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Returning January 3, 2018

The Engaging Missions Show will be returning January 3, 2018. Here's what's going on and how you can find more great podcasts while you're waiting.

Duration: 00:02:11

From Church Plant Worship Leader To Life After Fat Pants, with Jeremy Rochford - EM220

What would move a church plant worship leader into the marketplace as a weight loss expert helping release people from a stronghold in their lives? Listen as Jeremy Rochford talks about Life After Fat Pants.

Duration: 00:50:50

The Burmese Karen Refugee: How to Love & Serve Like Jesus, with Bob Druecker

A struggling church and oppressed refugees set the stage for an incredible move of God. Listen as Bob Druecker shares about how compassion led him back to the church and what God's done at All Saints in Smyrna, TN.

Duration: 00:42:08

How to Get the Most From Special Events - EM218

Just attending a missions event might not be enough. You want to get the most out of it and what I did at the recent Big Podcast Boot Camp might help you get the most out of your next event.

Duration: 00:25:22

The Lost Word: How to Let Jesus Lead in the Church, with Steve Simms – EM217

There's more than one way to approach a church service. Discover what happens when we make space for open sharing. How God leads and also protects His people - and what's coming next for Steve Simms and his church.

Duration: 00:42:10

How to Show God’s Love Through Missions and Convoy of Hope, with Terry Hoggard – EM216

Showing God's love through humanitarian aid can be challenging. There are many opportunities to make mistakes. Listen as Terry Hoggard shares his missionary experiences and what he's doing with Convoy of Hope.

Duration: 00:52:15

How to Raise Up Multicultural Leaders in the World, with Ramon Pastrano IV

How does our cultural view shape our actions? As Ramon Pastrano IV shares, it's important to have a full, multicultural perspective that honors people to avoid devaluing people or creating more problems than we fix.

Duration: 00:55:35

12 New Churches in the World in 15 Years, with Ernie Peacock

Have you ever wondered what God is up to? Well, as Ernie Peacock shares, He's moving powerfully. Listen as he shares about church planting, cross-cultural ministry, God's call, and a new opportunity. Be inspired!

Duration: 00:46:50

The Wounded Shepherd: How to Find Healing and Hope, with Kevin Moore

What happens when a pastor, missionary, or church planter gets wounded? What happens to them and the people they minister to? How does healing come? Listen as Kevin Moore shares how God is working in his life.

Duration: 00:51:57

How to Sow Seeds of Good News in the World, with Mark McGoldrick

Can God move in unexpected places? Does he love ALL people? Listen as Mark McGoldrick shares his story of redemption and how God is moving in exciting ways in Atlanta, GA.

Duration: 00:50:17

Learning about the Life of Jesus on Earth, with Scott Stripling

Does it feel like people either discount science or faith to believe in the other? Scott Stripling shares how, in pursuing truth, He's able to look to truth in archaeology and see truth in the Bible as well.

Duration: 00:51:20

How To Write Great Missionary Support Letters, with Aaron Babyar

Wondering how some missionaries seem to "find" time to write support letters? Listen as Aaron Babyar shares some keys to bringing life to your partner letters and even talks about how to deal with security issues.

Duration: 00:50:01

Cherishing Time: How to Spend It Wisely with God, with Stephen Hamilton

Ministering in and to a community can get overwhelming. Crazy, even. And when it does, it can be easy to lose focus. Outreach Pastor Stephen Hamilton joins us and shares how he protects his most cherished time.

Duration: 00:25:41

Bible Stories and How to Be More Productive in World Missions, with Bryan Thompson

Have you ever wondered how missionaries who travel a lot stay on top of things? Listen as Bryan Thompson shares a few of his ministry productivity secrets and how God has been using Bible stories around the world.

Duration: 00:50:52

Partnerships in Missions: How to be Flexible and Humble

Do missions trips sometimes seem out of balance? They don't have to be! Listen as Gena Thomas shares how, by understanding different kinds of trips and being sensitive, we can both give and receive.

Duration: 00:37:10

How to Prepare to Lead a Powerful Missions Trip, with Bruce Coble – EM203

When missions trips are done well, they can change the world and transform lives. Listen to discover three keys to powerful preparation and five secrets to lead great devotions

Duration: 00:38:16

The Simple Glory of Following Jesus One Step at a Time, with Nellie Ramirez – EM202

Wondering what God has for you? Listen as Nellie Ramirez shares how God used an empty tank of gas to start a Church because she did one simple thing. Something that's guided her life for years.

Duration: 00:48:50

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