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Listen to a fun and informative Radio Morning show!

Listen to a fun and informative Radio Morning show!
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Listen to a fun and informative Radio Morning show!




Most Expensive House, News From Florida, & Love Pile

Today my co-host brandon is still out of town, but we still have a great show, beginning with the most expensive house in America! $250,000,000 US dollars! That's an insane amount of money! with 3,530 Sq meters (38,000 Sq feet), 12 bedrooms, 21 bathrooms, three kitchewns, and a helipad, only the craziest rich guys would even consider buying this house! What is your house like? In the audio file, I speak about the house i own with my wife, and why I would never buy a place like this...

Duration: 00:30:34

MLK Day, DMV Pennies, & Nazi Shoes

Monday was Martin Luther King Jr day here in America. If you don't know who King was, he is an incredibly important figure in American history who fought for civil rights for all minorities in the 1960's. He was assasinated by a bullet to the head and is now remembered on the 3rd monday of January each year. To honor him, we begin with a quiz - "Know Your King" where Brandon tests his knowledge of pop culture questions with the word "King" somewhere in the answer. Then, we discuss many...

Duration: 00:35:42

Holiday Pile, Zombie Christmas, & Nazi Teenagers

Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! The holiday season is upon us! I thought it would be interesting to discuss some holiday news, including some examples of children writing to Santa Claus and what they say. Another Christmas tradition is going to meet santa at your local mall - well about 27% of dog owners are now taking their pets to sit on santa's lap... why??? I have no earthly clue. The holiday photo industry is a 2.2 Billion dollar market though! So at least Santa doesnt mind! Then in...

Duration: 00:29:46

Listener Mail, Technology Pile, & Names Women Hate To Be Called

Why on earth do people keep listening to us? Oh, right, because GOOD TALENT is HARD TO FIND! You want a radio show you can connect with, and feel comfortable listening to. Well, you probably don’t want to actually admit you listen, but that sure doesn’t keep you from writing in or otherwise commenting on our show! That’s why we ... Read More

Duration: 00:31:36

Strange Thanksgiving Invitation, Black Friday, Trump Tattoo, Holiday Foods & Dirty Habits

Have you ever gotten a text message from a stranger? Did you start conversing with the stranger, or just ignore it? What would you when the stranger invites you to Thanksgiving dinner? One man in Mesa Arizona let the unsuspecting Grandma know that, no, I’m not your grandson… “Can I still get a plate tho?” Today’s 30 minute radio program ... Read More

Duration: 00:32:32

Trump Firsts, Jerk Test, & AOL Uber Driver

So, the election is over and Donald Trump will soon take over as the 45th president. We don’t want to get too into the controversy surrounding his election, so we instead bring you a variety of interesting Donald Trump firsts. You can listen to the full radio program by downloading the audio file directly here. Read below to find out ... Read More

Duration: 00:32:33

Soup Personalities, Russia Freezing Heads, Using Plastic Bags Argument

What is your favorite type of soup? Can your preference tell you what kind of person you’ll be most attracted to? Psychologists have discovered an astonishing link between what you ladle into a bowl and what kind of man will really bring your passion to a boil. A recent study shows that a woman’s choice of soup reveals her ideal ... Read More

Duration: 00:32:30

Halloween Facts in America, Blondes are Smart, & Presidential Politics

Of course the big news in America these days is the impending Presidential election between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Until about a week ago, it seemed Hillary was well on her way to clinching the election – but, uh oh now it looks like the FBI has reopened the investigation into her private email server, with 650,000 new pieces ... Read More

Duration: 00:30:07

Political Pile


Duration: 00:37:43

Homeless Showers In The Park, Man Tried 4 Times For Murder, & Travel Pile

Homeless people. Where are they supposed to take showers? They don’t have an actual shower to use, and you can’t always use a public bathroom sink, so what do you do? Apparently, you go to a public park, break off one of the sprinkler heads, and shower that way. Never mind that single shower is using about 900 gallons before ... Read More

