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Doctor Who – Ep180: Potato Heads and Clones

Welcome to Episode 180... The News Original audio recordings dating back to the early years are transferred to Mark Ayres at the Restoration Team, we bid farewell to old Doddy and Chris Eccleston has given us more details around the circumstances of his departure. Merch Corner New Who Talk commentaries are on the way plus that pesky Series 3 Steelbook artwork was fixed and will be with us on May 7th. "The Sontaran Stratagem" Review New Who meets Classic Monster in this conspiracy story...


Doctor Who – Ep179: The Candy Man Caaaaaan

Welcome to Episode 179... The News The charity focused Bedford Charity Con is now offering 10% off tickets for their 4th event on Sat 7th April (via Doctor Who News) and Matt Smith does Desert Island Discs. Merch Corner The upcoming The Enemy of the World Special Edition DVD will be released a week late, the Lethbridge-Stewart range of books from Candy Jar will come to a close with the final book in the series The Man from Yesterday and that Tom Baker Series 12 Collectors Edition Blu...


Doctor Who – Ep178: This Episode is a Kindness

Welcome to Episode 178... The News We start with the sad news that Peter Miles, most famous for playing Nyder in Genesis of the Daleks, has passed away aged 89 and Cardiff Council get grumpy with Who regarding the leftover bill from the Doctor Who Experience. Merch Corner BBC Worldwide retract the upcoming Series 3 blu ray steelbook to have the artwork corrected due to fan backlash and we finish off by chatting about the upcoming new Target novelisations. "The Girl Who Waited"...


Doctor Who – Ep177: Image of the Painted Eyelids

Welcome to Episode 177... The News The only news, and it's a big one, is the new logo and branding for the show that was announced by BBC Worldwide a few days ago. Merch Corner The Seventh Doctor and Ace are getting their own Titan Comic run and there's finally some news on that Bill Potts figure. "Image of the Fendahl" Review Who does scary in this Fourth Doctor and Leela story. A story that's not often talked about but can we bring it up to hidden gem status or does it slunk away...


Doctor Who – Ep176: Wherefore Art Thou Witches

Welcome to Episode 176... The News A new book for charity is on the way - A Second Target for Tommy. Who author Tommy Donbavand recovered from cancer but has unfortunately developed a further tumour so some short stories have been put together PLUS the Moff has donated the unused script from The Day of the Doctor featuring what was meant to be scenes for Chris Eccleston. Pick up the book here. Merch Corner With February being the month of love what better to surprise your loved one than...


Doctor Who – Ep175: Ssseeedssssss of Bubble Bath

Welcome to Episode 175... The News It's a tumbleweed week, no news. Merch Corner Plenty of merch though - Upcoming The Enemy of the World Special Edition DVD, an Amy Pond ECCC Exclusive, children's Learn to Count DW book and new eMags from the DWAS. "The Seeds of Death" Review A full-on six-parter from that cheeky chappy the Second Doctor. Lot's of suspense, action and good ol' fashioned space rockets. Thank you for joining us for 175. Next week's review will be The Shakespear Code....


Doctor Who – Ep174: Lunatics Running the Asylum

Hey Who fans, we're here for 174. We're light on news and merch so let's jump in... The News More sad news as classic Who actor Jeremy Wilkin has passed away aged 87. Merch Corner Another independent DVD is on the way this March as we see the release of The Doctors: Monsters! "Asylum of the Daleks" Review The Series 7 opener promised so much before it first went out with Daleks-a-plenty. Is that the case for us or does this one hold no water? Thank you for joining us for 174. Back to...


Doctor Who – Ep173: Sea Monster Tag Team

Greetings and welcome to Episode 173. Before our review of Warriors of the Deep, it's time to dive into what's been happening in the world of Doctor Who... The News Sad news, again, as classic Who actor Peter Wyngarde has passed away aged 90. Merch Corner This week's merch provided by our always friendly Dalek Tat - Reeltime Pictures are releasing The Doctors: The Sylvester McCoy Years on dvd in June and Big Finish have put up The 10th Doctor Chronicles for pre-order. "Warriors of the...


Doctor Who – Ep172: Welcome Back Sarah Jane

Welcome to episode 172! The usual updates, news, and merch await then onto our review of School Reunion. Let's do it... The News We start off with some sad news as Classic Who writer David Fisher has passed away aged 88 and some cool talk around Jodie Whittaker's first scenes from Twice Upon a Time. Merch Corner Dalek Tat throws us this week - A new unauthorised book published for charity and the 8th Doctor's upcoming story Ravenous is up for pre-order from Big Finish. "School Reunion"...


Doctor Who – Ep171: Doctors x3

Hey, Who fans! The new year is already cruising along and this week before our review of The Three Doctors, we have some merch news for you... The News No news this week. Merch Corner Dalek Tat throws us this week - the Doctor Who 2018 Year Book special from Doctor Who Magazine and the new Lethbridge-Stewart book that kicks off series 5. "The Three Doctors" Review From last week's multi-Doctor story to another, we take a look back at Pertwee's era and the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Doctor...


