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Chugboat is a fun party band that got its start thanks to a friend breaking their back. Literally…that’s how they got started! They got their start playing party music and have kept the roots of those days with their original music. The use of interesting instruments like a glockenspiel and mandarin increase their appeal. Simple beats and fun lyrics fill in this large group of friends who enjoy playing music together. And when I say “Fun Lyrics” I really mean, well…the use of descriptive...

Duration: 00:48:25

Kairoots - Fernando Kairoz

Kairoots is a singer/songwriter who believes in expression. Born in Argentina (That's Southern America according to Big Jon), he's spent about half of his life there and the other half on California, traveling and playing as much as possible. The first track we listen to, "Contaminado," showcases his fast fingers and talent in plucking, having been recorded in one take, but he does love layering in other guitars in more produced tracks. Through the use of a few different pedals, he...

Duration: 00:52:14

RJ Fax - DF: Producers Corner

Ryan Scherbaum is RJ Fax, or RJ Sanctuz, or...well...he goes by whatever he wants! RJ Fax now has crossed over Big Jon's line of Producer vs. Musician, so this episode introduces the "Producer's Corner" segment of The Dusty Futon. Created by Trevor, this idea allows Hip Hip artists like DJ's, Producers, and Rappers, their own outlet for their artistry. RJ Fax's new album "Yin" features a style called "Trip Hop" that he focused on. Check out the conversation he has with Big Jon and Trevor...

Duration: 00:49:12

Karina Frost

Karina Frost sits down with s to talk about the difference of being in a band and playing solo, as she's been doing both for awhile. We were introduced by a mutual friend, J7 of J7 Productions, and one of Karina's regular stand-ins for back-up singer is former Dusty Futon alum Lillian LeFranc! Listen to Karina as we talk about everything from Music to Star Wars, and her connection to Tom Waits.

Duration: 00:45:48

The Mondegreens

Trevor found these guys floating around here in San Diego. This 5-piece rock band was formed initially in Chino, CA and relocated to Seattle, WA after a successful SXSW tour. Enjoy their music on this week's episode!

Duration: 00:50:17

Andrew Barrack

San Diego Native, Andrew Barrack. This Jazz lover admits he’s heavily influenced by the three J’s, and that’s NOT Jim, Jack, and Johnny. He brings with him a track to debut from his brand new full-length album. The track is called No Where, and the album title is also debuted during the episode. Tune in and enjoy!

Duration: 00:51:38

Anthony Cullins - The Fallbrook Kid

This episode of The Dusty Futon features the music of Anthony Cullins, a.k.a. The Fallbrook Kid. We chat about his beginnings in music, who has inspired him, and where he plans on going next.

Duration: 00:53:08

Pullman Standard Continues On The Dusty Futon

We talked to Timmy D of Pullman Standard nearly a year ago, but have borrowed him for a hosting position multiple times since then and we explain why during this episode. Timmy and Big Jon also reveal another piece of information, just before abruptly ending PART ONE of the Season 4 FINALE! Pullman Standard's new album, Diamond Hearts, is due out SOON and will feature another one of our former guests, Jillian Calkins, performing a duet with Frontman Timmy D. The song, The Foyer, is not...

Duration: 00:49:02

Picasso The Banshee Save Punk on the Dusty Futon

Picasso The Banshee is such a unique band name that there would have to be a unique story behind it. There is…kind of. It’s the project of one man, Jacob, who was unable to make it to the recording session. In his place, he sent his new drummer Angel and his lyricist / guitarist Andrew. These guys try hard not to throw their leader under the bus, but it seems Jacob is a slave driver. The awesome punk rock music coming out of our headphones will tend to agree. With influences like Blink...

Duration: 00:51:04

The Meddlers WONT LEAVE The Futon!

6-piece SKA band The Meddlers enjoys creating a big band sound out of their horn section, while still maintaining their Ska Core roots. Trevor learns more about music this episode! We're so proud of him, he learns about horns...yeah, he didn't know what a 'horn section' in a ska band was. A little bit more technical, he also learns what a musical "exchange" between instruments is. Regardless of that, The Meddlers have created a unique listening experience that brings you through a few...

Duration: 00:45:58

Lillian Lefranc Loves Laughing on the Futon

Lillian Lefranc is a saucy "white-washed" Mexican who adds her roots in Mariachi music into a Singer / Songwriter style of performance. You might know her from hanging around Hillcrest or the North Park area, or maybe even at the Fair Trade Decor in Del Mar, but we know her for her infectious laugh and BiPolar tendencies. Those crazy ideas that come into your head can turn into some great stories or songs. She does have a few songs recorded so we sit around and listen to them for a...

