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We are a Podcast about embracing our geek heritage. We will review comics, movies, TV, and anything else we "geek out" to.

We are a Podcast about embracing our geek heritage. We will review comics, movies, TV, and anything else we "geek out" to.
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We are a Podcast about embracing our geek heritage. We will review comics, movies, TV, and anything else we "geek out" to.




Episode 69: Jake and Tom Ricksplain It All

Joining Jake and Tom this week are returning guest co-hosts Roejen Razorwire & Jon Stump! They're here to discuss what they feel is one of the best shows on television - Adult Swim's "Rick and Morty". Listen in as they talk about how they discovered the show, their favorite moments of the show, the show's recurring themes of nihilism depression and dependency, their biggest problems with the show's fanbase, Justin Roiland's attempt at method acting, and whether or not Szechuan Sauce even...

Duration: 01:27:19

Episode 68: Drunken Dork News - October, 2017

Join Jake and Tom as they run down the latest news items in the world of geek, including the passing of two pop culture giants, a major exhibit coming to the guys' neck of the woods, as well as clarification on the future of DC Entertainment's movie division. All this, as well as the teased return of a fan-favorite Jake and Tom segment! Be sure to help Jake and Tom in their quest for world domination by rating them highly on iTunes, sharing their stuff on social media & by telling your...

Duration: 00:36:16

Episode 67: Special Guest - Comic Book Writer Devin Grayson

Joining Jake, Tom & returning guest host Jon Stump is one of their favorite comic book writers, Devin Grayson! Listen in as the guys ask her about the role a classic animated series played in the start of her career, how the world of gaming shaped her approach to writing, the differences in her work in comics & prose, as well as what drew her to her latest projects! Be sure to support this week's guest buy checking out her site and by purchasing her work, either online or at your local...

Duration: 00:57:19

Episode 66: State of the DCEU Address

Joining Jake & Tom is returning guest host Travis, and the guys have a doozy of a topic this week as they try and ascertain the current status of Warner Brothers' DCEU film division. Listen in as discuss whether or not news stories & rumors regarding the franchise should be believed, compare & contrast the approaches Warner Brothers & Disney are taking with their respective film properties, what the idea of a "director driven" franchise means, and if they think the new "DCEU Braintrust"...

Duration: 00:48:48

Stephen King's It - A "Before & After" Review

Like most everyone else who pays attention to pop culture, Jake and Tom have been eagerly anticipating the release of the new version of Stephen King's "It". Well... at least Tom has. For deeply personal reasons, Jake has been nervous about it for quite some time. Y'see, for Jake, it represents a lotta childhood fears that he's still coming to grips with. For Tom, however, it represents a prime opportunity to bust his best friend's balls over said childhood fears. So listen in as your...

Duration: 00:58:56

Episode 64: The Hate Episode

Coming back for a sequel to the last appearance together, fellow Couch Party Crew Members Randy & HAB are here to talk about more famous folks! Only this time, instead of talking about the folks they'd wanna sit down with for a beer, they're dishing on the celebrities they'd like to toss a drink at! Listen in as they discuss the most horrible lady in news, a jock rock douchebag, a pretentiously bad actor and many other! After you finish this show, be sure to listen to HAB on his shows...

Duration: 00:56:02

Episode 63: Dissecting the Defenders

After years of buildup, the day has finally arrived when Jake and Tom can watch Marvel's "The Defenders"! Listen in as they're joined by their friends Jon Stump and "Project: Archivist" host, Rojen Razorwire! Find out what the guys liked, what might not have worked for them, and if the entire concept of a "cinematic universes" is doomed to failure. Along the way, the guys discuss the not-so-obvious legacy of a comedic legend, as well as news from the movie star Jake loves to hate! As...

Duration: 01:37:09

Episode 62: B***plugs and Netflix

Jake and Tom have been playing the podcast game for awhile, now. So, being the season veterans that they are, one would think that they'd know better than to start recording the show before they had any idea what they were gonna talk about. And, of course, one would be wrong. Turns out, though, Jake and Tom have been doing this long enough that they managed to pull out one of their funnier episodes simply by ditching their notepads & just speaking off the cuff. Listen in as Jake...

Duration: 00:47:32

Episode 61: Defending the Doctor Against the Evil Dead

Jake and Tom are back, and they're bringing a ton of TV reviews! For years now, Jake has been trying to convince Tom to give Dr Who a chance, while Tom has been nagging Jake to finally give in and watch Ash vs Evil Dead. Well, after a weekend hangout, they did just that. Along the way, they somehow managed to snag a copy of the summer's most anticipated show, Marvel's The Defenders! Listen in on their spoiler-free impressions of the show to find out what they liked, what they weren't so...

Duration: 01:00:32

Episode 60: The Missing Links

Jake and Tom are on vacation! But while they're away, they put together this special "clip-show", containing never before heard conversations with previous guests Dexter Buschetelli, Russ Burlingame, Roejen Razorwire, and D. Scott Edwards! Listen in as they discuss the end of a publishing empire, the legacy of Carrie Fisher, the state of the comic book industry, "do's and don't's" for restaurant patrons, escape hatches and much more! As always, be sure to help Jake and Tom in their...

