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This show is dedicated to Proclaiming God’s Purity! The purity that only comes through His Son, Jesus Christ. Pastor Dustin sheds God’s spotlight on the issue of pornography and sexual sin, while Proclaiming God’s Purity in the covenant of marriage between one man and one woman as the answer to a healthy marriage and society.

This show is dedicated to Proclaiming God’s Purity! The purity that only comes through His Son, Jesus Christ. Pastor Dustin sheds God’s spotlight on the issue of pornography and sexual sin, while Proclaiming God’s Purity in the covenant of marriage between one man and one woman as the answer to a healthy marriage and society.
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This show is dedicated to Proclaiming God’s Purity! The purity that only comes through His Son, Jesus Christ. Pastor Dustin sheds God’s spotlight on the issue of pornography and sexual sin, while Proclaiming God’s Purity in the covenant of marriage between one man and one woman as the answer to a healthy marriage and society.






Show 224: Made Perfect in Purity

After spending the last week on a pretty weighty topic discussing gender identity and transgenderism, I wanted to move into a short series that is a lot more encouraging. When you hear the word “purity,” what do you think of? If you didn’t grow up in the church, is it an old-fashioned, outdated term to you? If did you grew up in the Church you may think of like a “purity ring.” Regardless, my guess is that it brings to mind something to do with sex or abstinence from sex. But here’s my...

Duration: 00:17:44

Show 223: The War on the Ordinary Family

Yesterday we talked about how our personal view of gender is crucial to how we minister to others. In this lesson, we discuss what this conversation is really about, why it can be so hostile, and why it’s crucial for Christians to engage. In today’s podcast, We’ll discuss several things: 1) Why this conversation is not really about your beliefs as a Christian but rather a revolt against God Himself. 2) What is objective reality vs. subjective fantasy? 3) Is the LGBT, the fight for their...

Duration: 00:12:35

Show 222: Ministering and Loving Our LGBT Friends

We are three days into our study of gender. It’s been an introduction to the Theology of the Human Body. Yesterday we talked quite a bit about Bruce Jenner, the most well known transgender person of our day. Today our conversation transitions into how we minister to our LGBT friends. In today’s lesson, we hear a lot of questions and comments from the class, and it turned out to be a great discussion. In today’s podcast, We’ll discuss several things: 1) The way we view gender is crucial to...

Duration: 00:14:47

Show 221: Call Me Caitlyn? A Conversation About Bruce Jenner

We are on day three of our series dealing with the Theology of the Human body. Yesterday we discussed how the male and female body was designed by God to bring Him glory. We also talked about how when we tinker with the God’s plan of gender and sexuality we are tinkering with human existence. So, we continue our discussion on the subject of gender, and it moves to the most well-known spokesperson on transgenderism. Bruce Jenner. In today’s podcast, We’ll discuss several things: 1) Are their...

Duration: 00:11:19

Show 220: The Importance of Gender Theology

Last week we started a brand new series on the topic of the Theology of the Human Body. We started our discussion off on the specific subject of gender. BTW, that phrase is interesting, isn’t it? The Theology of the Body. It’s a series of writings from Pope John Paul II. If you are interested in learning more on this topic, I will point you to a colleague of mine, Christopher West. He is an expert in that area, and you can visit him at Today, we continue our series...

Duration: 00:16:27

Show 219: The Audacity of a Genderless Society

Today, we start a brand new series. And we are going to dive right into the deep waters of the secular pool here as we look at gender. Today, I give a relatively quick overview of what's happening in the culture from Hollywood, to department stores - evidently, they have something to say on this issue, the Boy Scouts of America is changing policies because apparently the word "boy" is now offensive. In today's podcast, We'll discuss several things: 1) How did this issue of gender become so...

Duration: 00:18:24

Show 218: What To Do After The Fall-Out of Sexual Sin?

Today we wrap our series on Proverbs 5. It has been a reflection within the diary of my darkest days, as you have heard me share some personal stories from my life - things not to do - that's for sure. We also read Proverbs 5 verse by verse and discussed what the Lord has to say about sexual sin. Surprisingly, we heard the tenderness of our Father giving us a strict warning. He then turned into a Prophet, and out of love, He told us exactly what will happen if we didn't run away from the...

Duration: 00:17:25

Show 217: The Results of an Undisciplined Man

We have been walking through Proverbs Chapter 5 all week long. I pray that it has been a blessing to you so far. I gotta tell ya that I do find it interesting, somewhat comical, and at times utterly ironic that King Solomon would write a lot of the book of Proverbs. This is a guy who evidently likes to plan weddings because he was in a lot of them! Doesn't that just show the faithfulness of God? We look at how unfaithful and defiant King Solomon was, and yet God was still faithful to him....

Duration: 00:17:25

Show 216: The Father's Prophetic Words on Adultery

We continue our study in Proverbs 5 today. Yesterday we heard the tone of a loving Father saying "don't do this". But if you do - if you engage with this immoral woman - you are only going to hurt yourself. And starting in verse 9, the Lord becomes prophetic. He becomes very specific in what will happens in and to our lives when we choose to act out in sexual sin. In today's podcast, We'll discuss several things: 1) What exactly are you living your life for? What do you want to be...