Duration: 00:48:38

Slay Dean Gets Dirty on the Dusty Futon

A bassist joined the Peace Corps, which led to FIVE new bands being formed, which eventually turned into FOUR, and I believe it went to three and might be back up to four, but anyway. TWO of those bands are Splavender (two weeks ago) and Slay Dean! The two recently played together and that's kind of what brought them to us. The man behind Slay Dean is Sean Daly...(See anything there? Anagram maybe? didn't get by us). We wondered if he thought of using Seal Dany or Sayn...

Duration: 00:45:51

Lindy Crandall Hula Hoops on the Dusty Futon

Lindy Crandall brings her many talents onto the Futon in the form of her original tunes. Her most recent album, "She Lights The Sky," is a tribute to her late friend and gives her a chance to explore more sides to her musicianship. It's definitely a change up from her first album, "Flower Child." The stories behind these three tracks nearly brings her to tears as she remembers Rachel. Desert Rose and the title track, She Lights The Sky, were written specifically with Rachel in mind. The...

Duration: 00:44:52

Splavender Rolls onto the Futon

The band Splavender formed from the remnants of another band, creating the indie-pop punk band we have today. The Danny is the brainchild behind (most of) the music of Splavender, including the recording/engineering/producing of their first few releases. This band is a DIY band out to have fun and share their music to anyone who wants to listen. In fact, all of their tunes are available on bandcamp FOR FREE! Of course, you know we would really like it if you kicked them at least $

Duration: 00:49:38

The Montell Jordans reveal no secrets on the Dusty Futon

The Montell Jordans are a mish-mosh of guys of different musical backgrounds that somehow works. Tim and Ryan are the masterminds behind the tunes, but Adam and Matt comprise the rhythm section, the backbone of the vision Tim is creating. The episode isn't too far in before we get our first gay joke...but, thankfully it's the last one. Instead, we learn more about the band and how they came to be. Their first album features a track called "I'm Not Your Father, But You Can Call Me Daddy,"...

Duration: 00:48:25

Kaitlyn Gold ****s on the Dusty Futon

Foul-mouthed but sexy-as-hell Kaitlyn Gold looked very comfortable on the Dusty Futon during this episode. It almost looks like she's seen her fair share of futons. That's not this editor being a misogynist...she said it herself. In fact, she took ownership of all the sexism on the podcast this week. Either way, this 5'1" Golden haired minx can sing the blues in a way that'll make you feel again. With an operatic voice scarred by years of heavy smoking, and a checkered past when it comes...

Duration: 00:47:31

WordSauce spills on the Dusty Futon

The guys from WordSauce, well...five of them...two stayed with their short-bus and trailer, stopped by the futon and spilled some of their sauce on it. They've had that bus for over 7 years! After paying $1000 for it I'd say it's been a pretty damn good investment. After all, as Timmy D. points out, with 7 members and at least one merch guy/girl, you would definitely need something like that. The members of this motley crew of 7 former strangers are from scattered points of Cali, but...

Duration: 00:49:22

Sons of Eden Originate on the Futon

Sons of Eden may be the music of David Hermsen, but if you ask him, it's nothing without the other members. The name was decided early on, so the two women of the group, Marcia and Kristen, have adopted "Suns" of Eden (or Daughters of Eve...much cooler) to ensure their femininity isn't drowned out by the name. Both of these women are the backbeat for Sons of Eden, they comprise the rhythm section...Marcia on Bass and Kristen on the cajon. Noah, however, it the best kept secret...providing...

Duration: 00:51:18

Jon Campos and the Incurables POISON the Dusty Futon

Jon Campos formed "Jon Campos and the Incurables" in 2015 after leaving Seventrain, Drew Gino joined just to provide some backing on Jon's acoustic gigs, then they grabbed James Raub and formed this little group that's about to make waves. Wanting to stay in the Alternative Rock format, the group launched with their EP "Tragic Tales and Lullabies," and we play three of those tracks for you! We also discover how oddly similar Jon Campos and the host Big Jon's very creepy actually,...

Duration: 00:52:43

Marujah Gets "blue" on the Futon

This crazy quintet came to us by recommendation of friend of the show, Cantua. Marujah, it's made up...sort you'll have to listen for the meaning, is a crazy band with more influences than anyone I've ever met. There are five guys who come from differing musical backgrounds and combine their unique combination into a "Multicultural high energy dub stoner rock destruction," according to the San Diego Reader. We talk about their latest album, Guerrero, and how they tend to swing...

Duration: 00:51:02

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