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Everything and Anything, Top to Bottom. Thoughts and Theories by yours truly...Drew Hahn. City life to country boy, a golden gal pal to sports enthusiast (go Packers), spa nights to camping, wine to beer; its all rolled up in one. Funny takes on the everyday life as observed and experienced by Drew. Take a Listen ;)

Everything and Anything, Top to Bottom. Thoughts and Theories by yours truly...Drew Hahn. City life to country boy, a golden gal pal to sports enthusiast (go Packers), spa nights to camping, wine to beer; its all rolled up in one. Funny takes on the everyday life as observed and experienced by Drew. Take a Listen ;)
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Appleton, WI


Everything and Anything, Top to Bottom. Thoughts and Theories by yours truly...Drew Hahn. City life to country boy, a golden gal pal to sports enthusiast (go Packers), spa nights to camping, wine to beer; its all rolled up in one. Funny takes on the everyday life as observed and experienced by Drew. Take a Listen ;)




TDHS Presents: Commanding the Road, yield #3

The trip is almost complete as we are in the final stretch to Mile of Music. In this final Yield im showcasing the great music and artist you can most surely find me checking out. So if your not sure where to go or who to see during Mile 5 let me be your MOM liaison. New tips and tricks for 2017 will make this ep a worth while listen. Take a Listen FREE. Available here and iTunes and the Google Play store. ;)

Duration: 01:05:41

TDHS Presents: Commanding The Road, yield #2

Its a country kinda week as #CountryFest and #CountryUSA are underway. This is a great listen if you headed to either. Im discussing the latest in country music along with some country music coming to #MileofMusic. Plus Mile productions has launched another concert series and its amazing. And after 15 years I try to fish again just as Shania Twain makes a return to radio after a 15 year hiatus. These two things tie together for me. Find out how, plus much more. Take a listen FREE on iTunes...

Duration: 00:35:47

TDHS Presents: Commanding the Road, yield #1

Some Mile of Music updates featured including a Mile band favorite dropping out. Im discussing another local festival stepping on the toes of Mile of Music. Plus im updating on the Commanding the Road Tour including pit stops at Testicle Festival and Moosefest. More music from Mile 5 artist discussed and featured. Plus another walk thru the Garden of Drew, trying to do some weed picking. Follow along, take a listen. Its FREE. Smoochz

Duration: 00:54:43

TDHS #64: Being Manchestered

Mile of Music, Door County, Gardens, and kicked in the Taint. AKA Music, Wine, Flowers, and Being Manchestered. Find out what it all means in todays podcast which features said topics and an explanation of 'Being Manchestered'. Spoiler Alert...its not all good. Dive in and Take a Listen. FREE. Find the show on Facebook, The Drew Hahn Show.

Duration: 00:30:07

TDHS #63: Hemorrhoid Cream and Condoms

Catching up Drew. A TDHS announcement being made so strap on your panties and decorate your antlers and journey is to ensue. Plus a few Mile of Music updates and recaps. Take a Listen. Smoochz

Duration: 00:35:52

TDHS #62: Thirty-Six Glasses Of Wine

I was recently challenged to 36 glasses of wine and I couldnt resist. Find out what stumbled into. Plus Im discussing the great debate of rearranging the furniture. Im asking my listeners their opinion. Also I reached out to past co-hosts for discussion topics for the podcast. Ill go over their suggestions. Lets just say camping and coffee are involved. Plus this weeks ep features the BS section as I got a story about a mechanics shop your not going to want to miss. Take A Listen. Dont...

Duration: 00:26:36

TDHS #61: Stoicism FM 101.5 WERD, The Mercy Melodies

Begging for Mercy, Building walls with Stoicism, Fighting Pride....Drew dives into a storied pattern in life and emotions that bubble to the top this time of year. With the help of some amazing new music that just grabs your attention and your heart to help heal the open wounds of sacrafice. Drew shares deep sentiments mixed with mindful music to allow you to just let it all out. This is Stoicism FM. Take a listen, your not alone. Its all the feels. Plus a Drew moment is sprinkled for a good...

Duration: 00:45:56

TDHS #60: A Holiday Hangover

Ive got a pounding headache after all the holiday shenanigans. The holidays are like a giant exciting party, but the next day the pain is real. Not to mention its stupid cold up here in the Northwoods. Listen to how im coping, plus a stories about a cat with dreadlocks, a man who found love again at age 70, NFL playoffs commence, and 2016 was a rough year Hollywood, many a legend passed. Its all discussed here as I try to help wade thru this Holiday Hangover.

Duration: 00:24:07

TDHS #59: Famous Is Not Infamous

Long time Bestie Jamie finally joins me on the podcast in a Random Questions Sessions. Get to know Jamie as I intrigue audiences with some insightful questions, we met, her favorite Disney movie, does she prefer pens or pencils, bendy or straight straws, the infamous 90-30-60 question. Plus find out how she pretty much invented Jimmy Johns freaky fast delivery. Lets just say she should have stock in the company. That and more. So take a listen. Its FREE on all the podcast...

