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Bonus: A Review of Pandora From People Who Have Been There

Ed and Kristin give us a break down of their recent trips to Disney World and their thoughts on Pandora.Ed and Kristin give us a break down of their recent trips to Disney World and their thoughts on Pandora.

Duration: 00:50:24

EP149: Return of the JJ and Bob Iger's Future

This week Lucasfilm has called on JJ Abrams to direct Star Wars Episode 9, but is he really what the franchise needs? Pixar released a new trailer for Coco and gets us all excited for Thanksgiving. Disney plans to release 25 films in the next 27 months, and that's just the beginning. Plus we have a good discussion about the current state of the Disney company and whether Bob Iger should be let go. That and much, much more. For the week of September 18, this is episode 149 of The Disney...

Duration: 01:02:39

EP148: Losing Profit, Losing Directors and Whitewashing Accusations

This week Disney announced it will pull Marvel and Star Wars from Netflix, which will totally remove their content from the platform. In addition, Bob Iger said he expects their profit to be flat year-over-year which made the stock drop. ANOTHER Star Wars film loses ANOTHER director and Vegas gives the odds on who will replace him. And Disney is not whitewashing the live action Aladdin, but some people think they are. Plus, we talk about those potential names for Hollywood Studios. That...

Duration: 00:55:01

EP147: Disney Movie News

This week Disney is staying out of a plan to bring movies to customers faster and Zootopia 2 gets confirmed. Plus we give a quick overview on how you can get in on the fun of Force Friday 2. For the week of August 28, 2017, this is episode 147 of The Disney Movie Review.

Duration: 00:57:02

EP146: Obi Wan Goes Solo and MoviePass Makes Waves

This week Obi Wan Kenobi is getting his own solo movie. Is this a good move or is it too much nostalgia? Disney extended the contracts for few key C-suite members. Are they finally getting ready for Bob Iger to depart? And MoviePass wants to give you unlimited access to movie theaters for only $10/month. But we don't think it will save the movie industry. That and much, much more. For the week of August 21, 2017 this is episode 145 of The Disney Movie Review.

Duration: 01:02:59

EP145: Why Disney Is Leaving Netflix

This week we break down Disney's controversial decision to leave Netflix. We put you in Bob Iger's chair and take a deep dive into all the factors that led to this move. Then we take a look at the clues that let us know what Disney's new service might look like. And we can't talk about streaming without at least mentioning ESPN and the raw deal they are getting from the NFL. That and much, much more. For the week of August 14, this is episode 145 of The Disney Movie Review.

Duration: 01:06:07

EP144: Spider-Man is Falling And "True" Disney Fans

Spider-Man: Homecoming hasn’t gotten into the swing of things at the box office and is much lower than some other films. Why are audiences staying away from the movie? Plus, we talk about why it may not matter in a few weeks. Disney World is offering signing bonuses to future cast members and providing a few work-from-home opportunities to people in select U.S. states. Then we talk about what it takes to be a true Disney fan. That and much, much more. For the week of August 7, this is...

Duration: 01:10:59

EP143: 3-D Movies and Disney Legends

This week Marvel releases a trailer for Thor Ragnarok and tells us what’s taking so long on that Avengers Infinity War teaser. IMAX is starting to leave 3-D behind but does this mean Disney will follow suit? And Disney doesn’t want you to save for your vacations least not with them.

Duration: 01:04:22

EP141: Four Biggest Movie News Stories From the D23 Expo

This week we do a little recap on what we think are the four biggest movie stories that came out of D23.We talk about the return of the Disney Princesses, the new documentary that celebrates Disney songs, the only trailer that was publicly released from D23, and the casting decisions of the live-action Aladdin. Plus, we talk a little about the parks for good measure. That and much, much more. For the week of July 24, 2017, this is Episode 141 of The Disney Movie Review.

Duration: 01:11:23

EP142: Five Things I Wish I Knew Before Going To The D23 Expo

When they announced the first D23 Expo, it became an instant bucket-list item for me. I finally got my wish at the 2017 Expo and overall it was great. For first-timers like me, walking onto the convention floor at the D23 Expo is an experience unlike any other. But there are still some things that no one tells you about D23. That's why we are doing this episode. If you are even remotely curious about attending D23, listen to this episode first. We'll tell you how you can skip the lines at...

