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Dectect Your Mission (Is Your Detector Broken?)

"We detect rather than invent our missions in life" Victor Frankle What happens when our detectors are broken? and how can we fix them?

Duration: 00:15:50

031 Why We Keep Asking For What We Don't Want?

In this episode, we will discuss How we are asking people in our lives to give us the very thing that we do not want. I will touch on Charlottsville, race relations, and conflict.

Duration: 00:23:37

Are There Bad People... Really?

how many bad choices does it take to make a person bad? This episode we put a twist on what really is good and bad and put into question some misconceptions we have about how we judge eachother.

Duration: 00:20:06

028 The Pledge of Allegiance, Freedom & Breaking the chains

For the longest time, I thought I knew what the pledge of Allegiance was, I had recited it so much in my life it became what I believed. Until I found out the truth of it. We are told every day how to believe and how we should be. As kids, we form our opinions and belief system based on adults who don't know much better than us, believe.

Duration: 00:14:29

027 Marriage, Family, Goals, Success | Interview with Julie Brown

In this episode Julie and I discuss what it takes to create a relationship that both you and your spouse can THRIVE.

Duration: 00:31:55

025 #6 of 6 Generosity and gratitude, tow sides of the same coin

In this episode we explore the relationship of gratitude and generosity. How they influence each other and, more importantly, how they work in concert with each other to make our lives more fulfilling and purposeful.

Duration: 00:14:54

024 #5 of 6 Generosity Experiment Miniseries 'Being Right v. The Right Answer'

In this episode we discuss how sometimes in our effort to be right about the way we give or who we give to we miss out on the giving all together. This experiment is not about being right it is about finding the right answer.

Duration: 00:11:37

023 #3 of 6 The Generosity Experiment Mini-series. A Grateful Disposition

In the episode, you will see how compartmentalization and rationalizations are the enemy of both generosity and gratitude.

Duration: 00:14:42

022 Three steps to cultivating gratitude and lasting happiness

In this episode, we break down what it takes to be grateful in any circumstance with three vital steps. It might challenge the way you look at gratitude but by following these steps you will have the tools it takes to control your life.

Duration: 00:16:41

019 Begin At The End

You ever hear a parent say that they want their kids to have a better life than them. Well in this episode we will discuss why that is faulty thinking.

Duration: 00:10:05

018 New Year Resolution Garunteed To Fail

At the end of every year about 75% of us make New year resolutions, but for most of us, the result is quitting before we get through January. We dig into why we fail at these new resolutions, why the same ones always seem to come up, and how to see them to fruition.

Duration: 00:17:34

017 The Upside Of Quitting

This episode we dive into the idea of quitting and how nothing great was ever done by someone who never quit. C.S.Lewis said “We all want progress, but if you're on the wrong road, progress means doing an about-turn and walking back to the right road; in that case, the man who turns back soonest is the most progressive.”

Duration: 00:27:40

016 The Pep Talk

The difference in reaching your potential and setteling will be what you learn when you fall. If you see the truth, that you are capable of the thing in your life that will truly make you the most happy. If you see that each time you fall is just feedback and part of the process. Falling is what will give your purpose context and depth.

Duration: 00:08:14

015 The story of fishermen and limiting beleifs

This episode we go over the power of limiting beliefs and how they reveal themselves in our lives. I share a unique take on an age old story about some fishermen and how there limiting beleifs almost sunk their ship.

Duration: 00:19:11

014 The one statistic that will change your life and your business

Those who live a life of people pleasing making sure everyone is happy and no one is offended often live the lives that are the most void of deep connection. Those same habits creep into business and you end up with a watered down message that no one wants to hear. I talk about the stats that will help you give your most authentic message and create raving fans for your life!

Duration: 00:23:29

013 One simple truth to crush limiting beliefs and accomplish your dreams

Move from the cheap seats to the front row of your life. Too often we settle for an inexpensive view and then we are frusterated with our results. This episode we dig in to what it takes to improve the beleif you have in your self and accomplish the things you thought impossible.

Duration: 00:21:33

012 Bob Burg: The Go-Giver Way

Give exceptional value. Enjoy extraordinary results. It is generally agreed upon that entrepreneurship is the engine that drives an economy upwards and is primarily responsible for its growth. Entrepreneurs create jobs, bring better and more affordable products and services to the marketplace, resulting in greater societal health, overall wealth and a vastly improved standard of living. And, while we treasure the entrepreneur, one needs not start their own business in order to be one. One...

Duration: 00:40:21

ELP Bonus Content: The Story of Ignaz Simmelweis

This curious story of a doctor in the mid 1800's is a great illustration in discovering the solutions to building stronger support systems in our lives.

Duration: 00:15:58

009 How To Build A Support System That Works

One of the most commonly asked questions I get is about support. Whether it is support for a friend, spouse, parents, or children. It is something we all want and need. We discuss what we are doing to prevent the very support we want. We talk about some vital questions that can be asked to get you and your support system on the same page.

Duration: 00:19:34

004 Interview with Dr. Paul Jenkins | The science of positive psychology

3 things you will learn 2 Life hacks for going from a negative mindset to seeing the positive. The science of comparison and how to make it serve you. How to be a creator of a positive future. Show Note link Enter to win Dr. Pauls book for free here

Duration: 00:47:07

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