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Episode 36 – The Lies of Locke Lamora – Interlude through Chapter 7 Scott Lynch Gentlemen Bastards

This episode begins with Locke meeting Jean for the first time. The two don’t get along at the start. Later Chains sends Jean off to train to become a brawler. In the “present day” Locke meets with Capa Barsavi only to discover that Nazca has been killed. Locke confronts The Falconer, but this doesn’t end ... [Read more...]

Duration: 01:28:41

Episode 35 – The Lies of Locke Lamora – Interlude through Chapter 5 Scott Lynch Gentlemen Bastards

In this episode, young Locke and the Sanza brothers engage in their first caper. Also, we meet the Gray King! He’s a real bastard. We also debut a new segment called, “Dear Duchess.” If you would like Dear Duchess to answer your question feel free to reach out to us at Predictions: The Berengias ... [Read more...]

Duration: 01:16:18

Episode 34 – Ready Player One Novel by Ernest Cline

Merry Christmas everyone! Enjoy this dystopian sci-fi novel, Ready Player One. Wade Watts real life in the real world is shit. But, he’s a gunter in the virtual reality world called the OASIS. He is dedicated to a quest to solve a massive riddle hidden by the OASIS creator James Halliday. Who ever solves the ... [Read more...]

Duration: 01:23:45

Episode 33 The Lies of Locke Lamora through Chapter 4 – Scott Lynch Gentlemen Bastards

In this episode we meet Capa Barsavi; both Young Capa Barsavi, and Capa Barsavi in the present. He’s a jackass. And bat shit crazy. Predictions: Locke’s father used to be one of the former Capas that Barsavi put out of power. The Gray King is one of the ex-Capas. The Gray King is Locke’s father. ... [Read more...]

Duration: 01:15:22

Episode 32 – The Lies of Locke Lamora – Interlude through Chapter 3

In this episode Little Locke gets a lesson in humility and decadence in the church of the 13th god. Theguin Big Locke and crew break into the Don Salvara household disguised as “Midnighters,” and tell the Don exactly what they intend to do with him. We hear about “the Spider,” and “the Grey King,” for ... [Read more...]

Duration: 01:19:10

Episode 31 – The Lies of Locke Lamora – Prologue through Chapter 2

Welcome to a new chapter in the Duke and Duchess podcast history. Here is where we begin our second major project, a book club for The Gentleman Bastards series by Scott Lynch. In this episode we begin and the beginning with a little tiny Locke Lamora…if that is your real name…as a young orphan cum ... [Read more...]

Duration: 01:23:17

Episode 30 – The Slow Regard of Silent Things and The Lightning Tree

In this episode we cover The Slow Regard of Silent Things and The Lightning Tree by Patrick Rothfuss. This completes our time in Temerant. Well, for now anyway. After covering off on Slow Regard and The Lightning Tree we get into questions that we’ve received from listeners over the last week or so. Next week ... [Read more...]

Duration: 01:49:51

Episode 29 – The Wise Man’s Fear Chapters 143-Epilogue

This is the end. Of the book. Not that Jim Morrison bullshit. No, this is the end of The Kingkiller Chronicle! In this episode we talk about who’s a secret Amyr, and why we still don’t like Denna…but we at least understand her better. Next week we’ll be reading The Slow Regard of Silent things ... [Read more...]

Duration: 01:50:45

Episode 28 – The Wise Man’s Fear Chapters 137-142

In this episode Kvothe visits Severen, and eventually makes it all the way back to Imre. But, not before sticking his foot squarely in his mouth. He pisses off his aunt…er…I mean Lady Lackless. The Maer is unwilling to sponsor Kvothe. But, does agree to pay his tuition at the University. He returns to the ... [Read more...]

Duration: 01:33:08

Episode 27 – The Wise Man’s Fear Chapters 127-135

Don’t tell anyone about this episode until you’ve slept 1,000 nights and walked 1,000 miles. In this episode Kvothe leaves Ademre. But, not before having “relations” with Penthe. Also, we learn what we think are the real names of the Chandrian. Kvothe comes upon an Edema Ruh troupe. What follows is pretty epic. Predictions: Kvothe ... [Read more...]

