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Episode 006 Mindset Monday: On Fear, Self-Sabotage, Self Love

#MindsetMondays Every Monday, I go live on my Facebook business page to give free mindset advice on life and business. This episode is on fear, tuning in, and what it really takes to be better, get better, heal and expand into who you want to be: SELF LOVE + CARE Join me next Monday for another #MindsetMonday on Facebook

Duration: 00:34:59

Episode #002: Resisting and Blocked From Lasting Change? This is why.

If you know you're blocked somewhere from old programming or something else that happened in your life, odds are you resisting and not allowing in what you really want in life and business. If that's the case, this message is for you.

Duration: 00:14:50

Episode 004: What Value Really Means in Business and Entrepreneurship

Do you ever struggle with what value means in business today? It seems like the word itself has become another buzz phrase people misuse and throw around, but in this episode I get real about what it really means.

Duration: 00:21:49

Episode 005: He Killed Her Mother and Married Her Aunt

I interview the amazing storytelling, forgiveness and on-stage expert, Brenda Adelman. If you have a burning message inside you, this is for YOU. Check it out and please share!

Duration: 00:42:34

Episode 003: Toxic People: Understand, Identify, Release + Repeat

Are you dealing with toxic people in business and/or life? Listen to this episode to: - Understand who they really are and how their minds work - Take the necessary action to release them from your inner circle - Create new habits to help you avoid dealing with toxic people And so much more!

Duration: 00:20:57

Episode 001: This One Thing Will Make You Think Differently About Faillng

We all feel like failures at one point in our lives. But what sets the failures apart from the ones who succeed? On this episode, I dive into what failing really is to help listeners identify where they are truly failing at something or self-sabotaging and making excuses to not go all in. As always, I bring the heat and share my heart, brain and foot.

Duration: 00:09:51