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Diginauts 0022 — Robot Muscle, Frog Orgies, Blockchaining Everything

segment 1, Top of Mind — Blockchain: The Tokenization of Everything (0:00): Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have been making headlines. Eric offers his theory that the underlying blockchain technology could revolutionize more than just money, but really much of human interaction. segment 2, Three Headlines & a Lie — Frogs (11:55) : Deron plays liar’s poker with ... Read more

Duration: 00:52:32

Diginauts 0021 — Artificial Meat, Driverless Car Ethics, Sexuality Auto-Detection

segment 1, Top of Mind — AI guessing your sexual orientation (0:00): A Stanford professor’s work with AI can guess whether you’re gay better than other humans can. segment 2, Future File — Weaponized Sound (13:27) : What’s affecting American diplomats? Are their symptoms related to weaponized sound? segment 3, More Future File — Lab Meat (18:20): Meat ... Read more

Duration: 00:53:27

Diginauts 0020 — Refreezing a Glacier, Downing Unwanted Drones, New Hydrogen Fuel Catalyst

segment 1, If You Had To Choose — Investment in Future Tech (0:00): We’ll look at three micro-industries that are seeing a bloom of startups and ask ourselves where we would invest hypothetical money. Flying cars anyone? segment 2, Always in Motion Is the Future — Seven Predictions from Bill Gates (19:30): We discuss his visions of future developments and ... Read more...

Duration: 01:05:55

Diginauts 0019 — Living Forever, a River Reverses, Microbes on Saturn’s Moon?

segment 1, Top of Mind — No One Understands AI (0:00): The folks who are on the cutting edge of artificial intelligence admit they know longer quite get how it works. segment 2, Let’s Hash It Out — #NASA (10:41): A paper details revelations about Saturn’s moon Enceledus. Chemicals exist that could host life… maybe? segment 3, Future ... Read more...

Duration: 00:54:43

Diginauts 0018 — Musk’s New Neuralink Venture, Bleached Coral Reefs, Artificial Synapses

segment 1, Top of Mind — Neuralink: Elon Musk doesn’t have enough companies yet, so he’s starting a new one to explore connecting human brains with computers. segment 2, Future File — Synthetic Synapses: A team at the National Center for Scientific Research has created a “memristor,” a first step in artificial brains. segment 3, Juris Prudent — Patents ... Read more...

Duration: 00:56:39

Diginauts 0017 — Those Seven Exoplanets, Wireless Power Transfer, Fracking Fluid Leaks

segment 1, Top of Mind — NSA Spy Tech (0:00): Palantir is a software company allegedly NOT linked to the oversteps of the NSA PRISM program about which Edward Snowden raised alarms, but nonetheless designed to help governments make use of massive amounts of data for spying purposes . One of its primary investors is Peter Thiel, now ... Read more...

Duration: 00:56:36

Diginauts 0016 — Resurrecting Woolly Mammoths, 23 Principals for AI, Taxing Robot Workers

segment 1, Top of Mind — Woolly Mammoth Comeback (0:00): Harvard scientists intend to splice mammoth DNA into elephants and create a hybrid species. (Although not everyone things the timeline is realistic.) segment 2, Future File — 23 Guidelines for AI (11:47): A consortium of top professionals have endorsed a set of rules they say society should follow when ... Read more...

Duration: 01:04:57

Diginauts 0015 — How Space Affects Your Body, Fukushima Radiation, Net Neutrality in Danger Again

segment 1, Top of Mind — Twins! In! Spaaaaaaace! (0:00): NASA sent one twin into space, and kept the other on Earth. We’ll talk about what they learned from the brothers’ DNA. segment 2, If You Had To Choose — Recent Governmental Maneuvers (8:00): Trump’s FCC chair signals lack of interest in net neutrality. A federal magistrate rules ... Read more...

Duration: 01:04:37

Diginauts 0014 — Trump Team Botching Tech Security, Human-Pig Chimerae, Facial Recognition Catching Criminals

segment 1, Top of Mind — Terrible Trump Tech (0:00): January in the Trump administration has featured failure to 2-factor authenticate, vulnerable phones, tweeted passwords, and worse. segment 2, Juris Prudent — Facial Recognition Fighting Crime (12:11): Are you comfortable with the FBI using computers to check your photo in their database when they suspect someone of a ... Read more...

Duration: 00:55:14

Diginauts 0013 — Babies from Three Parents, Finland’s Experiment in Basic Income, Coolest Stuff from CES

segment 1, Top of Mind — Healthy Babies from Three Parents (0:00): Doctors have succeeded in allowing a woman with fatal genetic defects to successfully have a baby. Detractors fear the science isn’t yet sound. segment 2, Let’s Hash It Out — CES (12:02): Tech companies headed to Las Vegas to show off this year’s trends in gadgets ... Read more...

