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Episode 334-Kings and NBA season preview

Deuce and Mo return to celebrate the start of the NBA season. They look at the Kings season including their strengths and weaknesses (3:50), the Kings rookie who's poised to have the best season (11:25), how much Frank Mason will play (14:00), what would qualify as a successful season for the Kings (16:51), how many wins they expect from the team (23:35), De'Aaron Fox called In-N-Out overrated (25:05), how they'll start the season (30:30), why Deuce thinks a 2-2 start is possible (34:25),...

Duration: 01:04:59

Episode 333-Kings Lineup, Embiid's Contract and Jerry Jones

Deuce and Mo are ready for the NBA regular season start but why the Kings need camp to be longer (1:40), the go over the possible starting lineup (7:02), the Sixers give Embiid a $148 million extension (9:05), the Kings will have issues rebounding and what to expect with the rest of preseason (12:10), NFL week 5 was weird and Deuce and Mo had a huge problem with Jerry Jones (16:48), Deuce thinks Jones is concerned about ratings and explains why he believes ratings are really going down...

Duration: 00:56:16

Episode 288-Kings Free Agent Possibilities, Kings VP of BBall Ops Scott Perry & CP3 Fallout

Morgan and Deuce start the show with Mo mentioning that Deuce got schooled by a 12-year old (00:20), why Jimmy Butler gave out his number at a press conference and what it would take for Morgan to give out her number (2:20), the drama involving Chris Paul despising Doc Rivers (7:00), why CP3 didn't want to go to the Spurs (11:10), the Rockets explain the motivation behind the trade (11:50), why Gordon Hayward would think about Miami (13:40), the Knicks may bring back a familiar face...

Duration: 00:52:57

Episode 287-Kings Land Bogdanovic, Chris Paul Traded and Phil is out

Deuce and Morgan start the show discussing the wild Chris Paul trade to Houston (1:20), if Blake will return to LA (4:12), CP3's legacy in LA (5:00), how Harden and Paul will fit together (6:20), how Paul can fit with D'Antoni's system (9:10), if the Rockets can compete with the Warriors if they also add George or Melo (11:00), the offseason being more interested than the postseason (16:40), if the Kings should go after Ryan Anderson (17:45), the Kings finally land Bogdan Bogdanovic...

Duration: 00:47:12

Episode 286-Hall of Famer Jerry Rice with Deuce and Mo

Deuce and Mo caught up with Hall of Famer Jerry Rice at the Kings Golf Invitational (2:10), he talks about his golf game and running into Spud Webb (2:50), how he would do in today's NFL (3:30), the gloves wide receivers use (4:10), what he thinks about celebrations returning to the league (6:35), what he thinks of the 49ers hiring John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan (7:15), how he feels about their new culture and what Eddie D tried to do during his time as an owner (9:00), what made Eddie D so...

Duration: 00:52:38

Episode 285-A Chat With Kings Rookies & Doug Christie

Deuce and Mo take the show on the road from the Sacramento Kings Invitational benefiting the Sacramento Kings Foundation (00:20). They caught up with Kings rookie Justin Jackson about being back with his former AAU teammate De'Aaron Fox (2:40), they talked with new Kings big man Harry Giles about his journey and his relationship with Chris Paul (5:10) and they talk to De'Aaron Fox about his confidence and how NBA2K helped his game (9:20). Deuce and Mo then sit down with Kings legend Doug...

Duration: 00:46:49

Episode 284-Jerry Reynolds on NBA Draft and Free Agency plus Mailbag

Deuce and Mo caught up with Kings analyst Jerry Reynolds to talk NBA Draft (00:40), on how the media says the Kings won the draft (1:30), why he thinks Minnesota is a playoff team now that they added Jimmy Butler (2:40), the Kings adding character guys to the team (5:10), what he loves about De'Aaron Fox (6:05), Fox's competitive fire (7:00), the concerns about his jump shot (8:12), Morgan is concerned that Jerry agrees with Deuce (9:45), the Kings passing on Monk (10:50), what he likes...

