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Snow Bird Flipper with Steve Cavanaugh

The Snow Bird Flipper with Steve Cavanaugh, Steve is running the Southern Maryland Real Estate Investors Group and living in South Florida. to learn more about Steve's journey down to South Florida. Best way to get ahold of Steve - Find Steve on Facebook. The Coaching the Coaches program that Steve is launching is is Steve's website. To see our current inventory visit


Interview with Dan the Man

Today we speak with one of our All Star Team Members Dan Koch! Dan had been working with Ray back in the day and his business evolved but didn't go the direction he wanted. He came back to us and has been rocking out deals for the past several months. In that short time he as already started to build his own team! To see our current inventory visit Or to get started in real estate learn more at Download the DPIP...


Wholesale Q and A

Wholesale Q and A! Wholesale Questions and Answers! Wholsale Q & A! Solo Cast today with Mike Slane.he team has been crazy busy and finding time to record with everyone has been a challenge but we want to stay in touch and reply to some common questions we get when we first start coaching new students. In this episode Mike answers a few common first time wholesaler questions. Hope to see you guys next week at Quotable Quotes : Progress over Perfection. To see...


Marketing Magic with Kathy Kennebrook

Today we have the Queen of Marketing with us Kathy Kennebrook, or as you may know her as the Marketing Magic Lady. She shares some phenomenal tips on direct mail that are working for her and her students. To learn more about her system you can visit her website at if you use the Promo Code "Magic" Kathy is giving our listeners 15% off of any of her paid products. Quotable Quotes : If you did something "Like a Boss" you probably just paid someone else to...


Start the Day the Right Way!

Start the Day the right way! takes a more motivational tone. The guys from Discount Property Investor usually try to be more informative but this episode Mike couldn't hold back. After Reading The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod for a second or third time he is excited to share it today. Both Dave and Mike have read it before but are working on implementing Miracle Mornings and encourage you to check it out. To see our current inventory visit Or to...


Who to Mail?

Who to Mail? The every present question asked by every one of our new students and new investors. What is the one list that will make you the most money? Well the answer is simple, you have to listen to the show! Listen in and get Dave and Mike's ideas on who to mail? Quotable Quote : "Direct Mail doesn't cost money, It makes Money!" To get started in real estate learn more at As always If you liked what you heard please help us grow by adding a...


What to do when you're overwhelmed

This week on the show we talk about being overwhelmed. What to do when you're feeling overwhelmed? The reality of the situation is we all have the same amount of time in a day or a week and one person can only get so much done. If you aren't building systems for yourself and your business you don't have a business. That said we can all get overwhelmed with the amount of work we have on our plates. So what do we do? I like to take time to reflect on my work and plan. I find if I have a plan...


Like a Boss

Like a Boss! This episode is a little different as the hosts share a bit more about how the Discount Property Investor Empire is being Built. Each of us has been investing successfully for a time on our own and we came together with the idea to make something much bigger together. Today Mike and Dave talk about how the business is structured and how it is evolving and continues to grow and evolve. Quotable Quotes : If you did something "Like a Boss" you probably just paid someone else to...


Exit Strategies for Wholesaling Real Estate

Exit Strategies for Wholesaling Real Estate! So you have a property under contract..whats next??? That question used to pop in to my head and cause stress and uncertainty. Knowing what to do and how to do it is a great stress reliever. The Discount Property Investor Team has experienced so many different situations and Dave and Mike share some ways to exit deals. Quotable Quote : You make your money when you buy, You Get PAID when you Sell! To see our current inventory visit...


My Movie

What if Wholesaling isn't working? You are trying to connect the dots like we have put out there for you but it isn't clicking or you feel you aren't suited to be a wholesaler. So what is next? Do you give up on being a Real Estate Investor? Well you can, but we suggest pursuing alternative investing options. Listen to Dave and Mike Discuss other real estate investing options. Quotable Quote : The Best Investment on earth is EARTH! To see our current inventory visit...


What Makes a Good Wholesaler

Welcome Back Discount Property Investor podcast. Today Mike and Dave share some of the things that motivate them as well as describe what makes a good wholesaler. There is no perfect personality for it, you may need to develop some skills or step outside your normal comfort zone to succeed in this but anyone can wholesale. Listen in as Mike and Dave discuss. This episodes Quotable Quote: "Success is not Final, Failure is not fatal, it is the courage to continue that counts." To see our...


Talking Shop with Elliott Days

Welcome to the Discount Property Investor Podcast! Today we are joined by Elliott Days a great partner of the Discount Property Investing Team. Elliott had been trying to break into the Real Estate Investing game for a long time with limited success until he focused himself on the things that mattered. Listen as he tells his story and the importance of Focus on taking phone calls and running appointments. Elliott has also partnered with the Team on a number of deals through...


How we made $2500 in 365 Days!

How we made $2500 in 365 Days! No seriously! This is one of the deals we did, and we are really excited to share it with you! Here is why : We didn't make a lot of money compared to a lot of the other Case Studies you see out there, but what we did is built a system for our business to crank out deals like this multiple times a week. The fruits of many months of building a system and we will keep cranking out deals like this all day! To see our current inventory visit...


The Matrix

You are now entering THE MATRIX!!! A cluster of notes about property and follow up calls you need to make. That is the system many of us start with and it can be a tangled web for sure. In this episode Mike and Dave share with you how to sort out your tanged web of a Matrix and turn it into a true follow up machine. They discuss how they started and progressed over time. The same way you should. Crawl Walk Run in Wholesaling and in diving into your CRM. This weeks Quotable Quote is : "Not...


Roll with the Punches!

Wholesaling is an easy process but it can be very difficult. As a wholesaler it is important to roll with the punches and remember your role is to solve problems for your sellers and your buyers. Your Sellers Problems can be varied and your buyers are usually looking for a good deal on a property. Today Mike and Dave share some recent experiences where they had to roll with the punches. Check us out online at for more information about the...


Interviewed by the Simple Wholesaling Team

Flipping the Script! This week instead of us interviewing a guest or talking shop, we are sharing a podcast where we are interviewed. The Simple Wholesaling Podcast Episode 57! If you are in the IN area you should hook up with these guys. Check out for more from Brent and Jaren. We enjoyed chatting with them and look forward to connecting again in the future. To learn more about The DPI Team - Visit us online at...


To Wholesale or to Wholetail?

To Wholesale or to Wholetaill? The guys discuss an interesting deal they recently did that started out as a wholetail, then pivoted to a wholesale, then back to a wholetail. Listen in as we discuss To Wholesale or To Wholetail. Check us out online at for more information about the show. To see our current inventory visit Or to get started in real estate learn more at...


Tax Liens with Ted Thomas

Today we talk Tax Liens with Ted Thomas! Dave is joined by the GURU of Tax Lien investing. This is an area we are not experienced with and love learning from other experts. Ted has a wealth of experience and knowledge on tax liens. Check out how you can invest in Tax Liens as well as purchase properties for what is owed on the taxes and start investing in properties for pennies on the dollar or investing in liens and make an awesome high yield interest rate on your passive investment! For...


Use a Credibility Packet

How do you build instant credibility with a seller? While we can't answer that question for you we can share with you what is working for us. We show up to appointments prepared and use a credibility packet! Yeah it is pretty simple. So what is a credibility packet? Its pretty simple and you don't need to have everything in the packet to make it work for you. Bring Comps and a Contract and a Business Card. Show the seller you came to buy the House by having a contract. Its not rocket...


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