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Smart talk and shameless gossip with the food world's most interesting people. Hosted by Greg Morabito and Helen Rosner.

Smart talk and shameless gossip with the food world's most interesting people. Hosted by Greg Morabito and Helen Rosner.
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Smart talk and shameless gossip with the food world's most interesting people. Hosted by Greg Morabito and Helen Rosner.




How Restaurants Are Buying Internet Fame

Ever wonder how all that crazy food ends up on your news feed? These days, there's usually someone being paid to get it there. Is this just marketing in 2018, or is this new influencer marketing shady business? Eater's data visualization reporter Vince Dixon found out all about these transactions. Check out the original piece, Going Viral, and the accompanying video series The Business of Going Viral. Hosted by Amanda Kludt and Daniel Geneen. Clips provided by Eater's video department....

Duration: 00:29:24

Photojournalist Gary He Went to Eat in Post-ISIS Mosul

In the middle of August, approximately one month after ISIS lost control of Mosul, photojournalist Gary He travelled around Mosul to different restaurants to get a sense of the city's war-torn restaurant scene. Read Gary's piece on Hosted by Amanda Kludt and Daniel Geneen

Duration: 00:29:10

The Best and Worst Food Trends Heading into 2018

Eater editors Serena Dai and Stefanie Tuder pop in to talk food and design trends, in NY and beyond. Then, Eater's national critic Bill Addison faces a lightning round of trendy ingredients and determines whether or not they're here to stay. Finally, the wizard behind Eater's instagram, Adam Moussa, reflects on 2017 in food pics and where he thinks we're heading in 2018. Email us! Hosted by Amanda Kludt and Daniel Geneen

Duration: 00:33:51

The Top 5 Food Scenes in Holiday Movies

Eater's pop culture editor and former upsell host, Greg Morabito, stops by to rank some food scenes in favorite holiday movies.

Duration: 00:26:45

Mario Batali and the Fallout

On December 11th, Eater NY released a huge story called Mario Batali Steps Away From Restaurant Empire Following Sexual Misconduct Allegations. Serena Dai, editor of Eater NY and co-editor of the story (with Matt Buchanan), dropped by to talk about the months of work that went into the story and what has happened since its publication. hosted by: Amanda Kludt and Daniel Geneen

Duration: 00:25:30

What to Drink and Eat This Holiday Season

Here at the upsell, we want you to be the coolest person at your holiday parties. So, we brought in wine and spirits expert Tammie Teclemariam to tell us what the cool kids are buying at the liquor store, and Daniela Galarza to share some show-stopping holiday food hacks. Tammie's picks: Daniela's cookbooks: Brunch is HellDining In Hosted by: Amanda Kludt and Daniel Geneen

Duration: 00:28:08

The Secret Japanese Origins of Modern Fine Dining

France is typically credited with pretty much everything in the upper echelon of dining, but how much of what we consider fine dining actually came from Japan? Eater's senior editor Meghan McCarron stops by the upsell to tell Dan about a radical shift in France's culinary scene that came right after France's top chefs went over to Japan in 1965.

Duration: 00:14:46

The Best Fed Man in America

Bill Addison spends nearly all of his time on the road, deciphering American dining as a whole. Every year he presents his findings in a list called America's 38 Essential Restaurants. Everyone (including Bill) thinks Bill has the greatest job on the planet, but it has its drawbacks. Also- eater senior critic Robert Sietsema takes us on a little tour of some new carts that have popped up in Brooklyn.

Duration: 00:33:32

Covering Natural Disasters Through Food

Eater deputy editor Erin Dejesus explains how to cover disasters while they are the center of attention, and while they start to lose public attention. Eater Houston editor Amy McCarthy catches us up on Houston's dining scene 16 weeks after Harvey. Finally, in a collaboration with the Southern Foodways Alliance, Eater commissioned journalist Barry Yeoman to cover Hurricane Harvey from the ground. Hosted by Amanda Kludt and Daniel Geneen Email us

Duration: 00:32:25

Is the Michelin Guide Bullshit?

It's Michelin season in the Eater offices, which means endless debates about the value of the guide and its coveted stars. On today's upsell, Amanda and Dan talk with Ryan Sutton, Eater's chief food critic about the guide's limited scope and Stefanie Tuder, senior editor of Eater NY, about a problematic panel she attended. Email us anything at

Duration: 00:32:23

What It Took to Take down John Besh

On October 21st Brett Anderson of, The Times Picayune, filed a report claiming that 25 employees reported experiencing sexual harassment while on the job working for Besh Restaurant Group. Additionally, John Besh himself was accused of engaging in a “long-term unwelcome sexual relationship” with an employee. On today's Upsell, Eater New Orleans editor Stephanie Carter explains how big a deal John Besh is, and Brett Anderson describes what went into putting together a piece of this...

