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Editors and correspondents of The Economist discuss the events shaping the world next week, in the studio and in the field. Published on Economist Radio every Friday.

Editors and correspondents of The Economist discuss the events shaping the world next week, in the studio and in the field. Published on Economist Radio every Friday.
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Editors and correspondents of The Economist discuss the events shaping the world next week, in the studio and in the field. Published on Economist Radio every Friday.




The week ahead: Looming war in Congo

Robert Guest joins host Anne McElvoy to explain why war is once again threatening to ravage Congo. Also: young immigrants face uncertain futures in the USA and Al-Qaeda's foray into the world of women's magazines


The week ahead: The charade of North Korean diplomacy

The start of the Winter Olympics has seen a temporary thaw in relations on the Korean peninsula. But why is there no warming of relations with the US? Also, what’s ailing Latin American democracy. And understanding the twists and turns of Brexit. Christopher Lockwood hosts.


The World in 2018: Backlash

Is 2018 the year the populist surge grinds to a halt? John Peet discusses the prospect of a softening Brexit; Hong Kong's Chief Executive discusses Chinese influence; racial issues in America go under the microscope. And: why has the circus lasted for 250 years? Also, a poem to cheer us through 2018. Anne McElvoy and Daniel Franklin host


The week ahead: The Donald in Davos

President Donald Trump spoke to the business elite at this week’s World Economic Forum. How did he go down with the Davos tribe?? Also, could Turkey’s invasion of northern Syria have global consequences? And why climate change might spell the end for winter sports. Chris Lockwood hosts.


The Week Ahead: Seven years on from the Arab Spring

Bread, freedom and dignity were the demands of Tunisian protesters in 2011. Now they are back on the streets. What are their demands this time? Also, the hashtag “me too” arrives in China. And 45 years on from a famous legal ruling on abortion, we profile Jane Roe. Helen Joyce hosts


The week ahead: Fire, fury and fitness for office

Host Chris Lockwood is joined by US editor John Prideaux to discuss an eventful presidency that has raised questions about the incumbent's stability. Also: why is Emmanuel Macron disappointing liberals with an illegal immigration crackdown? And solutions are needed for Japan's ageing population


The week ahead: Iran

Iranians are on the march, fed up with political and social repression. Is this the beginning of something big? Also, what Pakistan’s education reforms can teach other developing nations. And might an idea dubbed Leapfrogging help school systems improve faster?? Helen Joyce hosts.


The World in 2018: Out with the old, in with the new

As 2018 approaches, who or what, are we at risk of losing - and what will be taking their place? With the cheery nanny back on our screens next year, we discover the link between Mary Poppins and women’s suffrage. We learn how plans for a new coffee shop in Milan are controversial. Plus a rival Chinese city is waiting in the wings to steal the limelight from Hong Kong. Anne McElvoy and Daniel Franklin host the third of six special episodes looking at The World in 2018.


The World in 2018: Vying for Leadership

President Donald Trump steers America away from an international leadership role, President Xi Jinping rises and President Emmanuel Macron of France makes his mark. We look at the shifting power balance of global leadership. And Joshua Wong, leader of Hong Kong's Umbrella movement and the pro-Democracy party Demosistō, looks beyond a year that saw him imprisoned


The World in 2018: Global risks

As we head towards the new year, we look at the risks millions of refugees around the world are facing. Joining us are the former prime minister of Denmark, Helle Thorning-Schmidt and Jan Egeland. We also ask: will instability will increase in the Middle East as Islamic State collapses? And will North Korea turn its bloodcurdling threats into action? Anne McElvoy and Daniel Franklin host the first of six special episodes looking at The World in 2018


The week ahead: South Africa's road from ruin?

The week ahead: South Africa's road from ruin? In the coming week, the African National Congress, South Africa's ruling party, chooses its next leader. It is a chance for the country to recover from the dysfunctional rule of Jacob Zuma or slide further into the mire. Plus, how Ukraine has descended into political turmoil - again. And what will happen now that Yemen's former president, Ali Abdullah Saleh, has been assassinated? Robert Guest hosts.


The week ahead: A weird and disputed election

Has the Honduran election been rigged? Also, how Yemen became the most wretched place on earth. And the discreet charms of a no-deal Brexit. Chris Lockwood hosts


The week ahead: Fixing a broken Zimbabwe

Robert Mugabe could not conceive of an end to his 37 years of rule. But now he’s gone. So is this a new dawn for the citizens of Zimbabwe? Also, how the last act of Angela Merkel’s political story is getting messy. And why some see natural disasters as a time to thieve. Helen Joyce hosts


The week ahead: Mugabe’s downfall

We assess the future for Zimbabwe following the removal of President Robert Mugabe. Also, will Alabama send a Democrat to the US Senate? And Chile’s disgruntled voters head to the polls to elect a new President. Robert Guest hosts


The week ahead: The Trump test

One year after President Trump was elected, we quiz our correspondents' knowledge about his time in office. What is the connection between Larry Flynt and Mr. Trump? And what was behind that pained expression in Sean Spicer's eyes? We answer all those pressing questions and more


The week ahead: Do social media threaten democracy?

As the US Senate hears evidence on the spread of Russian misinformation online, we ask if social media are undermining democracy. Plus, how the Weinstein storm is ripping through Westminster. And could America's good cop, bad cop routine ease tensions with North Korea? Helen Joyce hosts.


The week ahead: Separatism and sensibility

As Catalonia’s regional government declares independence, we explore the next stage of the unfolding crisis in Spain. Russia's president Vladimir Putin has established himself as the country's latest Tsar. A trip to Mexico reveals how Donald Trump is reversing the historical partnership of Mexico and the United States. And we take stock of the Balfour Declaration a hundred years on


The week ahead: Japanese voters go to the polls

Japanese voters go to the polls in a snap election, called with the intention of solidifying the prime minister’s position. Could a lurking nuclear threat from North Korea produce a shock result? Also, as Kurdish fighters relinquish control over Kirkuk, where does that leave their dream of independence? And why Italy is tinkering with its electoral law. Josie Delap hosts.


The week ahead: The world's most powerful man

China's president Xi Jinping wields tremendous power both at home and abroad; our China editor explains why this is cause for concern. Also, foreign radio stations take aim at North Korea. And we discuss the nominees for this year's Man Booker prize


The week ahead: Crisis management

As Spain descends into turmoil, our Europe editor explains what the Madrid government should do to placate Catalonia’s secessionists and keep the country together. And a vivid report from Puerto Rico reveals the devastation and confusion left in the wake of hurricane Maria


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