s legacy (10:33), preview Cubs-Giants (17:11), they looked ahead to the 49ers-Cardinals game and the importance of the game for Arizona (23:20), Reggie Wayne takes a shot at his former team and Deuce thinks he’s right for doing it (26:00), Brady is back and so is Grumpy Belichick (28:00), what to look for in the Kings-Warriors preseason game (34:50), D-Wade doesn’t think LeBron can be...

Duration: 00:50:29

Episode 116-Sam Bradford MVP, Odell Unhappy, Giants-Mets and Kings

Deuce and Morgan kick off the show and explain why they haven’t talked to each other for an hour prior to the show (1:34), Morgan explains why she’s not confident about the Giants (3:08), the wild finish between the Jays and Baltimore and why the O’s didn’t lose their best pitcher (11:32), Odell says he’s not having fun playing football (23:47), Peter King says Bradford is the MVP right now so Deuce and Morgan talk about their candidates (29:55), they talked about how the Kings looked...

Duration: 00:54:11

Episode 115-Best team in NFC, Diva Wide Receivers, Bonds’ Future, and Truth OR Trash

Deuce and Morgan wonder if the Vikings are the best team in the NFC (2:40), Deuce isn’t freaking out about Odell Beckham (4:40), Dez says he’s the most hated in America (13:50), Brady is back and Deuce says we should be excited (16:17), Barry Bonds gets fired after one season and they wonder if he’ll coach again (22:45), they talk about the Giants and Mets (27:10), Kings kick off the preseason and Cousins is really happy with Ty Lawson (28:40), what they’re looking forward to seeing in...

Duration: 00:47:23

Episode 114-NFL Week 4 Recap, Contending Raiders, Bowman Out & Giants in October

Deuce and Morgan start the show discussing the Raiders big win over the Ravens and if they’re true contenders (2:35), they talked about Gabbert’s performance vs. Dallas (11:30), the loss of Bowman (22:15), they debate what to do with Tony Romo if Dak and the Cowboys keep playing well (24:55), Deuce brags about being right about the Panthers early season struggles (28:45), if the Falcons are a legit team in the NFC (30:43), why Morgan thought the the Pats loss was the biggest surprise of the...

Duration: 00:59:56

Episode 113-NFL Week 4 Preview, G1C Open, and Ask Us Anything

Deuce and Morgan talk about Thursday night football being boring (2:07), why Deuce doesn’t believe in the Ravens and thinks the Raiders will win on Sunday (5:52), the talk about the Niners having a chance against Dallas (10:10), they debate if Ben McAdoo went too far in his criticism of ODB Jr. (13:08), Deuce doesn’t think Bill O’Brien handled JJ Watt questions well (16:34), they talk about the latest on Dez Bryant not showing up for work (20:50), they play NF-ill In The Blank (23:39), whose...

Duration: 00:53:41

Episode 112-Rex Ryan Is Back, Draymond Embracing Heels Role and The Greatest Baseball Stat Ever

Deuce and Morgan start the show with 3 reasons to be excited for Dolphins-Bengals (1:40), Deuce says the 49ers have a shot at beating Dallas (7:45), Dez Bryant missing his MRI (10:08), Rex Ryan’s Bill Belichick impersonation and why Deuce was a fan (12:59), if it’s time to worry about Khalil Mack (17:45), Draymond Green embracing the heel role (22:30), D-Wade’s view of his new team (25:45), the man who spend $26,000 to look like David Beckham and failed (33:25), and Deuce has one of the...

Duration: 00:47:43

Episode 111-JJ Watt’s Injury, Kap’s Diet, Kings Talking Defense

Deuce and Morgan talk about JJ Watt’s injury (1:40), Kap talks about his diet and Deuce has an idea for him (6:25), the player from an 0-3 team who thinks his team can win the rest of their games (9:10), they talk some NBA including why JR Smith hasn’t been signed (11:50), LeBron saying he wants to be the greatest (14:05), Deuce is upset with the Yankees fan who proposed to his girlfriend and lost the ring (22:07), Tim Tebow hits a HR (26:29), Deuce and Morgan discussed Matt Barnes and a...

Duration: 00:48:54

Episode 110-Kings Media Day, QB changes and Truth OR Trash

Deuce and Morgan talk about their experience at Kings media day and what they learned (1:30), Deuce doesn’t understand why Chip says Kap isn’t 100 percent but is the backup (15:00), Anthony Davis retires and they discuss a weird conspiracy theory (19:20), the Raiders decision to cut Marcel Reece (21:15), Chris Bosh’s NBA future (21:17), the unique thing Andre Drummond is doing to improve his free throw shooting (25:52), Dee Gordon’s emotional HR (31:50), Greg Hardy in trouble again (35:25),...

Duration: 00:51:39

Episode 109-Wild Week 3 Recap, Fernandez and Arnold Palmer

Deuce and Morgan start the show talking about the Raiders win and what impressed them most (1:25), why it’s time to see Kaepernick (9:45), how well Wentz and why Jim Schwartz deserves credit (17:20), if it’s time to be concerned about the Cardinals (24:23), their thoughts on Siemian’s game in Cincy (28:30), Deuce is obsessed with the Vikings defense and what they did against Cam (30:40), why Odell was crying on Sunday (33:37), the losses of Arnold Palmer and Jose Fernandez (39:31) and they...

Duration: 00:48:22

Episode 108-NFL Week 3 Picks, No More Groin Shots and A New Award

Deuce and Morgan start the show talking about never betting against the Pats again (1:32), Deuce says Houston should be concerned about Brock (5:30), they previewed Raiders-Titans and talk about their worries about this game (8:45), Morgan says the 49ers will be competitive in Seattle (14:30), Deuce awards the first weekly Tony Romo Courage Award (17:00), they play NF-ill In The Blank with Carson Wentz, the must-see game of the week, Rex’s future and what the Raiders defense will do (20:08)....

Duration: 00:55:40

Episode 107-Pats-Texans, KJ gets pied, and Warriors Expectations

Deuce and Morgan start the show with Morgan bragging about a WWE wrestler wishing her a happy birthday (00:30), they preview the Pats-Texans game (2:05), Kevin Johnson getting pied and throwing a punch (7:30), Kap on the cover of TIME Magazine and Steve Kerr and Richard Sherman give him credit (12:00), Kap is the NFLs most disliked player (18:00), Durant’s comments and if the Warriors will go over the 66.5 win mark (20:12), Deuce is excited to see JaVale McGee on the Warriors (24:45), why...

Duration: 00:47:00

Episode 106-Peterson’s Injury, Kap Threats, NBA Over/Unders & Mo’s B-Day

Deuce and Morgan led off the show talking about how annoyed Deuce is about Morgan’s birthday (00:30), they addressed Adrian Peterson’s injury and Deuce has some suggestions for the Vikings (2:00), Kaepernick receiving threats (9:20), the former NFL coach who called Cutler outstanding (17:45), Morgan talks about her flu game (21:54), Goodell supporting Oakland (28:20), the #DontLookAtMe t-shirts the Dodgers made (31:42), the NBA over/unders are out and they discuss if the Kings will go over...

Duration: 00:52:54

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