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316 - Discussions: The Personal Computer

A more technology-centric episode in which Martin, alongside cohosts Dylan Hares and Jay Elliott, discuss the changing role of the personal computer and how it relates to artists, professionals, and the average consumer. We discuss the evolving role of the PC, and the blurred lines between a PC and a dedicated hardware appliance.

Duration: 01:08:02

315 - Shawn Hatfield

This week we speak to Shawn Hatfield, owner of Groove Music Studio and Appalachian Groove Records, based out of Leesburg, VA. A far-ranging conversation ensued touching on the state of music venues in Leesburg, starting a music business, advice for first-time audio engineers and music entrepreneurs, and how Groove got off the ground. Groove Studio: Appalachian Groove Records:

Duration: 00:30:04

314 - Bryan Fountain

This week we spoke with Bryan Fountain, a rapper, singer-songwriter, and electronic producer currently in Richmond, VA. We talked about his evolving songwriting style and his more recent exploration into melodic synthpop, his collaborators (including his other project Sweater Boyz), experiences in his life that influenced his music, his use of different online music platforms, and how he reconciles his evolving aesthetic and increasingly dynamic musical styles while maintaining a...

Duration: 00:48:39

313 - Kate Brunotts

This week we spoke to Kate Brunotts, a local singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer in Ashburn, VA. Kate has been playing at local venues for the past few years, and also has a presence on YouTube. Kate discusses starting a musical career on an online platform, as well as the kind of all-inclusive shows she performs in Leesburg, her musical influences, her recent branching out into electronic music, and future aspirations as a musician and humanitarian. Songs...

Duration: 00:33:17

312 - Viral Dalal

This week we spoke to Viral Dalal, a writer and software engineer in Loudoun County. Earlier this year, Viral released his first book; a personal account of his experience as a survivor of the historic 7.7 magnitude earthquake which struck Bhuj, India, on January 26, 2001. We discussed some of his life leading up to the event, the means by which he survived the disaster and coped with the aftermath, and the process of writing, editing, and releasing a book as a self-published independent...

Duration: 00:42:25

311 - Kelley Wills

This week we spoke to graphic artist Kelley Wills, a prolific creator of logos, flyers through her design firm Brain Flower Designs. We discussed the arts community of her home base of Harper's Ferry, WV, as well as the beginnings of her career in Charleston, SC. We also touched on the financial side of being a graphic artist, the tools she uses to create her flyers, and working with farms. Brain Flower...

Duration: 00:46:20

310 - Kid Brother

This week we met up with Leesburg indie-rock band Kid Brother outside their rehearsal space. We discussed the band's history, the changing roles of the arts community in Leesburg and Ashburn, Christian's experience growing up as a musician in Baltimore, handling press contacts (including recently being featured in the Loudoun Times-Mirror), booking, and their forthcoming tour. They also performed an acoustic rendition of their song "Pastels". Songs included: Kid Brother - Good...

Duration: 01:05:09

309 - Redephant (and gear talk)

This week, we're joined by Jimmy Romero, a prolific DIY artist from Sterling, frontman of solo projects Redephant and Broken Cartridge and member of bands Cazador and SCARY MERCEDES. We discussed recording equipment, the effect of using different tools on the artistic process, our experiences self-producing recordings, and influences. Jimmy's...

Duration: 02:04:30

308 - Milo In The Doldrums

This week we met up with indie rock band Milo In The Doldrums at their Fairfax City rehearsal space, and discussed their studio work, history and shifting lineups, the importance of fast-paced recording and releases, lessons learned from working at music venues, the decision-making process behind releasing music on streaming platforms, and long-term career goals. Present was Rob Mays, Reis Debruyne, Richard Smith, new drummer Ryan Burke, and touring bassist Ryan Wisgerhof. Milo in the...

Duration: 01:06:22

307 - Rebecca Wahls

This week we spoke to theatre artist Rebecca Wahls, a director in the DC area who most recently directed Dark Times at Grimesville High as part of the 2016 Capitol Fringe Festival. We discussed her upcoming effort We Found the Wild Things, the debut production from the Who What Where Theater Company, of which she is a founding member. Also discussed: her work with the Acting For Young People organization, the ability of theater companies in DC to adapt to current events and work outside of...

Duration: 01:25:00

306 - Jason Thompson

This week we spoke with Jason Thompson, a double bass player currently playing in the Colorado Springs Philharmonic. We discussed the business aspects of working as a classical musician, including freelancing, auditioning, and moving from orchestra to orchestra, as well as logistical challenges of rehearsing and instrument care. We also touched on the crossover between progressive metal and symphonic music, the social aspect of being a professional music, and double bass...

