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The Empowered Possibilities Podcast is here to Empower listeners to Shift into their Highest Possibilities!




Ep. 1:9 Just Relax and Allow!

In this episode of the Empowered Possibilities Podcast we discuss the very powerful and sacred art of RELAXING! It's something so simple that everyone seems to forget to do. Relaxing is one of the keys to manifesting. In this episode we are also joined by Natasha Lee, Dorothy-Inez, and Mrs. Vanessa!

Duration: 01:22:51

Ep. 1:8 Empowered Intentions for 2017

In this Episode we had an amazing time discussing how to Manifest your desires in 2017! This episode is based on the fact that J'ahmad Kelly and Chakra Wanda manifested to major miracles closing out 2016... NEW CARS! They both explained the process of Empowering your Intentions and manifesting your desires through 5 steps. 1. Realizing the desire and setting the intention 2. Being open to the Highest Possibilities 3. Using the power of Focused Thought 4. Staying Positive 5. Allowing and...

Duration: 01:22:45

Ep. 1:6 The Life Design Workshop!

In this episode of The Empowered Possibilities Podcast, we are going to take you through a powerful experience, Just In Time For 2017!!! The Life Design Workshop! When we received the guidance to do this workshop we were AMPED! So there is no coincidence that you are listening. "The Life Design Workshop" was created to help individuals who are seeking to really create a life path in line with their life purpose. This Workshop will take you on a journey of full self discovery. You will grow...

Duration: 01:33:35

Ep. 1:3 Claim Your Power!

In this episode of The #EmpoweredPossibilities Podcast we are having a "Thought Talk" on Claiming Your Power and Owning it! Just so happened Chakra and J'ahmad were joined by Chakra's Daughter and soon to be Son In-law! Which increases the discussion to Claiming Your Power in your relationship and the people who support you on your journey.

Duration: 01:36:11

Ep. 1:2 - F.E.A.R: Face Everything And Rise! Part 1

Face Everything And Rise! Join our discussion on a deeper meaning of having faith during these recent events. Chakra Wanda and J'ahmad Kelly really makes a clear mindset of how to do just that, Have Faith. Learn more about The #EmpoweredPossibilities Podcast at Sorry J'ahmad microphone was having technical dificulties but he was still very powerful in the value he gave.

Duration: 00:33:04

Ep. 1:1 Meet The Hosts! Chakra Wanda and J'ahmad Kelly

Experience the recording live and join in the fun by signing-up In this introduction to The Empowered Possibilities Podcast, meet your Hosts and Highest Possibility Partners Chakra Wanda (International Spiritual Encourager) and J'ahmad Kelly (The Empowerement Coach). We started this co-creative experience to Empower You to Shift Into Your Highest Possibilities! We love you and we are listening. Learn more about the Hosts at

Duration: 00:42:14