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Episode 21 - Abu Dhabi Review - Stodgy Season Ender, Cyber Squatters, and Renault Win Millions

A truly pants Abu Dhabi Grand Prix is lit up by an unusually jovial and enthusiastic pair of presenters, school's out anyone? Elsewise, David and John swap places, we debate the the Renault/Force India corner cutting/millions winning controversy and Valtteri proves he's not so inert!

Duration: 00:44:52

Episode 20 - Abu Dhabi GP Preview - Dramatic Finales, Bye-Bye 2017, and Driver of the Weekend Champ

Well that went fast. . .The curtain comes down on the 2017 season in Abu Dhabi this weekend. David and John recount last years' nail biter, they look forward to this years' rather less crucial (but still fascinating!) race, and most importantly, they reveal who the Driver of the Weekend Season Champion is!

Duration: 00:26:17

Episode 20 - Brazil GP Review - Renault gets the claws out, Muggings and Alonso's next adventure

At a weekend filled with drama off the track, Renault decided to single out Toro Rosso as being responsible for its engine failures, a strange move to say the least. Elsewhere, Formula one staff were targeted by armed robbers, leading to a cancellation of Pirelli's tyre test after the GP. Thankfully no one was hurt. Fernando Alonso is confirmed to be racing at the Daytona 24 hour race and is currently trying to confirm the Le Mans 24 hour also John and David are here to dissect these topics...

Duration: 00:42:42

Episode 20 - Brazil GP Review - Teaser

David let's loose on Channel 4 and their shoddy coverage. . . Full episode out Thursday!

Duration: 00:01:29

Episode 19 - Brazil GP Preview - Honour thy Dead Drivers, Historic Brazil, and Ocon v Hamilton

In our Brazilian GP preview David and John recount last years' epic in the rain, they debate the idea of memorialising dead drivers, and Esteban Ocon is pitted against Lewis Hamilton - it's The Driving Line at its finest!

Duration: 00:35:35

Episode 19 - Mexico GP Review - Hammer 4 Times, Max and 2018 Await, and New Engine Regs

Michael Schumacher, Juan Manuel Fangio, Alain Prost, Sebastian Vettel, and now Lewis Hamilton. The Brit joins the greats after winning his fourth World Championship after an insanely tense Mexican Grand Prix. John and David talk first corner incidents, new engine regulations for 2021, and the prospect of zero-gravity racing.

Duration: 00:43:31

Episode 19 - Teaser

Here's a teaser as to what's coming up on our review of the Mexican Grand Prix: Zero gravity racing, bolting it all on, and being three times higher than Austria and Brazil. . .

Duration: 00:01:39

Episode 18 - Mexico GP Preview - Altitude Aero, Getting to know Mexico, and Who gets a Big Weekend?

F1 heads to the rarefied air of the Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez. At 7,500 feet above sea level it stands head, shoulders and mountains above the rest of the F1 calendar, David and John debate what the thin air might do to that aero intensive Mercedes. And one of us thinks the home town hero is going to get a big weekend. . .

Duration: 00:24:53

Episode 18 - US GP Review - Hamilton's Sexism, Track Limits, and Mercedes are Best Team of 2017

Aaaaaand your 2017 Constructors' World Champions are. . .Mercedes. The Silver Arrows have survived a comprehensive regulations change and a resurgent Ferrari to take their fourth consecutive manufacturers' crown, to which we say Chapeau! Elsewise on this episode, we get stuck into an almighty grand prix at Austin Texas, we bid farewell to Daniil Kvyat, and we discuss that Max Verstappen demotion with a combination of vigour and fatigue.

Duration: 00:54:16

Episode 18 - Teaser

Lewis Hamilton was one of the few drivers to speak positively about the pre-race show at the US Grand Prix in Austin Texas last weekend. In supporting the build up, the soon to be four time champ spoke of his enjoyment of 'hot ladies' in Formula One. . .