Duration: 01:07:43

EP140: The Ultimate Disney Trivia Quiz

This week Ken was out at the D23 Expo, so we put our Disney brains to the test to win prizes for listeners! We ask and (sometimes) answer 32 questions about characters, quotes, odd knowledge, and random Disney facts. If you think you know Disney, hang on my friend because this is the episode where we separate the men from the boys. For the week of July 17, this is Episode 140 of The Disney Movie Review.

Duration: 00:59:40

EP139: Spider-Man: Homecoming Spoiler Review

This week it’s our spoiler review of Spider-Man Homecoming. We talk about where this movie fits in the Avengers Timeline. Ed also tells us about the large easter egg many people are missing that sets up future Spider-Man movies. And somebody on this show thinks this movie is perfect, and it’s probably not who you think it is. That and much, much more. For the week of July 10, this is Episode 139 of The Disney Movie Review.

Duration: 01:06:07

EP138: Marvel's Miss And The Redhead That Broke The Internet

Marvel tried to save money on their new TV series InHumans and the fans definitely noticed. Walt Disney World is offering discounts so large that it may point to a larger drop in attendance than we originally thought. And hold the phone is ESPN actually growing? Or is it our imagination? Plus we may or may not wants the red head. For the week of July 3, 2017, this is Episode 138 of The Disney Movie Review. ** My apologies for the delay this week. I lost power at home for a while, which...

Duration: 01:06:06

EP137: Lucasfilm Fires Han Directors And Frozen Shortcuts Pixar

This week Lucasfilm fires the directors for the Han Solo standalone film. Disney has another Frozen short that is slated to be released with Coco. We’re pretty sure we’ve figured out the mystery of that untitled live-action fairy tale slated for Summer 2017. Also, we answer a few listener questions about Disney's international properties. That and much, much more. For the week of June 26, 2017 this is episode 137 of the Disney Movie Review. Show notes are on...

Duration: 01:02:19

Ep136.5 - A Kid's Review of Cars 3

This week we sit down with Addison and Audrey to talk about Cars 3, Lou, and Frozen. It's a great conversation and we hope you enjoy it!

Duration: 00:19:43

E136 - Pixar Is Back On Track with 'Cars 3'

This week it's our spoiler review of Cars 3. Check out the show notes on

Duration: 01:14:17

Black Panther Teaser, Fake Star Wars Leaks, and Disney Fights VidAngel - The Disney Movie Review 135

This week Marvel and Pixar release trailers for Black Panther and Coco and I’m excited and nervous. A leak of details around Star Wars: The Last Jedi appeared online recently and we are pretty sure it is fake. Disney fights against the unauthorized censorship and distribution of its movies, even though the service may technically be legal. And we announce the winner of our first contest to win the Disney movie of your choice! That and much, much more! For the week of June 12, 2017, this is...

Duration: 01:07:57

Thoughts On Pandora From People Who Haven't Been There

As promised, here is the rest of the conversation on Pandora: The World of Avatar. We'll revisit the discussion once we get a chance to visit the world.

Duration: 00:15:07

Iger Leaves Trump, Attendance Is Down, Disney Earns $3 Billion - The Disney Movie Review 134

This week Bob Iger resigned from Donald Trump’s Advisory Council. We talked about what’s changed and whether this move could hurt Disney. Pirates of the Caribbean pushes Disney past $3 billion at the global box office, but were critics too harsh on the movie, and attendance was down at all of the Disney parks in 2016...what this means for your summer vacation. That, and much, much more. For the week of June 3, 2017, this is Episode 134 of The Disney Movie Review. Make sure you enter your...

Duration: 01:04:38

POTC: Dead Men Tell No Tales Spoiler Review

This week Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales makes its debut in movie theaters. We talk about whether Johnny Depp’s off-screen troubles affected his on-screen performance and where this film ranks in the Pirates franchise. Plus, we discuss why we will almost certainly see another Pirates film, even though Disney said this was their last. That and much more. For the week of May 29, 2017, this is Episode 133 of The Disney Movie Review. Make sure you enter your name to win the...

Duration: 01:13:33

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