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#81: How to Build a Career as a Producer/Engineer with Maro Music

Show Notes: In this episode I sit down with producer/engineer/hardware developer Maro Music. He's worked with leading hip hop artists such as Wu-Tang Clan and Redman, and has placed music in advertisements for companies such as Coca Cola, Absolut Vodka, and BMW. He's got a wealth of experience in the industry, and offers real, practical advice about how to establish yourself as a producer or engineer. Connect: Maro Music: @maro-music


#80: Crafting Live Shows and Setting Trends with Laura Escude aka Alluxe

Show notes: In this episode, I sit down with with the very talented Laura Escude aka Alluxe. She's a producer, controllerist, and violinist who's worked with some of the biggest names in the industry, such as Kanye West, Jay Z, Drake, Cirque De Soleil, and more. We chat about how she got her start in the industry, how she became the first ever Ableton Live Certified trainer, and how she balances work with music. Find out more about Laura Escude aka Alluxe. Music: @alluxe...


#79: Sound Design, Layering, and Workflow with DROELOE

Show Notes: In this episode, I sit down with the extremely talented Dutch duo DROELOE. We talk about their background in music, how they met, and why they decided to form a group. We also discuss their approach to sound design, layering, drum programming, and more. Follow DROELOE @DROELOEmusic


#78: Branding, Image, and Graphic Design with Greg Gammino

Show notes: In this episode, I sit down with veteran graphic designer Greg Gammino. He recently started his own design firm, building on a decade of experience working with brands like Canon, Ferrari, Walmart, and more. We talk about what to look for in a designer, how your image can make or break your career, why you need a logo, and much more. Connect with Greg Gammino: Alchemy Design Co. -


#77: Discipline, Motivation, and Self-Actualization with Auvic

In this interview, I sit down with the talented producer Auvic. This episodes dives deep, as we discuss knowing yourself, knowing your strengths/weakness, and knowing how you learn as an artist. We also discuss his thoughts on formal education, and why Berklee wasn't the right fit for him. He's extremely insightful, offering up practical advice on inspiration, motivation, and much more. Connect with Auvic: @auvicmusic


#76: Monoverse on Persistence, Burning Out, and Grinding at a Career for 9 Years.

Show Notes: In this episode, I chat with an amazing trance producer known as Monoverse. Santos is a good friend of mine, and he was one of the first guests on the podcast over 2 years ago. In this episode, we break down how he's managed to struggle and grind for over 9 years. We discuss how he manages to stay persistent and how he's dealt with burnouts. We also talk about his new label, Parallels, which is a sub label under Future Sound of Egypt. Connect with Monoverse:...


#75: Q&A with Sam Matla & Joey Suki (and How to Build Your Career)

Show Notes: This episode marks a historic moment for the podcast, as it's our first ever in-person interview. This interview is with return guest Joey Suki, former world touring artist and current artist coach. I flew to the Netherlands to work with Joey on our latest course, Build Your Artist Career, and while there we recorded this episode. It's a Q&A episode, featuring a series of questions about how to find the perfect mentor, where you should invest your money and time,...


74: Sam Matla on Starting a Business, His Most Influential Books, and Building Success as an Artist

A few weeks ago, my friend Serik (aka Hyperbits) reached out to me and proposed an idea: what if he interviewed me on the EDMProdcast? I loved the idea. So for this episode, I'm the one in the hot seat. We talk about a range of topics, such as my background, how and why I started EDMProd, my favorite books, my daily routine, and much more. Show Notes:


#71: How to Add Human Groove and Feel to Your Music with Slynk

"You can get by without music theory, but you're going to sound like a tourist with a phrase book.”—Slynk In this episode, I chat with Evan Chandler, aka Slynk. He's a talented funk/glitch producer, as well as a well respected music educator. We chat about topics such as how he achieves his characteristic funk groove, fighting creative block, common beginner mistakes, and much more. Show Notes: Slynk: @slynk


69: Beating Depression and Launching a Career with ILIVEHERE.