Duration: 00:47:18

305 - Melanie Shark

This week we spoke to Melanie Shark, a DC-area singer-songwriter who also records, produces, and distributes her own material both as a solo artist and a member of the duo Paradeux. We discussed her approach to songwriting, arranging, and DIY recording, as well as music distribution and ways to monetize music. Songs included: Melanie Shark - Shine Pradeux - Just as Ours Melanie Shark - Everything You Said Paradeux - Reveuse Courageuse Melanie Shark and Paradeux's...

Duration: 01:23:09

304 - Kevin Knight

This week we spoke to Kevin Knight, a prolific singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer based out of northern Virginia. We discussed his approach to songwriting and production, experiments with tape and studio technology, musical influences (both traditional and avant garde), and dogs. Songs included: Affirmations Listening Forgotten World/Some Kind of Bird Lonesome Howl Kevin Knight's bandcamp:

Duration: 01:22:04

303 - Comaboo/Pain Points (and Brett)

For this week's episode, we travel to Richmond, VA to meet returning guest Devon Jones and longtime collaborator first-time guest Brett Berman. We discuss playing and recording in Richmond, ways to focus on creative work, shifting between different genres, personal motivations behind songs, and Brett's amazing house. We also debut previously-unreleased material from Brett and Devon. Songs included: Pain Points - Little Nothing Brett Berman and Matt Borchert - whatever you want...

Duration: 03:04:47

302 - Alison Kurtz

This week's episode features Loudoun County artist Alison Kurtz, the featured artist this March at King Street Coffee in Leesburg. She discusses the evolving arts community in western Northern Virginia, the challenges faced by professional painters, the divide between the visual and musical arts communities, and the goal of making art as accessible and inclusive as possible. Alison Kurtz's work can be found at:

Duration: 02:45:23

301 - Woodgrove

This week's episode features Jared Hall of the self-styled "Paxil Pop" music project Woodgrove, ouwoodgrove.bandcamp.comt of Western Loudoun. Jared discusses the transition from his previous group, Atoka Chase, as well as his creative process as a solo artist, challenges he faces working in Loudoun, and the tools he uses as a DIY musician. Songs included: Woodgrove - Broken Glass (Oracular Rhythm: Repetitive Hymn) Woodgrove - Something Stolen Woodgrove - Green Eyed Ghost Woodgrove's...

Duration: 01:14:51

202 - Old Souls Singer-Songwriter Showcase

On March 5, 2016, a concert took place at Epicure Cafe in the city of Fairfax, Virginia, presented by Sarah A. Foote and Ryan Durbin, featuring original music performed by intelligient, creative, and reflective young women. This week's episode features highlights of the show, recorded by Martin and hosted by Sarah Foote. A Q/A session with the artist is also included. Songs included: Helen Aire: Stayed Share Today Matches Graypea (Emily McGrath): Little Old Big Me What You...

Duration: 01:22:32

201 - Fake Bodies

This week's episode features the entirety of Woodbridge, VA-area punk outfit Fake Bodies, who discusses their latest release, "Sad Tales of a Trapezoid", their approach to songwriting, and the unique challenges faced by a young DIY punk band in Woodbridge. Songs included: Fake Bodies - Sad Tales of a Trapezoid Fake Bodies - Stupidity Fake Bodies - What Now Fake Bodies' website:

Duration: 00:39:43

108 - Walkabout

This week's episode features Drew Hyde, Doug Finch, Connor Doyle, and Jesse Harman of Fairfax County indie rock band Walkabout. The band discusses their influences, and their approach to songwriting and performing. Other topics touched upon include the musical community at George Mason University, the band's preferred frequency of rehearsals, and future plans for recording and performing. Selections off of their current release "It's All Make Believe" and upcoming EP "Coyote Beach Club"...

Duration: 00:57:13

107 - Foster Carrots

This week's episode features Felix Donate-Perez of Foster Carrots, which operates out of Arlington, VA and Kalamazoo, Michigan. The interview, conducted remotely from Kalamazoo, touches on Felix's approach to songwriting, musical and lyrical composition, recording techniques, influences, and future goals for Foster Carrots. Songs included: Foster Carrots - ghost party Foster Carrots - drowning Skinky - urgency Foster Carrots - sixteen Foster Carrots'...

Duration: 00:44:17

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