Duration: 00:26:55

TDHS #58: Cracked Cellphones & Dented Cars

The gang is all here in one podcast. All my favorite co-hosts join me to discuss favorite moments from Mile of Music #Mile4. Later we have some opinions to share like Debbie's take on the campy classic movie If Lucy Fell from 1993 featuring Sarah Jessica Parker and Ben Stiller. Plus we ask intriguing questions as in why is Tammy watching a documentary on penis size? And Drew and Katie-O are sharing their woodsy nature walk that had a few speed bumps to over come. Finally everyones favorite...

Duration: 00:50:39

TDHS #57: A Lambeau Plunge

Tammy and I went on location to Lambeau Field for the Badgers/LSU College football game. It was the first time the Badgers ever played a home game outside Madison since the early 20th century and at the Packers stadium to top that. We had quiet the adventure as we tailgated every inch of the Lambeau Field/District. Take a Listen as we recap our adventurous day. Lets just say the punchline is...we missed our bus. Find out what happened. Facebook/Snapchat...The Drew Hahn Show. Smoochz

Duration: 00:26:51

TDHS #56: Indulge In The Bulge

Its the premiere ep of season 3!! Tammy and Deb join Drew to discuss a smorgasbord of delightful topics including how Debbie got on the wrong bus, Tammy is "shampooing her rug" , Olympic bulges, and we have a lively and loaded Bullshit section Where revelations and realizations are made by all. Get ready; we are going to premiere the pants off of you. Our minds are in the gutter as our ridiculous thoughts spill overboard. Take A Listen!!

Duration: 00:45:38

TDHS #55: My Calves Feel Toned (Mile 4 Recap)

Buckets We Were Walking as we enjoyed Mile 4. This Season 2 extension episode im flying solo and is a recap of my Mile of Music experience. So much great music was heard and discovered. 20,000 steps on Saturday does not come close to matching the amount of great music and memories that were also had. I rehash the ups and downs and some of my favorite finds from Mile 4. Take A listen.....FREE, you might like ;)

Duration: 00:44:43

TDHS #54: Hula Hoops & Ribbons (Olympic Special)

Thats right - Olympics! This is a season 2 extension episode recapping week one of the Rio Olympics. Theyve been amazing so far. I catch up on the all the highlights, a few low lights, and some stuff that has not been given enough light. Plus I attempt to cook some Brazilian dishes and make some Brazilian cocktails. Lets just say im in the qualifying rounds, but not sure if its medal worthy. Find out, take a listen...FREE. The Drew Hahn Show - Facebook.

Duration: 00:39:43

TDHS #53: Mile FM 101.5 WERD, The Neat Beats

Its a DrewCast Musicast edition featuring artist to be at Mile of Music. MOM as my circle so likes to affectionately call it. Up and coming artist flood downtown Appleton, Im sharing and gushing about Mile 4 and who Im looking forward to seeing. Oh and Im on event overjoy...the Olympics are almost here!! ill give you the dirty deets on what I know of both events. Take A listen. Facebook-The Drew Hahn Show

Duration: 01:08:13

TDHS #51: Pregnancy Pillow

Bailee joins me to discuss our field trip with the Cavosi girls to see the movie Mothers Day. Plus apparently Masturbation is Murder! Theres a story. Take a listen. Oh, and we also talking about name trends..those early 90s names or now adults and they are everywhere and seem douchy...any Rykers, Parkers, or Shane's out in your lives? Its trending, we got it..take a listen. The Drew Hahn Show, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat. 72vwszd6

Duration: 00:23:19

TDHS #52: Appleton FM 101.5 WERD, the Local Sounds

Appleton bands only! this may just be my most favorite episode. Im featuring original music from the Valley; Boxkar, RPM, Boogie & The Yoyoz, Cool Waters Band & More! These local bands we all love to see know how to do it. Underrated, but not over appreciated here! Awesome music! please take a listen. Show your love for local talent! Ill help take you down the road that is Appleton Live. I guide you through all things great from music in the Valley! Take a listen. Facebook the show!

Duration: 01:05:33

TDHS #50: We Are The Robots

its Episode 50! And this one gets technicolor. Im in a "whats the point" mood as I talk my way thru beauty, soul mates and an almighty theory I have conjured up asking a profound question...What If We Are The Robots. OH! and of course I sprinkled in alittle Prince (RIP). Take A LIsten

Duration: 00:28:38

TDHS #49: Doleful FM 101.5 WERD, The Somber Sounds

Its another DrewCast MusicCast edition of TDHS. Its that time of the year for new beginnings, but not before that dreadful April sadness where we must endure fluctuating temps, random snow, and mood swings with seasonal depression. That is exactly what this edition is. With mellow dramatic tones, each song represents new music heard I wanna share, but also the sound of the season. Take a listen and find out, you might just relate. like any good spring bloom ill jet-set you ahead with these...

Duration: 00:58:11

TDHS #48: Snatching Poodles

Have you heard about the poodle snatchers!? Bailee and I once again explore an array of dumb facts. But only after we discuss the twitter story of the gal who fished out her poop from a toilet while on a date. Thats right, you read that correctly. Take listen to hear the details. FREE. iTunes, Stitcher, TuneIn, iHeartradio. Stream or Download. Facebook the show!

Duration: 00:37:00

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