In this episode, I sit with Tim Biesta, better know as ILIVEHERE. He's well known for his releases on San Holo's label bitbird. We talk about serious topics such as depression and dealing with self-doubt. Later, we dive into the techincal side of things, discussing some of the techniques he uses to achieve his characteristic sound. ILIVEHERE.: @iliveheremusic Show Notes:


#68: Get Unstuck In Your Projects With This 4 Step Framework - Interview with Bass Kleph

In this interview I sit down with established producer Bass Kleph. He's been in the industry for nearly 2 decades, from being a drummer in a major label signed band to releasing on the biggest dance music labels. We talk about the difficulties of running a label, what to look out for in label contracts, and the benefits of having a coach or mentor. We also dive into his 4 step framework for writing and finishing songs. Bass Kleph - @basskleph and @taisunmusic Show Notes:


#64: KJ Sawka On Building Connections, Struggling to Make a Living, and Working With Rob Swire

In this episode, I sit down with legendary drummer KJ Sawka. We talk about what how he got his start in the industry, his advice on how to breakthrough in today’s crowded scene, and what it is like to work with Rob Swire (Pendulum/Knife Party). We also talk about why he turned down a full ride from the Berklee School of Music, and how he crafted his own music curriculum. Find out more about KJ Sawka:


#63: Said The Sky on Workflow, Collaborating with Seven Lions, and His Live Setup

In this episode, I sit down with the extremely talented producer Said the Sky. We talk about a range of topics, including his workflow, why he left Berklee School of Music, the struggles of going full-time, and how to approach bigger artists. Find out more about Said The Sky: Show Notes:


#62: Ian Shepherd: The Loudness War - How to Fight It Properly

I sit down with mastering engineer and blogger Ian Shepherd to talk about the loudness problem in today's publishing industry, how to combat it, and whether mastering is worth learning as a bedroom producer. Find out more about Ian Shepherd: Read full show notes:


#50: Ten Takeaways From 50 Episodes

Link to show notes/text version: Well, we've reached episode 50. I thought it would be nice to look back over the past 50 episodes and share my key takeaways. Things I've learned that you, as an artist, can benefit from. I share 10 key takeaways, then 4 bonus takeaways, and end the episode with some of my favorite excerpts. A huge thanks to all listeners. Appreciate you telling others about the Prodcast, supporting the guests, and just being awesome people....


Ep 37: Stephen Kirkwood — Approaching Education Holistically

Have you ever felt as if you could be doing more with your music, or life in general? One look at Stephen Kirkwood’s accomplishments across different ventures may send you running, or, inspire you to be as productive as him. There’s much to be said about a person who is a successful entrepreneur while actively releasing his own music, engineering tracks for others, and doing A&R for record labels - and much of it is covered in this insightful interview. To seal the deal in this episode you...


Ep 36: Budi Voogt — How to Crush Music Marketing (and Life)

Check out Budi's book: If there's one person I have immense respect for, it's Budi Voogt. He's the smartest, most driven person I know. He's the co-founder of Heroic, a label and management agency. Instructor of the Music Marketing Academy, and author of the Soundcloud Bible. He's taken guys like WRLD and San Holo to a new level through his management expertise, and helped empower many more creators, which is at the heart of his vision and mission as an...


Ep 35: Bjorn Akesson — Listening To Your Creative Instinct

In this 35th episode of The EDM Prodcast, Sam Matla chats with legendary trance artist Bjorn Akesson. A veteran of music production, Bjorn takes us through his journey from starting with simple software and hardware through until today, and offers valuable advice for novice and skilled producers alike. Having perfected his sound while freely experimenting with it, he shares extremely important insight on the creative process and manipulating energy in productions....


Ep 34: Noah Neiman — Being Realistic About Your Music Career

Noah Neiman is a full-time doctor and producer. How does he do it? I don't know. He doesn't just "manage" to produce alongside a demanding job, he excels at it. His latest release "Toldja So", a collaboration with vocalist Anna Yvette that's found its home on the renowned Revealed Recordings is a prime example of that. And he's back on for a second episode. In this interview, we discuss A LOT. It's a long one. But we both like 'em long, and I'm sure you do as well. Some of the topics we...


Ep 32: Pushing the Boundaries with Zac Waters

It speaks volumes for the talent of a producer when they can create across multiple styles and genres, and in Episode 32 of the EDM Prodcast, Sam Matla sits down with Zac Waters who has masterfully done exactly that. Pioneering his own sound fusing Melbourne influences with other genres like trance, and even recently having a majorly successful psy-trance release on Armada Music’s Who’s Afraid Of 138!? Imprint, Zac continues to push the boundaries of his own personal style. This interview...


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