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The Doll Wants Fun

I like the club and the club likes me. Why do peopl want me to dance outside the club and not inside the club? I like money they say, but now their money is gone and I am gone and they think I did it for nothing. They think I'm money and I knew it and I disrupted their money flow. Now he is mad. What am I to do?


Bust Then Dummies Up

What to do with haters


Kenny "Babyface" Edmonds Needs Me

Dance with me, Babyface. I love your lovely heart. Where will I go? Nowhere. Who is gonna love me like you do? I want to make love.


The Doll's Wig Talks

I have fun talking about the wig that my friend gave me. He loves his wigs and loves giving them to women who are cool with him. Anyway, how about telling the wig about who it is on is what they want to talk about. Of course I will, but this mess is going to be hilarious.


The Doll Loves Babyface

I love you Babyface, otherwise known as Kenny Edmonds. What am I to do? Just sit here with a hurt heart and never express my love? I have to express my love to you. You are beautiful. You are talented and you are classy. You seem like you have a good attitude also. So let's go out sometime. I am in Atlanta, boy. Contact me on the damn show! I am talented and beautiful too. I am a grown woman also. I know that sex starts outside the bedroom and there are many ways to make love.


My Friend is a Health Nut

Ms Piggy do you want to eat healthy 24/7 like your friend the taskmaster from mideaval times wants you to? Do you realize you are in a world of misery, pain and a lot of ugly feelings towards your friend? Do you promise to never tell him to his face how miserable you are when it comes to that health bowl he buys from the fake China town in downtown Atlanta? Sometimes a damn bitch gotta talk to herself in order for her to make it through the storm. Like Jesus and 'em say.. Love thy neighbor...


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