Duration: 00:18:17

Show 215: The Tenderness of our Heavenly Father

We are going to continue our study of Proverbs 5 today that we started on Friday. I think its so cool that in this chapter of Scripture, that we see how tender the Lord is with us as He engages in this conversation about sexuality. Unfortunately, tenderness is not a word that we usually associate with the church teaching us about sex is it? When the church does teach sexuality, its pretty cold, informal and dogmatic. Let's just face it; it's weird and uncomfortable. In today's podcast,...

Duration: 00:17:10

Show 214: Why Committing Adultery is Never a Good Idea

Today we start a new series in the book of Proverbs, and I think you are going to enjoy this. I firmly believe that if Jesus were to come back today and choose to have just one face to face conversation with you, it would be on this topic of sexual integrity. In this series, I’m speaking to a group of men at a retreat, and I take them through Proverbs chapter 5. I start off this series with a story about me and my stupidity when I was committing adultery. I'm not proud of it. I’m ashamed...

Duration: 00:13:58

Show 213: The Hope of the Church Through The Sexual Revolution

Today we finish our series on the consequences of the sexual revolution. We start off today’s show with some questions and comments from members of the class. We also address an issue that I get all the time that deals with sexual temptation. It’s exciting how as we wrap up this discussion with the class, how members start reflecting and processing out loud. You get to hear the hearts of current and future ministry leaders on what to do and how to handle these issues. In today’s podcast,...

Duration: 00:23:27

Show 212: The Business and Politics of Gender Identity

On today’s show we continue to ask the question, how did we get here? Referring to the Supreme Court decision on June 26, 2015, that legalized gay marriage at the federal level. It is interesting, as we go through the sexual revolution timeline that started back in 1916, the question is not "How did we get here?" But instead, "How could we not get here?" Well, let’s find out. In today’s podcast, We’ll discuss three specific things: 1) What is gender identity? 2) Why are there so many...

Duration: 00:19:07

Show 211: Consequences of the Sexual Revolution - Part 2

Today we continue our conversation on the consequences of the sexual revolution that we are currently living in. On today’s show, we move through a lot of different topics quickly - things like adoption services and foster care. We discuss some stats on porn that are so overwhelming that no one believes them - especially Church leadership. We also discuss some health issues related to pornography that includes excessive masturbation. If you have kids in their 20’s or are working with or...

Duration: 00:17:02

Show 210: STD's - Consequences of the Sexual Revolution

We don’t hear much about the consequences of sexual sin, do we? We don’t even like the word, “sin," do we? Well, like it or not there are consequences when we step outside the boundaries of God’s design for sex, marriage and the family and part of those consequences are STD’s. Sexually Transmitted Diseases. I was corrected in a class I was teaching last year. Someone raised their hand and said that the correct term is now STI’s. Sexually Transmitted Infections. After a bit of research,...

Duration: 00:17:00

Show 209: A One Man Band

Have you ever seen a one man band? Someone on the street trying to make a living by playing every single instrument known to man at the same time….usually poorly. Well…all that to say, I’m feeling like a one man band these days. This ministry is small as it gets…’s just me performing all the daily operations with the backing of my Board of Directors. So in other words, I’m a guy who has way too many instruments chained to my back, and I can’t play any of them, let alone sing. I’ve...

Duration: 00:04:22

Show 208: Side Effects of the Sexual Revolution

If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sins and restore their land. - 2 Chronicles 7:14 There is no telling what healing would come if we as the Church would actually pray to our Creator God, seek His holy and pure face, and turn from our sexual sin. Can you imagine being forgiven by God for our country's grievous sins? These sins are generational - meaning they...

Duration: 00:12:29

Show 207: How & Why The Birth Pill Controlled Changed America

We are living in a sexual revolution. We not only have the cultural elite of entertainment, education, big business and government redefining what marriage and gender roles are, but entire denominations of churches have joined this bandwagon as well. Daily news reports of people revolting against God and His sacred design for sex that is clearly stated in Genesis 2:24 - Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and they shall become one flesh. Today,...

Duration: 00:13:28

Show 206: How Did America Get Here? - Legalizing “Same-Sex” Marriage

In his book, Fathered By God, John Eldredge talks about the six stages of the masculine journey: Boyhood, Cowboy, Warrior, Lover, King and the Sage. Within today’s podcast you’ll hear some references to this book. By the way, if you have never heard or read this book, I highly recommend it. Especially if you are a father raising sons right now. This podcast is part two of a series titled, "The Sexual Revolution". It’s a series that I taught at Gateway Seminary. The students just finished...

Duration: 00:17:10

Show 205: My Introduction to Sexuality - What NOT To Do!

I don’t know about you, but I have literally spent most of my prayer life telling God what to do. As if, the Creator of the Universe - the One Who speaks things into existence from nothing, the One splits oceans in half, heals blind and raises the dead….needs any suggestions from yours truly. In today’s podcast, we are going to start a brand new series titled “The Sexual Revolution.” This is a teaching that I conducted at Gateway Seminary in Scottsdale, Az. I start this lesson off by...

Duration: 00:28:10

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