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Episode 46: Mike Duncan & The Storm before the Storm

We talk to podcaster and author Mike Duncan about his book, podcasting, Roman history, and more. Thanks to Mike for joining us -- and everyone, go get his book, it's great! Show Notes The History of Rome Podcast Revolutions Podcast The Storm before the Storm: The Beginning of the End of the Roman Republic Our Patreon page iTunes link Stitcher link Google Play Music link This podcast episode on YouTube The Endless Knot RSS Subscribe Sign up with your email address to be notified...

Duration: 01:19:55

Episode 45: Costumes & the Language of Fashion

Our Hallowe'en themed episode this year is about costumes -- and etymologies and origin stories of a whole bunch of iconic items of clothing. We talk about the semiotics of fashion, the many varieties of the toga, and hats that caused fainting fits, and finish off with a couple of spooky Roman stories! Also, check out this year's Hallowe'en video, on words for Ghost. Show Notes #2PodsADay Werewolf Cocktail recipe "Costume" video "Jack o'Lantern" video Ep 22: Jack o'Lantern...

Duration: 01:17:10

Episode 44: "Us" & "Them" in the Ancient & Anglo-Saxon Worlds

What words did the Greeks, Romans, and Anglo-Saxons use to talk about different groups of people? What differences did they think were important? How do those compare to modern conceptions of ethnicity, national identity, or race? We try to give some basic background on this complicated question, starting with the etymology of the vocabulary and addressing some of the ways differences were conceptualized. Show Notes Video on the Anglo-Saxon Invasion, collaboration with Jabzy Ethnicity in...

Duration: 01:12:12

Episode 43: Hercules the Much-Filmed

Time to talk about the greatest hero of them all! Why are there so many movies about Hercules? Why do they all have lions and snakes in them, but no journeys to the underworld, and only a sprinkling of family murder? Who's the most Herculean Hercules, and how did Mr. Universe do in the role? And, most importantly, how much virtue is in every part of the mighty Hercules??? Show Notes The Atlas Cocktail Movies discussed: Hercules, 1957, Steve Reeves Hercules in New York, 1969, Arnold...

Duration: 00:59:17

Episode 42: Bugging Out!

We discuss the murky origins of the word 'Bug', some Latin & Greek words for insects, ancient notions of authorship, medieval guild secrets, and the history of patents. Also, sacred geese, burglar alarms, and a Latin mock-epic about a heroic gnat! Show Notes Song Exploder podcast Jóhann Jóhannsson Grose’s slang dictionary History of English Podcast Hughes Telegraph Printing The Gnat and other Minor Poems of Virgil translated by David R. Slavitt Our Patreon page iTunes...

Duration: 01:03:40

Episode 41: Arrival, Linguistics, & Time

We're declaring this the first episode of Season 3 of the podcast! In this episode, long after everyone else has talked about it, we review the movie Arrival and discuss the linguistic and philosophical issues that it raises, including of course the infamous Sapir-Whorf hypothesis. Oh, and check out our attempt at creating a theme cocktail! Show Notes Arrival Lexicon Valley Podcast -- Arrival episode Talk the Talk Podcast -- Arrival episode Lingthusiasm Podcast -- Arrival...

Duration: 00:53:56

Episode 40: The Cottage, Language, & Poetry

We're back at the cottage, and this time we're talking to Ian and Susan McMaster about language, computer programming, poetry, music, theatre, and more, as we chat about the serendipitous connections that led to careers, performances, and relationships. Along the way we play a few tracks of Susan McMaster's poetry, more of which (both texts and recordings) can be found at her website. Susan's recent publications include Crossing Arcs: Alzheimer's, My Mother, and Me and Lizard Love: Artists...

Duration: 01:00:32