Duration: 01:29:16

Episode 26 – The Wise Man’s Fear Chapters 118-126

In this episode Kvothe gets a sword, gets a new name, and gets his ass kicked…multiple times. Kvothe starts off this section by annoying Vashet. But, very quickly it turns from annoyance to anger. Vashet roughs Kvothe up and intentionally leaves marks on his face for all of Ademre to see. Kvothe has to take ... [Read more...]

Duration: 01:18:33

Episode 25 – The Wise Man’s Fear Chapters 112-117

In this episode Kvothe trains hard for the 1984 San Dimas Regional Karate Championship, but ultimately gets his butt handed to him by a 10 year old. We learn more about Ademic culture and history. Also, it seems that they know something about the Chandrian, but they aren’t talking. Kvothe has to fight to save ... [Read more...]

Duration: 01:18:33

Episode 24 – The Wise Man’s Fear Chapters 104-111

In this episode we encounter the Cthaeh. The Cthaeh is the most evil thing that we have encountered in these books. This some serious foulness. The Cthaeh stinks. You can smell the Nair on it’s hairless little legs. Yuck! We have a brief history lesson. Then we start our ninja training! Predictions: Something very tragic ... [Read more...]

Duration: 01:40:41

Episode 23 – The Wise Man’s Fear Chapters 94-103

In this episode we establish that the visor is the dumbest of all the headgear. Also, Kvothe finally get’s laid. He gets laid in the Shaed. Get it? Get it? For the record, this is the most sexually explicit episode that we’ve ever recorded. Given the material I’m sure that you’re not surprised. You’ve been ... [Read more...]

Duration: 01:14:45

Episode 22 – The Wise Man’s Fear Chapters 87-93

This episode starts with a bar fight and ends with a huge goddamned cataclysmic eruption of dark magic. Also, we slander several well known celebrities. In the next episode we will cover chapters 94-103. Predictions: People around Crosson are missing. It’s because of Felurian. In fact, I don’t think it’s Felurian. It’s more likely something to ... [Read more...]

Duration: 01:44:56

Episode 21 – The Wise Man’s Fear Chapters 78-86

In this episode our adventurous party needs more experience points before they fight the big bad, so they wander around the woods hunting kobolds…I mean looking for trails to find the bad guys. But, on a serious note there is a good amount of character development and world building in this section. I expected this ... [Read more...]

Duration: 01:27:16

Episode 20 – The Wise Man’s Fear Chapters 70-77

In this episode Kvothe and Denna almost kiss. I mean like really close. Like, right there. But, alas it was not meant to be. Then they fight. Hurtful words were said, and they each storm off. Then Kvothe gets sent off on a fool’s errand by Maer Alveron, and before Kvothe’s buzz wears off he ... [Read more...]

Duration: 01:29:39

Episode 19 – The Wise Man’s Fear Chapters 61-69

This was one of the more exciting sections of The Wise Man’s Fear. In this episode Kvothe does all the right things. He saves Maer Alveron, and successfully courts Lady Lackless. He spends a great deal of time with Denna. And it seems like he might, maybe be getting a sense of how to move ... [Read more...]

Duration: 01:50:56

Bonus Episode – Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 6

It’s safe to say that we are not fans of this particular episode. This season started out so well. Episode 4 was one of the best episodes in the entire series. But, throughout this otherwise excellent season there have been hints of potential problems. Like rocky outcroppings beneath a placid sea. And it is on ... [Read more...]

Duration: 01:04:33

Episode 18 – The Wise Man’s Fear Chapters 53-60

In this episode we hit the boob jokes right out of the gates. Also, we are introduced to a host of new characters. Fresh blood. Finally! We explore the city of Severin, and the high society of Vint. Kvothe meets the Maer Alveron and saves his life. Oh yeah, and Denna’s back. Inexplicably, Denna is back. ... [Read more...]

Duration: 01:40:53

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