Duration: 00:00:58

Episode 17 - United State GP Preview - Let's talk COTA, Watkins Glen, and Indianapolis '05

John and David delve into the impenetrable mystique and enigma of F1 in America. It should work, it hasn't really worked, but it's starting to look good for Austin Texas and the Circuit of the Americas. The Driving Line goes back to Watkins Glen, cringes at the Indy '05 tyre sham, and makes the big calls on who's gonna get a Big Weekend™

Duration: 00:37:25

Episode 17 - Japanese GP Review - Hamilton Nails it, Ferrari Break Down, and Max is Back

David and John discuss the final nail in the Ferrari championship coffin. While Sebastian Vettel has suffered unprecedented misfortune over the last three races, we ask the obvious question, what the hell is going on over at 'Ferrari Quality Control'? Props are paid to Lewis Hamilton for his general excellence, Fernando Alonso gets the famous 'Driving Line Scolding' for ignoring blue flags, and we basically write a love letter to Red Bull for getting their act together. Enjoy!

Duration: 01:02:51

Episode 16 - Ferrari Eat it in Malaysia, Red Bull on the Charge, and Suzuka Awaits

Lewis Hamilton is opportunism personified, and Ferrari keep providing opportunities. Where will the 2017 title go? It's looking more and more likely Mercedes are the champions-elect, but what's that coming over the hill? It's Red Bull!!! David and John look forward to a potential three-way battle at Suzuka, debate the Toro Rosso merry-go-round, and scratch their heads over Sebastian Vettel's tendency towards bizarre incidents. . .

Duration: 01:09:09

Episode 15 - Vettel's Devastating Singapore and Malaysia's Sepang Swansong

First corner carnage at the Marina Bay Circuit may have spelled the end for Sebastian Vettel's title hopes, can he bounce back at Sepang? On what is the last Malaysian Grand Prix, at least for now, David reminisces about Michael Schumacher's dramatic 1999 come back race while John goes full Jolyon Palmer in his latest impersonation. . . .And the lads get into it over their driver of the weekend predictions.

Duration: 01:03:30

Episode 15 - Teaser

Who needs a big weekend? Who's going to get a big weekend? David and John hammer out the big narratives at play heading into the Malaysian Grand Prix at Sepang.

Duration: 00:04:57

Episode 14 - Honda the Hot Potato, Renault the Refuge, and Singapore Swings and Slings

The Singapore Sling! On Episode 14; David and John sift through the ashes of the McLaren-Honda divorce, Mercedes monster Monza, and Singapore gets all the love. Enjoy. . .

Duration: 01:03:02

Episode 14 - Teaser

Has Fernando Alonso really won the Singapore GP twice? Well, yes---ish. Coming up on Episode 14; David and John sift through the ashes of the McLaren-Honda divorce, Mercedes monster Monza, and Singapore gets all the love. Enjoy this teaser in the meantime!

Duration: 00:00:35

Episode 13 - Fuel Burning, Max's Luck and Teammate Aggresion

Lewis Hamilton has narrowed the gap to Sebastian Vettel in the first of two tracks that are very sympathetic to Mercedes. Can he continue to capitalise at the temple of speed? Join David and Conor on this weeks episode of the driving line for the latest fuel burning developments, a look over a tense Belgian GP and the Italian GP preview

Duration: 00:47:59

Episode 12 - Belgium Grand Prix Preview

John and David get all giggly and excited about Belgium. Let's talk 1998 carnage, Eau Rouge, and why Spa-Franchorchamps represents everything good about Formula One.

Duration: 00:17:51

Episode 12 - Di Resta's Call Up, Hungary Testing and the Mid Season Review

The mid summer break is upon us, giving the drivers time to recuperate and giving us time to become impatient waiting for the next race! In this special episode, we look back over to the season so far and look forward to what we have yet to come, and who may benefit from those tracks. Join John and David to hear our bold and contrasting predictions on the season, all the latest news and the Hungarian GP review.

Duration: 01:08:23

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