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Electric Runway Episode 70: What Augmented Reality Means for the Fashion Industry

On the Electric Runway Podcast this week, fashion tech journalist Amanda Cosco sits down with Helen Papagiannis – one of the leading thinkers in augmented reality. In addition to being a designer, researcher, and public speaker on the subject, Helen is the author of a newly published book, Augmented Human, How Technology is Shaping the New Reality. It's a fascinating deep dive on how augmented reality is so much more than the fun face filters we've seen on Snapchat. Augmented Reality has...

Duration: 00:20:03

Electric Runway Episode 69: Head over Heels for Tanya Heath

On this week's episode of the Electric Runway podcast, fashion tech journalist Amanda Cosco interviews Tanya Heath about the designer's namesake brand. At Tanya Health retail locations or on, customers can purchase shoes, boots, and pumps with a range of interchangeable heels that vary in size and style. Women can switch from six-inch to two-inch heights by clicking on and off heels, giving a whole new meaning to the expression "with a click of my heels." Listen to the...

Duration: 00:22:03

Electric Runway Episode 68: How Biotechnology will Bring our Clothes to Life

This week on the Electric Runway Podcast, fashion tech journalist Amanda Cosco talks with Wen Wang, a researcher out of the MIT Tangible Media Group. Through her research and work, Wen helps us imagine a future where our clothes are grown at home and clean themselves (!) In this episode, we take you for a deep dive into the future of biotechnology and how innovations in material science will impact the fashion industry. Biohybrid Wearables is a brand new area in fashion tech. They’re...

Duration: 00:16:10

Electric Runway Episode 67: A Hybrid Approach to Wearable Tech

In this episode of the Electric Runway podcast, fashion tech journalist Amanda Cosco sits down with Aram Hamparian, the Senior Director of Sales at Fossil Group Canada. While Fossil is most known for their watches and handbags, many don't know the company also offers expansive manufacturing capabilities. For more than 20 years, Fossil has been working with leading fashion brands to bring a watch component to their product offerings. Since acquiring Misfit a few years ago, Fossil is now...

Duration: 00:18:48

Electric Runway Episode 66: Alexis Walsh on how to get recognized by Lady Gaga

Fashion Tech Journalist Amanda Cosco speaks with Alexis Walsh, the fashion designer whose work has caught the attention of Lady Gaga. By day, Walsh lends her talent to Ralph Lauren, but by night she experiments with new materials and furthers the vision of her namesake brand. In this episode, Walsh shares her experience working with Francis Bitonti, and tells how one of the world's most famous performers came to wear her designs.

Duration: 00:23:27

Electric Runway Episode 65: Jin Koh of Original Stitch: The Perfect Shirt is Personal

In this episode, fashion tech journalist Amanda Cosco speaks with founder Jin Koh of Original Stitch, a company committed to combining Japanese craftsmanship with the newest body-measuring systems to create the perfect shirt for every customer.

Duration: 00:23:05

Electric Runway Episode 64: Celebrating 3 Years of FashionTech with Lisa Lang

Throughout her career, Lisa Lang has played a central role in defining FashionTech and cultivating a community of designers, technologists, engineers, and corporate interest. The Berlin-based entrepreneur founded one of the world's first wearable tech brands to be available on ASOS before going on to start her own ready-to-wear fashion-tech houses. In this interview with fashion tech journalist Amanda Cosco, she looks back on how the industry has evolved and reveals details of her next...

Duration: 00:26:59

Electric Runway Episode 63: NYFW Recap with FashNerd

Fashion Tech journalist Amanda Cosco recaps New York Fashion Week with Muchaneta Kapfunde, the founding editor of FashNerd. Before delving into fashion week specifics, the two discuss Kapfunde's recent work and research in Paris, Munich, and London.

Duration: 00:36:54

Electric Runway Episode 62: Protecting your Peach with PIXI

Fashion Tech journalist Amanda Cosco sits down with Emily Welsch, the founder of PIXI cycling. PIXI is a line of technical apparel on a mission to make cycling more inclusive for women. As an athlete herself, Emily found that cycling is a male-dominated sport, and this is reflected in the clothing. In addition to the technical sophistication we'd expect from high-performance fabrics, PIXI also offers unique, patented features for protecting women's parts

Duration: 00:19:15

Electric Runway Episode 61: How Markable Leverages Deep Learning to Make Content Shoppable

Fashion Tech journalist Amanda Cosco speaks with Joy Tang, the founder of Markable. Markable is an advertising technology company on a mission to make all visual content shoppable—from photos to websites and even TV shows. The company leverages artificial intelligence and deep learning to help shoppers find exactly what they're looking for

Duration: 00:40:25

Electric Runway Episode 60: Women & Wearables Recap

Fashion Tech Journalist Amanda Cosco takes you inside Women and Wearables, an event produced earlier this year by Electric Runway in collaboration with We Are Wearables, the world's largest wearable technology meetup. The night aimed to celebrate women and tech and discuss issues unique to them, including sexism in the workplace and how emotion and empathy are needed in tech.