Duration: 00:49:08

Episode 283-Deuce and Mo's Kings and NBA Draft Recap

Deuce and Mo talk about the Kings draft (1:30), why they love that the Kings landed Fox (2:20), Doug Christie explains why he likes Fox (5:17), they discuss Fox's shooting issues and why Deuce and Doug aren't totally concerned (7:15), how young the Kings roster is this year (12:00), Morgan says be excited about the picks but settle down (14:30), how the Kings were going to draft Kobe in 1996 (16:00), the Kings decision to trade the 10th pick for 15 and 20 and why Deuce says Malik Monk will...

Duration: 00:46:46

Episode 282-James Ham Previews Kings Draft and Free Agency

Deuce and Mo check in with NBC Sports Bay Area's Kings Insider James Ham and discussed if the Kings will be picking at 5 and 10 on draft night (2:00), they discuss why Phoenix could be a landing spot for Fox (3:00), who the Kings love in this draft (5:00), if Vlade called Phil Jackson about Porzingis (6:50), what he likes about Fox (8:45), if Afflalo will get moved by draft night (10:40), why the Kings front office deserves credit (13:30), Langston Galloway's decision to opt-out (15:40), why...

Duration: 00:56:00

Episode 281-Bobby Marks on NBA Draft and Trade Rumors

Deuce and Mo welcome in former NBA executive and The Vertical's Bobby Marks to talk about the latest rumors involving Porzingis (1:30), why it'd be shocking for Phil Jackson to move him (2:30), the Cavs decision to fire GM David Griffin and why that's the hardest job in the NBA (3:50), how the Pacers can get a fair-value trade for Paul George (5:30), why he expects a lot of movement during the draft (7:10), what it's like preparing for a draft (8:20), what the war room is like during the...

Duration: 00:38:46

Episode 280-NBA Draft Expert Bobby Gerould and Mailbag

Deuce and Mo catch up with's Bobby Gerould to talk about the NBA Draft (1:30), why he thinks Lonzo Ball is the No.1 player in the draft (5:52), who can make an instant impact (7:20), his concerns about Fultz (8:30), what the Celtics should do (10:10), why he likes Josh Jackson and isn't concerned about his temper (11:42), why he thinks the draft is so deep (14:05), his thoughts on Lauri Markkanen (15:21), his best-case scenario for the Kings at No. 5 (16:35), his breakdown...

Duration: 01:06:41

Episode 279-Falling for Fox, McGregor-Mayweather & The Logo is Gone

Morgan and Deuce talk about Deuce's experience covering the Warriors parade (1:50), how he was throwing shade at Warriors fans all day (2:37), the LeBron-Draymond beef (4:49), Jerry West leaves the Warriors for a job with the Clippers (7:55), what it means for the Clippers and why West was motivated to leave (11:10), CP3 plans to meet with Houston and Denver (12:52), why Morgan isn't super excited for the McGregor-Mayweather fight (15:19), they learn more about potential Kings PG De'Aaron...

Duration: 00:36:29

Episode 278-NBA Draft Rumors, Blake to Boston and What If...

Deuce and Morgan start the show discussing the latest NBA Draft rumors (3:35), Lakers interest in Josh Jackson (4:05), the Kings won't trade the No.5 and No.10 pick to move up to 3 (4:50), what it would take for the Kings to move up to get Fox (5:20), Deuce thinks there will be a lot of movement on draft night (6:54), Frank Mason works out for the Kings again (9:00), Morgan and Deuce give kids advice (12:58), if Blake Griffin or Hayward could put Boston above Cleveland (16:30), the Rockets...