Duration: 00:34:22

Love Gone Wrong, Things NOT to Say To A Pregnant Woman, Pet Pile, & Criminals

We begin this week’s program with a story of love. A 68 year old man with two failed marriages won the lottery, and is now married to a 24 year old stripper. Unfortunately, something went wrong in this relationship too (and no, it’s not what you’re thinking). Despite the MAJOR issue in their relationship, these crazy kids are vowing to ... Read More

Duration: 00:32:59

Popular Animals, Biggest Regrets, & The Food Pile: Jokes About Coffee

Today on the radio program, we start with the most popular animals people keep as pets – what do you think? Are dogs more popular pets, or are cats? Plus we go over the numbers of people keeping exotic animals like tigers. Are you “Going Green“? How about your significant other? It turns out that when one partner goes green, ... Read More

Duration: 00:32:00

Dumb Things Make You Angry, Listener Mail, Cartoon Quiz, & Political Pile

Today we begin with the small dumb things that shouldn’t make you angry, but DO. things such as going to the restroom only to discover that someone else just used the last of the toilet paper – and didn’t replace it with new roll. Or missing a call by 2 seconds, immediately calling back, and then they don’t answer. We ... Read More

Duration: 00:31:46

Bailing on a Bad Date & Reasons You Will NEVER be Rich!

Have you ever been on a really bad date before? The kind you regret going on about 14 seconds after it starts? If so, how do you get yourself out of a bad situation? According to cosmo magazine, Lie, Lie, Tell the truth, or Run. We'll go over the whole list on today's edition of The English Express Radio Podcast. Click here to download today's audio file directly. Then we go into the Money Pile. We begin with self-made millionaire Steve Siebold's reasons why you have absolutely 0 shot at...

Duration: 00:39:56

Trivia, Terrible English Phrases & The Fat Pile

We start the show with the item that a survey says 55% of Americans keep in their cars, which is weird because I've been in a lot of cars and I've never known anyone who carries this around with them. We also find out what the average cost of owning a dog is, how many purses a woman will own in her lifetime, and the best board game ever. Download the show audio file for free right here Then we go into a list of English phrases that writer T.R. Slyder of the Chicago Tribune says will make...

Duration: 00:34:07

Money, Kids, & Animal Pile


Duration: 00:39:13

Death, Religion, & Marriage

Someone has left us a review online at! I had hardly put up the new link so people cn leave comments, when I got one. Only one so far though, so 1) listen to the show and then 2) visit the website and leave us some reviews! In the meantime click here to download this week's show on the subject of Death, Religion and Marriage. Death pile: So today we start the show with some truly corny jokes- including historical jokes. Then we get into a Death Pile- which starts with...

Duration: 00:33:15

Rickrolled!, Annoying men, & The Breakup Pile

Remember a few years back, when you would click on what looked like was going to be an awesome video or song that you'd been waiting to see/hear, and instead of that song you would get Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up" instead? They called it getting "Rickrolled". Well ol' Rick hasn't had a hit since the 80's, but out of nowhere he's popular again! Obviously he's thrilled with his new album "50" which has hit the top of the charts in the...

Duration: 00:35:22

Annoying Women, Soccer Sucks, & Space Alien Pile

If you're a woman, have you ever been hanging out with your man, and started a conversation... about having a conversation? Not actually talking about anything, but all about the talks you have had in the past, or a talk about "why we never talk anymore?" Or have you ever asked questions that can't be answered? Something like whether or not a particular pair of pants makes you look fatter? As if a right answer to that question even existed. How about hassling your man about why he watches...

Duration: 00:43:36

Listener Mail: Our Show Is Scripted & WTFlorida

This podcast talks about everything: books, art, daily routine- is it easy for us? Do we improvise? Do we script the show out beforehand and know what we’re going to say? This question comes in from listener Yelizaveta in Ukraine, and the answer of course is no, we don’t script the show. However today we thought it would be fun to see what it would be like if we DID script the show. So, we tell a series of stories and celebrity actor Charlie Sheen calls in to the show! We also read letters...

Duration: 00:31:17

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