Duration: 01:23:30

Diginauts 0012 — Amazon’s Many Plans To Replace Humans, Politics & Your Brain, Are We Evolving into a New Species?

segment 1, Top of Mind — Challenging Your Brain’s Political Believes (0:00): A study shows MRI images of people who’s deepest political beliefs are challenged, and it matches primitive reactions to life-threatening situations. segment 2, Future File — Human-Computer Hybrids (12:37): The Singularity is looming. We discuss what the future of humanity will look like, and whether humans ... Read more...

Duration: 01:21:37

Diginauts 0011 — Trump Summons Tech CEOs, Gamers as Drone Pilots, Opting Out of Body Scanners

segment 1, Top of Mind — Drumpf & Technology (0:00): Technology’s most powerful are gathering in New York to meet with Donald Drumpf. What will they say? And what the hell are they not telling us about Russian cyber interference in the election? segment 2, Future File — Fusion Stellerator (23:55): German scientists have successfully tested the next ... Read more...

Duration: 01:11:09

Diginauts 0010 — Every Human Replaced by Robots, Reddit Admits Edits, United Kingdom Surveillance Law

segment 1, Top of Mind — Reddit Censors Users (0:00): Reddit CEO Steve Huffman confessed that he overwrote user comments, partly because he was emotionally exhausted over fake news story #pizzagate. What effect will this betrayal of trust have on the internet service? segment 2, Future File — The End of Work? (19:11): The internet is abuzz with talk ... Read more...

Duration: 01:14:46

Diginauts 0009 — VR to Prevent Insanity after Head Transplant, Privacy with Snap Spectacles and Spying Earbuds, Updates on YOUTHvGOV

segment 1, Top of Mind — Human Head Transplant (0:00): A doctor claims to be prepared to transplant a human head. He’s preparing the patient via virtually reality simulations. segment 2, Future File — ATMs Collect a City’s DNA (16;40): NYU scientists think you get a snapshot of human populations and environments by gathering microbes at ATMs. ... Read more...

Duration: 01:03:11

Diginauts 0008 — Facebook Echo Chamber and the 2016 Election, Human-Transmitted Passwords, Teens Sue U.S. Government

segment 1, Top of Mind — Social Media and the Election (0:00): Did Facebook give Drumpf the election? Mark Zuckerberg says of course not. We’re not so sure about that. There were an awful lot of articles referenced in this one, so this time let’s just give you a list: What So Many People Don’t Get ... Read more...

Duration: 00:59:21

Diginauts 0007 — Election Results, Mining Asteroids for Minerals, Robots Programmed to Kill

segment 1, Top of Mind — Election Results (0:00): Rightly or wrongly, we tried to record this episode as the results were coming in on election night. Drumpf defeats Clinton. We let our politics show a little. (Oh, and here’s that Michael Moore article about Trump never wanting to be president in the first place.) segment ... Read more...

Duration: 01:02:09

Diginauts 0006 — DDoS Attack, Computers Owning Patents, Brainwave Interfaces

segment 1, Top of Mind — (0:00): Spotify, Amazon, Paypal, and Twitter all suffered downtime last week owing to waves of Denial of Service attacks. This latest cyber-attack involved the Internet of Things. Who was responsible, and how do we stop future attacks? segment 2, Future File — Brainwave Interfaces (17:04): A review in the journal ... Read more...

Duration: 01:07:51

Diginauts 0005 — Engineering Life, Doctor Chatbot, Your Phone vs. The 4th Amendment

segment 1, Top of Mind–Politics & Y Combinator (0:00): Sam Altman’s Bay Area incubator gets money from a wealthy Drumpf supporter, and they’ll disavow Drumpf, but not the supporter. Gizmodo things Altman should have to step down. What do we think? segment 2, Future File–Paging Dr. Chatbot (14:41): Increasingly, the medical industry will lean on ... Read more...

Duration: 01:07:32

Diginauts 0004 — How Long Would You Like To Live, Copyright for Non-humans, New Words for Tech Concepts

segment 1, Top of Mind–Obama points us to Mars (0:00): This week saw some developments in subjects we’ve discussed in each of our earlier episodes. from episode 3: global climate change — Cornell scientists predict a significant increase in the odds of a megadrought in the southwest US, and meanwhile 150 countries are gathering to discuss lowering HFCs. ... Read more...

Duration: 00:58:19

Diginauts 0003 — Google is listening, Irreversible Global Warming, Mourning Death Digitally

segment 1, Top of Mind–Carbon Tipping Point (0:00): Earth’s atmospheric carbon-dioxide concentration is now above 400ppm. Is there any way we’ll ever get back below that number? Scientists are pretty sure that for the immediate future, the answer is no. segment 2, Future File–Log In with Your Brain Waves (15:06): In the future, you might be able ... Read more...

Duration: 01:02:53

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