Duration: 00:48:39

Episode 59: The Wrath of Comic-Con

For most people, the summer means fun in the sun, vacations spent on the beach & backyard barbecues. But for Jake and Tom, it means comic book conventions! Tune in as your inebriated guests run down the best in trailers, rumors and news from the center of the geek universe - The San Diego Comic Con! And, as always, be sure to help Jake and Tom in the quest for world domination by rating them highly on iTunes, sharing their stuff on social media and by telling your Android using friends...

Duration: 01:08:36

Episode 58: A Podcast About Podcasts

Ever wonder what the glamorous life of a podcaster is like? Then listen in as Tom sits down with Nick from the world famous show Epic Film Guys, as well as the returning fan-favorite guest, Randy from the might Miserable Retail Slave! During their discussion, the guys talk about what got them into podcasting, their biggest influences, the pratfalls they experienced along the way, as well as the most rewarding perks of having a show. As always, be sure to help Jake and Tom in their quest...

Duration: 01:16:28

Episode 57: Spider-Man: Homecoming - A Drunken Dork Review

Coming back to join Jake & Tom for a review of Spider-Man: Homecoming is a founding member of the original Drunken Dork Podcast, Travis Adle! Listen in as the guys get caught up on the latest summer movies, discuss their favorite parts of Marvel's latest entry, as well as what they think the future of the Spider-Man franchise will lead to! As always, be sure to help Jake and Tom in their quest for world domination by rating them highly on iTunes, sharing their stuff on social media &...

Duration: 00:41:38

Episode 56: Special Guest - Legendary Comic Writer JM DeMatteis

We're thrilled to bring you a conversation with one of our all-time favorite comic book talents, JM DeMateis. If you have a favorite comic book character, the likelihood is high that Mister DeMatties has written them. If you have a favorite animated series based on a comic book, odds are, he's worked on it. Listen in as he tells us how he went from a disenfranchised rock critic to being one of the top writers in the field of comic books, the importance of chemistry between the writer and...

Duration: 00:51:24

Episode 55: Drunken Dork News - July, 2017

Grab a cold beverage as Tom & the returning Jon Stump run down the biggest geek news stories of the past few months! Topics include: Is the Super NES Classic gonna be a waste of time? Should we be excited over a "Watchmen" Tv Show...? Who is Marvel trying to appeal to with their Legacy initiative? Will the Kevin Fiege/Amy Pascal press junket end up being the best part of of the Venom movie? What the heck is going on behind the scenes of the Star Wars movies?! What are the best deals...

Duration: 01:02:53

Episode 54: Special Guest - Comic Book Artist Isaac Goodhart

Joining Jake & Tom this week is Isaac Goodhart, artist of the hit Top Cow Comics series, Postal! Listen in as Isaac explains his biggest influences, how he broke into the industry, his working relationship with writers Matt Hawkins & Bryan Edward Hill, his goals in the comic book industry, and finally a discussion of some of his all-time favorite books! Be sure to buy Isaac's book Postal wherever finer comics are sold. And as always, be sure to help Jake and Tom in their quest for world...

Duration: 00:44:43

Episode 53: Tv Wasteland

Joining Jake and Tom this week are fellow podcasters Sarah Belmont & Will Polk from the show Scene N Nerd! They've agreed to come onto the show to break down the best in this year's superhero season finales! Also included in this week's show is a "lost" clip from the 2016 Motor City Comic Con featuring Tom's brief conversation with the late, great Adam West As always, help Jake and Tom in the quest for word domination by leaving them a five-star review on iTunes, sharing their stuff on...

Duration: 01:11:06

Episode 52: Wonder Woman - A "Before and After" Review

It's time for yet another one of Jake & Tom's patented "Before & After" reviews! This time, it's for the highly anticipated new entry into the DCEU, "Wonder Woman"! The expectations for this movie are almost as high as the stakes it has in the future of DC Comics' future at the movieplex. Listen in to see if it lived up to them! As always, be sure to help Jake and Tom in their quest for world domination by rating them highly on iTunes, sharing their stuff on social media & by telling your...

Duration: 00:54:39

Episode 51: Crying on the Dance Floor - The Chip Zdarsky Interview

Joining Jake, Tom & friend of the show Jon Stump is the best selling & Eisner Award winning comic book creator Chip Zdarsky! Chip's work has graced books such as Marvel Comics' "Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man", "Star-Lord", "Howard the Duck", Archie Comics' "Jughead", as well as Image Comics' "Kaptara" & (Tom's favorite books on the stands) "Sex Criminals". Listen in as Chip explains how his time spent working at a major metropolitan newspaper prepared him for a life in comics,...

Duration: 00:57:30

Episode 50: Jake and Tom Conquer the Motor City Comic Con, 2017

Jake and Tom are celebrating their FIFTIETH EPISODE in style by heading down to the 2017 Motor City Comic Con!! While down there, they chatted with some of the biggest names in the industry, including "Batman" artists Chris Burnham, Yanick Paquete & Jason Fabok, the comic book based charitable group, The Hero Initiative, cover artist Tim Bradstreet, "American Flag!" creator Howard Chaykin, "Green Lantern" penciller Darryl Banks, the cast of "Weird Science", and "Watchmen" co-creator Dave...

Duration: 01:21:51

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