Duration: 00:54:47

Episode 277-Doug Christie on NBA Draft, De'Aaron Fox and Finals

Deuce and Morgan catch up with former Kings guard Doug Christie and talked about why he enjoyed the NBA Finals (1:19), what it's going to take to dethrone the Warriors (2:10), how the Warriors built their team (4:05), how other NBA players are feeling about the Warriors (5:11), what the Cavs need to do this offseason (6:30), the NBA's issue with 3-point fouls (7:25) and why he kept a journal during his playing games (11:00). Doug then talks about what he remembers about his draft process...

Duration: 00:48:00

Episode 276-Warriors Are The Champs

Deuce and Mo host a special podcast following the Warriors 2nd championship in 3 seasons. Morgan and Deuce go at it because they were sleepy (1:50), the key adjustment Steve Kerr made (4:12), the Warriors big 2nd quarter run (5:50), the West-Thompson kiss (7:30), how well Durant played in the NBA Finals and why he deserves credit (9:17), the adversity the Warriors faced during the season (10:45), they go over some of the hot takes from throughout the NBA Finals (13:05), LeBron's incredible...

Duration: 00:43:49

Episode 275-Jason Ross on NBA Draft, Kings and Mailbag

Deuce and Mo reunited with their old partner Jason Ross (1:00), J-Ross shows off his "Bruce" and Mo t-shirt (1:30), they discussed the Kings getting a work out with potential No.1 pick Markelle Fultz and if the Kings should trade up (3:17), Lonzo not working out for Boston (8:48), if the Kings should move up to get Fox (11:52), we look at Jason's draft board (14:40), why it makes sense for the Kings to trade the 10th pick (18:52), veteran point guards the Kings could add and if Shaun...

Duration: 01:12:43

Episode 274-Appreciate the NBA Finals & LeBron Going West?

Morgan and Deuce look back at the Warriors comeback win over the Cavs and why we should appreciate what we saw in Game 3(1:00), LeBron's decision to pass to Korver (8:00), Kyrie's shot selection (10:00), how the Warriors knew the Cavs would run out of gas (11:35), the Warriors rebounding advantage and Tristian's struggles (15:30), JR Smith says his twitter got hacked and Deuce calls B.S. (23:20), LeBron gives Kevin Durant love for sacrificing (26:30), why LeBron says the Warriors are great...

Duration: 00:55:38

Episode 273-Finals Game 3 Preview, Hakeem vs. Duncan and Truth OR Trash

Deuce and Morgan looked ahead to Game 3 of the NBA Finals and how wrong Deuce was (2:15), if LeBron has to play different (4:20), if they're dumb for thinking LeBron can get 1-2 games in this series (6:35), why Kerr doesn't take credit for the Warriors elite defense (8:15), Paul Pierce says Durant is the best player in the world (12:15), they move on to some NBA Draft topics including how the Lakers may really like De'Aaron Fox (14:30), if the Kings should consider trading up for Fox...

Duration: 00:52:13

Episode 272-NBA Finals Game 2 Recap, Fox in Sac, Seahawks say no to Kap

Deuce and Mo start the show discussing how everyone is watching this "boring" Finals (1:20), some of the great performances from Game 2 including Durant dominating both sides (2:30), Steph Curry's incredible on LeBron shouldn't have happened (8:10), what it meant to have Steve Kerr return (9:40), why one writer suggests the Cavs may want to think about throwing the ball out of bounds (12:17), what to expect in Game 3 (15:20), the NBA's issue with players getting fouled on 3-point attempts...

Duration: 00:46:51

Episode 271-NBA Finals Game 1 Recap, Kings moves and Friday Mailbag

Deuce and Mo start the show with Deuce apologizing for his mediocre performance the day before (00:57), they looked back at what went down in Game 1 of the NBA Finals (2:20), Deuce says Durant had one of the best finals performances ever (3:01), LeBron and the Cavs turnovers (7:30), Deuce had a lame joke about how many more shots the Warriors took (11:05), the most impressive stat of the night (12:40), they talked about some of the negatives with the Warriors including Klay's offense and...

Duration: 01:01:57

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