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Episode 68 - Dick on Phony Lollers

The scourge of phony lollers, real life cupcake wars, sex vs. a hangover, picky garbage men, gets a hit, the slow death, the kid with better stuff than you, Sam Hyde's War on Pornography, several musical tributes to Sean's D, condensation and condescension, organic comedy supplements, Choose Your Own Adventure books, Goss Squad interviews Asterios Kokkinos, Asterios' School of Satire, Denzel makes a girl cry, and Sean doesn't get Family Guy pornography; all that...

Duration: 02:41:11

Episode 67 - Dick on The Devil

Modern church and the devil of incompetence, the volume box on your iPhone, Sean's Dingus Fantasy Football Team, people who throw beachballs over the side at baseball games, putting an end to that Ed Sheeran song, girls who are worried about looking "too buff", drunk time traveling, gay detecting computers in the Middle East, Madcucks-gestions on how to interview, auto-playing news videos, customer service at Pornhub, Matt Miller Ink, and the live show tattoo; all that and more this week...

Duration: 02:15:19

Episode 66 - Dick on False Alarms

Sean's performance review/birthday, ROAD RAGE: LOS ANGELES, fire alarms make me wish I was burning to death, Rocketman and asteroid mining, Steve Hofstetter, comedian pilots, airport bean bags, I don't know what is a parsec, Asterios' alt-right business ideas, Hazencruz's fat girls on Tinder song, package thieves and Jokey Smurf, The Indiana Jones Leather Man BAG network, Trump Sci-Fi, an acceptable reason to abandon your family, pee arguments, the tipping point of a hangover, taking a...

Duration: 02:20:29

Episode 65 - Dick on Back to School

Hurricane Hindsight and the party of the century, Back to School and the orgy of the matriarchy, using the F-bomb on TV, Mr. Fancypants in studio, the Super Nintendo f'ed in the a machine, the Black Experience, Gab's ICO and Andrew Torba calls in, seppuku for IT blunders, sacrificing virgins, PSA for moms: the triple parentheses, the secret of the meme factory, a monster truck rally, terrible wedding gifts, the fake boob blathering drunk stare, an erotic story resolution, The LA Live Show,...

Duration: 02:33:28

Episode 64 - Dick on Platitudes

A really bad mood, a plethora of positive platitudes, throat bubbles, the stupid eclipse, UTIs or UT-lies, the Confederacy, a parody song from Hazencruz, a flatulent erotic story, virtual book burning, theme park revisionism and the eternal present, Nazis and chicks looking for free dinners, Mayweather v. McGregor, me v. The Mystery Box, the time I tried to make a movie with Edward James Olmos, the penis masterpiece, Mexican vocabulary, the LA show, a voicemail threatens to destroy me, and...

Duration: 01:52:21

Episode 63 - Dick on Fake Police

The worst thing politicians do, a call from a fake policeman, Nazis and tiki torches, Asterios' birthday cuck cake,The Dukes of Hazzard, Aydin Paladin vs. Asterios, boobs on a battleship, trans in the military, America's imaginary stupid baby, the pressure cooker, the world's dumbest fans, another leak, racist carbon credits, and heroes; all that and more this week on The Dick Show!

Duration: 02:33:02

The Dick Show_EP_62_20170807


Duration: 01:23:13

Episode 61 - Dick on Mister Metokur

Colored pens, not noticing the waiter bringing your food, an update on Count Dankula, Mister Metokur calls in, 20 questions on checkout, brand new car door dings, AM I BEING DETAINED, Larry's poop chip, dating with HSV2, a studio-only towel, an animatronic pile of failure, punchable voices, the Manifest Observable Behavior rule or M.O.B. rule for short, diaper furries and degeneracy, escape rooms, losing a thumb, and girls not understanding deep philosophical ish; all that and more this...

Duration: 01:51:16

Episode 60 - Dick on Nazi Pugs

Count Dankula: The Nazi Pug Guy, big-leaguing at the symphony, praying for bluetooth, Aspartame Alarmists, The Argument Tamagotchi, the worst part about prison, a Comic-Con prank, child free and happier than can be conceived by mortals, the press, Asterios' band, my simple plan to stop the next Hitler, a lost box of guns, Jamie Lynn talks about spanking, farting on airplanes, brainwashing, a gerry-rigged air conditioner, why Comic-con is a gigantic waste of money, booth-based ToS...

Duration: 02:52:33

Episode 59 - Dick on Souvenir Cups

Souvenir cups, free water, Defensive Architecture, head banging while banging, Lowtax's new podcast: Murder the Internet, Denzel does yoga, my spoon collection, WarOfTheFanBoys disavows Cat Girl, how my dad handles stock tips, "Kian Magaña", performance art, Nick Offerman, being hit on the shin by a bike pedal, sister twister guilt, the front of your wiener, more on the Wiener Republic, Lettuce Jones is free, and I am accosted by a zombie DickHead; all that and more this week on The Dick...