Doctor Who – Ep170: Happy New Doctor Year!

Hey, Who fans and a very Happy New Year to you all. We're back behind the mic chatting all things Doctor Who so 2018, let's be 'avin ya! The News Twice Upon a Time official ratings and we shed a tear or two watching the time lapse video of Capaldi's TARDIS set being dismantled. Merch Corner Dalek Tat throws us this week - the Series 9 soundtrack is FINALLY being released(!), a new Roger Delgado biography is out now and we could start seeing Classic Doctor series' on blu ray. "Twice Upon...


Doctor Who – Ep169: Merry Christmas Who Fans

Hey Who fans and welcome to episode 169. It's a solo Garry outing for our last show this year so without further ado... Garry is flying solo this week as Adam has already departed for his Christmas travels and it's also a different format than usual, partly due to no decent news or merch at the time of recording. So on this week's show: What has Garry been up to, the year in review for Doctor Who in general and the podcast, Q&A and plans for 2018. As it's the last show of 2017 I'd like to...


Doctor Who – Ep168: The Edge of Your Seat?

Hey Who fans and welcome to episode 168. Some cool news, one piece of merch and our review of The Edge of Destruction awaits... The News The regeneration stories for all the modern Doctor's (yes, even McGann) will be available on BBC iPlayer from 16th Dec, the advanced screenings of Twice Upon a Time across the north of the UK gets a huge response, the studios in Cardiff get a kit upgrade for a more filmic look for series 11, one lucky bidder will get lunch with Russell T Davies and...


Doctor Who – Ep167: An Unsinkable Christmas Special?

Hey Who fans and Happy 1st December! The usual news and merch then we kick off the yuletide season with our review of Voyage of the Damned. The News A new promo image and synopsis dropped for Twice Upon a Time and speaking of the upcoming special our Canadian friends will get it on the big screen at Cineplex cinemas. Lastly, a special Access All Areas show on BBC Radio 2 will go out on Thursday 21st December at 8pm so make sure you jump on iPlayer for that. Merch Corner Dalek Tat throws...


Doctor Who – Ep166: Feels Different This Time

Hey Who fans. We've reached the end of Revisits Month with our review of The Caves of Androzani but before that, the usuals... The News More sad news to kick off this show as we say goodbye to Classic Who actor Rodney Bewes then we talk through the recent Twice Upon a Time preview from Children in Need. Merch Corner Dalek Tat throws us this week - a new slipcase set of hardcover books - Doctor Who: Time Lord Fairy Tales. "The Caves of Androzani" Review It's been awesome this month...


Doctor Who – Ep165: Half Human vs Snake Master

Hey Who fans. We have a jam packed show this week with loads of news and merch plus our revisit of The TV Movie. Let's crack on! The News The big news that broke earlier in the week was Jodie Whittaker's new costume and TARDIS so we talk around that. McCoy is has joined the cast of children's show Sarah and Duck. Unfortunately Classic Who actor Scott Fredericks has passed away aged 74. Lastly, we're looking forward to a preview of Twice Upon a Time during this years Children in Need show....


Doctor Who – Ep164: Pyramids, Mummies and, er, Gelignite

Hey Who fans. Welcome back and our continuation of revisits month. Sad news to kick off this show, light merch then onto our re-look at Pyramids... The News Sadly, two people people from Classic Who leave us this week; amazing composer of many serials Dudley Simpson passes away aged 95 and director (of our review story in fact) Paddy Russell passes away aged 89. In lighter/funnier (but naughtier) news Doctor Who Magazine writer Nicholas Pegg gets fired for hiding a secret message in his...


Doctor Who – Ep163: Remembering Remembrance

Hey Who fans. Before we kick off Revisits Month and chat through Remembrance, we have a couple of news and merch items to get through... The News The upcoming remastered/restored/reanimated release of Shada is going out in Australian cinemas and we have our first director named for Series 11. Merch Corner Dalek Tat throws us this week - the 4th Doctor is teaming up with River Song for Big Finish's The Diary of River Song Series 4 and Jenny, The Doctor's Daughter, is also heading to Big...


Doctor Who – Ep162: Velvet Jacket vs Toad Face

Hey Who fans. We get to spend some time with the 3rd Doctor in medieval times in our review of The Time Warrior but first let's land the TARDIS for our catch up, news and merch... The News Some unexpected series 11 news dropped from the official BBC Doctor Who Twitter account recently so we dive into that along with Who picking up an Ally Award for the long term LGBT inclusiveness. Merch Corner That grumpy Dalek throws us this week - the very awesome book Who-ology gets a Regeneration...


Doctor Who – Ep161: Three Cubed 3

Hey Who fans. Cool bit of news, equally cool merch chat then onto our review of The Power of Three. The News Another signed script is going up for auction, this time this year's upcoming Christmas Special - Twice Upon a Time. It's signed by Peter Capaldi, David Bradley, Mart Gatiss (who's donating the script) plus some others involved. You've got a while before it closes in mid-November however it won't be cheap, the current bid is just over £2,000 but it's for charity so the more the...


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