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012: Sustainable Media Consumption for the Apocalypse

He's been on the show before but this is the first time he's talking on it, it's Dr. Oujia (, aka Michael Ebens. While bringing along some synths and such for some in studio music, he and Andy also parade through a conversation about media consumption, animal skulls, a gritty National Treasure reboot, Natasha Bedingfield, and much more! Rate us on iTunes, tell a friend, get ready the March Sadness Bracket announcement this week! Check out all of Michael's...

Duration: 02:05:29

011: March Sadness: Because What's the Fun in Being Happy

Hey read this! It's time for our first ever listener driven competition, and with your help we'll find out the saddest thing in pop culture, and maybe along the way we'll find out something about ourselves. Boom there's the link for the seeding survey so go have a blast! It will be open till Sunday March 26th, and then we'll announce the first round of voting. Also if you're going through...

Duration: 02:12:21

010: The Ear to the Page Book Club: The Sirens of Titan by Kurt Vonnegut

As promised it's finally time for Milton Lockett to come back on the podcast and talk with Andy about Kurt Vonnegut's masterpiece The Sirens of Titan. During their discussion they take some time to note the humor and speak their thoughts on free will, religion, the American military and the American Dream, and so much more in this wonderfully dense piece of biting satire and literature. After the book discussion winds down, Andy and Milton talk about Jordan Peele's Get Out, the new...

Duration: 02:18:41

009: The People vs La La Land

new guests and old guest give their arguments for why La La Land shouldn't win all the Oscars and rep some of our favorite all time films such as Rango and other fair. We shamelessly get wrapped up in an award show and forget the true purpose of art so come binge with us Intro Music: Zoomeez - TEK.LUN ( Outro Music: Flutter - squid ethics ( Send us all those thoughts from your lobes at...

Duration: 01:04:04

008: A Cult, Banana Milk, and Black Lightning

Nestled on the west end of Pearl Street in Boulder, Colorado there is a little deli run by the Twelve Tribes Cult. This episode Andy and Tate regal their tale of discovery as they ate cult sandwiches, drank their milk, and learned of one of the most flawed heroes of the 20th century Ted Patrick. Also if we have any listeners from Chattanooga, send us an email at if you have anything to say about our thoughts on the town! Everyone else just send us a line to...

Duration: 01:30:02

007: Flirtatious Robot Rights

It was Andy's 21st birthday when he stumbled upon a Twitch stream called See the Bots Chat, and the rest is well in this podcast. Andy tells Lukas and Jonathan about the AI drama he witnessed along with discussing how AI plays a role in their lives and the future, all while he plays them clips of the robots falling in love, fighting, talking about Toronto, engaging in slavery, contemplating God and much more. For the two hour raw audio recording of the bots go to...

Duration: 01:43:52

005: Internet Morality and Hurricane Nukes

Among the biggest first world problems, click bait has to be one of the most common modern annoyances so Andy, Lukas, and Jonathan sit down with Daniel, founder of to talk about the efforts being made to make the internet a less grimey place. They highlight how crowd sourced efforts are leading the charges to provide better systems then ad based revenue and improve internet practices and morality, and also take the time to ask Daniel what is up National Geographic now a...

Duration: 01:07:46

004: The Ear to the Page Bookclub: Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami

Milton Lockett is on the podcast today to start the first meeting of The Ear to the Page, the official book club of The Ear to the Ground Podcast. He and Andy take the time to talk about youth, love, communication, and surrealism with the first selection: Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami. Also around the 40 minute mark (in case you haven't read the book and don't want spoilers) they talk about Fidel Castro, CNN's Boston Porn mixup, and journalism and technology in the modern age! Join our...

Duration: 02:14:30

003: The War on Tide

Our first ever guest Alexander Tate ( comes on the podcast to discuss foursquare, the reasons why drug dealers are stealing Tide detergent, one of the worst movies ever, and our favorite town in the Netherlands. Stick around for our first ever sponsor at the end of the episode. Intro Music: Moonbeams - Limes Outro Music: Fuck Minnesota - Alexander Tate...

Duration: 01:08:22

001: Ground Control to Henry Selick

It's the first episode of The Ear to the Ground Podcast and today Andy, Lukas, and Jonathan launch on a mission to create a community for everyone and anyone. They talk about types of love, Pittsburgh, Mars, and debate on whether The Nightmare Before Christmas is a halloween movie or Christmas movie. Music Used in Today's Episode: Intro - The Old Island - Benny Boi Outro - Sentaismoke. - stan the beatsmith....

Duration: 01:07:55