Duration: 00:40:33

Electric Runway Episode 59: Lina Wassong- 3D Printing the Future of Fashion

In the world of fashion tech, designer Lina Wassong is a rising star and a woman-to-watch. Past creations include a dress that monitors your heart, a skirt that mimics a jellyfish, and an outfit that listens and reacts to its environment. Her latest design, which was brought to life in The Studio by ElektroCouture with the help of FormLabs, is the Parallax Dress, a high-tech take on the little black dress that mimics the movement and intelligence of an octopus. The dress leverages 3D...

Duration: 00:27:01

Electric Runway Episode 58: "Shoes That are an Extension of the Foot" Sandra Gault of True Gault

While some companies are dipping their toes into experimenting with digital technology, you could say our guest today has put both feet forward. Sandra Gault is the CEO and Founder of True Gault, a company that is revolutionizing the way we buy shoes. On, customers are invited to engage in an array of technology, from a scanning app that makes sure I get the perfect fit for my feet to a design software that lets me customize colours and textures. Shoes start at $250 a pair and...

Duration: 00:46:46

Electric Runway Episode 57: Tony Mammoliti of YNOT: Personalization is the Name of the Game

Fashion tech journalist Amanda Cosco sits down with Toronto-based Tony Mammoliti of YNOT, a company offering cycling gear and outerwear for the urban adventurer. YNOT reimagines the customer experience by leveraging a handful of new technologies, including crowd-funding, laser-cutting, and leading visualization software that enables customers to personalize purchases.

Duration: 00:16:21

Electric Runway Episode 56: Holograms, Avatars & Eye-Tracking Tech: Dx3 Canada Coverage

Fashion tech journalist Amanda Cosco shared conversations from the show floor at Dx3 Canada, Toronto's largest digital retail conference.

Duration: 00:22:16

Electric Runway Episode 55: "Switching on" the Apparel Industry with Avery Dennison & EVRYTHNG

Fashion Tech journalist Amanda Cosco speaks with Julie Vargas of Avery Dennison and Andy Hobsbawm of EVRYTHNG. For years, Avery Dennison has been known for their labels and tags. Now, they're collaborating with smart products platform EVRYTHNG to push apparel into the digital age. Using RFID, mobile, and sensor-based technology, Avery Dennison has publically announced ambitions to digitze ten billion items of apparel and footwear in the next few years. This initiative, called "Born...

Duration: 00:27:48

Electric Runway Episode 54: Welcome Back Podcast

We're back with a brand new season of episodes!

Duration: 00:09:51

Electric Runway Episode 53: Aniyia Williams - Headphones that Sound as Good as they Look

Fashion tech journalist Amanda Cosco speaks with Aniyia Williams of Tinsel, makers of the Dipper Audio Necklace, a pair of bluetooth headphones that sound as good as they look. This San Francicso-based female founder says consumer electronics aren't designed with women in mind, but she's out to change that with a line of products that are both functional and fashionable.

Duration: 00:22:56

Electric Runway Episode 52: Beyond Shrinking & Pinking with Women of Wearables (WOW)

Fashion tech journalist Amanda Cosco speaks with Marija Butkovic and Michelle Hua, two fashion tech entrepreneurs and the co-founders of WOW—that's Women of Wearables. WOW is a network for inspiring, connecting, and supporting women in wearable tech, fashion tech, IoT, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. Their conversation touches on the challenges and opportunities facing women in STEM today, as well as their personal entrepreneurial journies transitioning from working in the legal...

Duration: 00:26:52

Electric Runway Episode 51: Your First Virtual Employee

Artificial intelligence is on the tip of our cultural tongue, but what does it really mean for the fashion industry? On today's episode of the Electric Runway podcast, fashion tech journalist Amanda Cosco speaks with Michael Perry, the CEO and founder of Kit. Acquired by Shopify last year, Kit is a chatbot and AI platform that helps small and medium size retailers with their digital marketing efforts. Kit can send email newsletters and thank you notes on behalf of your store, can place and...

Duration: 00:23:17

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