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Episode 18- Why do Mormons Hate Coffee

We are taking a quick break from Drunk Book of Mormon Stories. Today I am trying to understand why Mormon’s hate coffee so much. This is taken from an April 2007 General Conference talk, Relief Society President Julie Beck. The original video can be found here: Got to give credit to Thinker of Thoughts for this. This episode is brought to you by Have a Temple garment fetish? Want to see your hot girl friend, wife,...

Duration: 00:25:25

Episode 16- 1 Nephi Chapter 13- 16- Drunk Book of Mormon Stories

Holy shit. These are getting hard to do for so many reasons that I would rather not get into. But here we go. Episode 16. Nephi is having his fucking acid trip with Angel Fire balls while in a desert. If this isn’t a Burning Man story, I don’t know what is. A church of whores, visions in the desert, and eating meat. By the way. Want to hear some awesome modern folk? Look up Dan Bern, Thanks to Carrie in Rhode Island for the introduction.

Duration: 00:35:51

Episode 15- 1 Nephi Chapter 10- 12 - Drunk Book of Mormon Stories

After a nice holiday break, we are back with Drunk Book of Mormon Stories. Today’s drink is vodka and lemonade, also known as a lemon drop. Nephi wants to know the interpretation of Lehi’s dream, gets drug up to the top of a mountain by some spirt and makes prophecies about Jesus 600 years before his birth and brought to light 1800 years after his death. Its a miricle!!!

Duration: 00:48:08

Episode 12- 1 Nephi Chapter 1-4 - Drunk Book of Mormon Stories

OK. Going to try this again. This is the first instalment of Drunk Book of Mormon Stories. In this episode a Lehi takes his family to the Red Sea for some Book of Mormon RV camping then sends his sons back to Jeruselem to get some brass plates from some dude. Nephi ends up cutting off the guys head which is kind of messed up given the fact that he could have tied up the drunk dude as well. Enjoy.

Duration: 00:52:32

The Drunk Mormon Missionary - Episode 02- The Angel Moroni and Gold Plates

The last episode was so fun and I was pretty drunk still, so we continued with the Joseph Smith story to complete drunken missionary lesson number 1. In this episode we talk about the Angel Moroni and his late night visits to Joseph Smith, the gold plates hidden conveniently near Joseph Smith’s house and we touch about what exactly is in them gold plates. Honestly I was about 6 shots into it at this point so I don’t quite remember all of what was said. Maybe I should listen to it too....

Duration: 00:41:38