Duration: 00:32:58

How to Support Women in the Food World

It is much harder for female chefs to garner the exposure of their male counterparts. Eater's editor-in-chief Amanda Kludt explains to co-host Daniel Geneen why this problem exists, and what we can all do about it.

Duration: 00:21:36

How José Andrés Is Helping Feed Puerto Rico

On today's episode of the Upsell, Eater's resident José Andrés expert Monica Burton stops by to chat with Amanda and Dan about all the ways Andrés is being a super hero in Puerto Rico. 0:00 What José is up to in Puerto Rico. 9:00 Best of José Andrés episode. Original air date: 03/27/2017 Donate to World Central Kitchen here Update: Read Monica's latest José Andrés coverage ~~~ José Andrés is the chef that helped America fall in love with tapas. Now, he runs an empire of some 26...

Duration: 00:35:32

Best Of: Anthony Bourdain

Don't ask Anthony Bourdain to limit himself to other people's assumptions. It's been sixteen years since Kitchen Confidential blew up the food world; in the time since, he's built a career as a full-time expectation-upending maverick. Bourdain's books, television shows — and his not insignificant renegade charisma — have catapulted him into the kind of badass cross-genre celebrity that results in bros geeking out over him (though he doesn’t love that) and fans accosting him in the bathroom...

Duration: 00:35:12

Best of: Preeti Mistry

Welcome to the third Best of episode, hosted by Amanda Kludt and Daniel Geneen. Filmmaker turned chef Preeti Mistry cooks Indian food with a distinctly Bay Area sensibility. Think big flavors built from the best ingredients, served in a casual, fun setting. On a recent trip to New York, Mistry stopped by the Eater Upsell studios to talk about her Top Chef days, embracing her heritage, and building something new out of her past. Original air date: (09/07/16)

Duration: 00:29:50

Best of TV: Carla Hall and Ted Allen

Welcome to our second Best Of episode: Best of TV (hosted by Amanda Kludt and Daniel Geneen). 5:00 Carla Hall interview 22:10 Amanda and Dan talk Queer Eye 26:30 Ted Allen interview ~~~ Carla Hall is a badass, culinarily and otherwise. The two-season Top Chef finalist, host on ABC’s The Chew and cookbook author drops some major wisdom on this week’s episode of the Eater Upsell, chatting with hosts Greg and Helen about about food shaming, catchphrases, fighting for exposure, and racial...

Duration: 00:47:50

Best Of Science: Kenji and Nathan Myhrvold

Welcome to the first Best of the Upsell! hosted by Amanda Kludt and Daniel Geneen (aka apdan). 2:00 Amanda ate at Vespertine!! 6:30 J. Kenji López-Alt interview 32:00 Amanda and Dan talk about Dan being weird with guests 38:00 Nathan Myhrvold interview After getting his start in restaurant and test kitchens in Boston, Kenji created The Food Lab, a column on Serious Eats dedicated to lassoing the laws of science and riding them to home cooking success every time. In the subsequent six...

Duration: 00:59:37

(Ep 65) Jay McInerney Was Almost The NYT Restaurant Critic

Jay McInerney, author of Bright Lights, Big City and the recent Bright, Precious Days, was already a successful novelist when he started writing about wine more than two decades ago. This may be why his columns for House & Garden, the Wall Street Journal, and currently, Town & Country stand out from other writing on the subject and have been published as standalone volumes. On this week’s Eater Upsell, McInerney chats with Helen and Greg about possibly setting off the rosé craze, the...

Duration: 01:06:03

(Ep 64) Why Bother With a Homemade Oreo? (BraveTart Author Stella Parks)

Stella Parks spent six years developing the recipes for BraveTart. In the cookbook, the pastry chef, who has a blog of the same name, bakes iconic American desserts and delves into their histories. Listen as she chats with Helen and Greg about trying to recapture childhood food memories, what she’s learned from McDonald’s apple pie, and her running theory for why Oreos are called Oreos.

Duration: 00:52:06

(Ep 63) The Relationship Between Wall Street Money and NYC Restaurants (Billions Creator Brian Koppelman)

Brian Koppelman loves restaurants, a fact that he’s made eminently clear as co-creator of the Showtime series Billions. On this week’s Upsell, the screenwriter and podcast host talks to Helen and Greg about why he admires chefs and what the audience can learn by paying close attention to the restaurants featured on the show.

Duration: 01:00:26

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