Duration: 01:52:58

Episode 58 - Dick on Pumping Gas

Manstagram, interventions, reverse devil horns, escaping Jimmy Fallon at the gas pump, Lacy's Instagram predictions, a condom allergy, the capacity for love, the male pill, car dealerships, tearing off the protective covers on electronics, sounds to make when you climax, Kim Jung Un, the anti-hero for our age, and a very "artistic" erotic story; all that and more this week on The Dick Show!

Duration: 01:47:41

Episode 57 - Dick on Ghost Guns

The Democracy Gap, Cody Wilson: Ghost Gunner, disrupting the military, my mom negotiating, unsatisfactory citizenship, Larry's Poop Chips, The Biggest Problem in the Universe Trademark opposition, hot chick methadone, how to get into college, Poe's Law, business beanies, and Madcucks vs Existence #3; all that and more this week on The Dick Show!

Duration: 02:06:39

Episode 56 - Dick on Crosswords

Sunburns, all-night crossword puzzles, eating things off the ground, the Dalai Lama, non-specificity, the world's oldest millennial, an inexhaustible desire to do things, cast-a-net cat calls, Tim Pool's beanie, kiss-the-ring journalism, The Buffalo Bills, horn-o-phobia, craft beer snobs, trophies, nighttime birds, what Sean doesn't agree on, the Chicken McNuggets eating contest, and Jamie Lynn Hughes reads the news; all that and more this week on The Dick Show!

Duration: 02:06:41

Episode 55 - Dick on Court

What happened in court, the tyranny of the suggestion box, my theory of aiming, for whom the system works, top billing, who won the Asterios/WarOfTheFanBoys fight, Katherine the cat girl, how debt makes you a child, several chewings out, stepping in water with your socks, hearing the lamentations of their women, the world's greatest hero, and the evil Rod Serling in men; all that and more this week on The Dick Show!

Duration: 02:09:45

Episode 54 - Dick on Graduating

What not to wear to court, graduation speeches are the devil, people who walk without purpose, my dad takes questions from Twitter and talks about Longmire, the Asterios vs. WarOfTheFanBoys call that launched a thousand ships, a Patreon warning email, restraining orders for civil harassment, a different audio engineer, Letters from Sean: Part 3, Cuck Hunt, Marble Madness, slow walkers getting hit by cars, the Man in Black and la Flama Blanca, a very, very drunken rant about gun rights, and...

Duration: 02:19:00

Episode 53 - Dick on Pulling Teeth

Fishing for nothing, Sean's uncle the spy, finding places to bang, reality news, the crass anachronism of judgement, the final Tim Changzzzzz pitch, unisex names, an announcement from the Science Justice Warrior, a vacation with children, LEGO men, turn stealing, apology tours, Joel Chaco's beef with me, littering and, more of Tammy's Laugh Therapy, auctioning school, hell is other people, handicap french fries, Maxwell The Silver Hammer's pregnancy scare, and trivia to pull your teeth;...

Duration: 02:02:01

Episode 52 - Dick on Waut3rgate

The time I drank too much on a huge podcast, Madcucks goes to an LA art show, a dramatic re-enactment of the Waut3rgate leaks, Maddox the job terrorism, the $15 minimum wage, an apology from McDonald's, three months to live for one DickHead, Juan's questions from Facebook, gay bars, Thomas Jefferson, gadgets that I want to bang, the Goss Squad vs. Asterios Kokkinos, the Street Fighter challenge returns, and Lettuce Jones can't get a straight answer; all that and more this week on The Dick...

Duration: 02:00:08

Episode 51 - Dick on Bear Spray

A Maui look-a-like contest, a hula dancing festival, a regional liquor contest, Diet Coke Armageddon, proof of Kung Fu Tommy, more questions for Coach, how to make a noose, playing with bear spray, beating my girlfriend on Twitch, DIY home defense, throwing away kids' toys, an erotic story from a real man, the tyranny of fake gasps, Madcucks gives a weak book update, what to do with THE LETTER, the heart rate monitor, the best beer combo, a soft I told you so, and a sudden power outage;...

Duration: 01:51:38

Episode 50 - Dick on Fighting

The Vietnamese man who taught me how to fight, Sean's wedding story, the redaction of a lifetime, false HR complaints, Twitch addiction, Sean's last fist fight, Asterios' Butterbean training regimen, Uber pools, Reverend Scott, compliance, phone calls with dogs, my man is moving to Abu Dhabi, Don't Legalize It, Van Halen, The Goss Squad, Fool's Liquor Round 2, sharing, crying, and like ten hours of podcasting; all that and more this week on The Dick Show!

Duration: 01:56:03

Episode 49 - Dick on Interrupting

A Day of Interrupting, television addiction, Big Breakfast is killing you, Sean's voice is killing you, Asterios vs. WarOfTheFanBoys, the billboard, The Dick Show sends an autism to Cannes, being on Gavin McInnes, pointless research on gender binaries, cringe-ophobia, airlines and my biggest fantasy, the adventures of Cadyver, Phteven's various side businesses, Dustin's first bit, Narcissistic Personality Disorder, the time Tucker Max hit on my girlfriend, whatever happened to Lettuce...

Duration: 02:14:51

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