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47: The Disaster Artist & The Room

2018 is here and it’s tearing us apart! Not actually. First episode of the new year is here as Hosts Jessica Kwazz (@JessKwazz) and Brandon M. Prosek (@TheProze) talk about James Franco’s masterpiece The Disaster Artist which was adapted from a book which was about the making of the cultural phenomenon The Room. Not “Room” with Brie Larson but THE ROOM. The movie considered the worst of all time. We dive into everything nerdy that comes with this strange story of Tommy Wiseau making the...

Duration: 01:29:30

46: Star Wars Debate & The Last Jedi Review

Star Wars is here! Merry Christmas to all of our listeners on this episode host Jessica Kwazz (@JessKwazz) and Brandon M. Prosek (@TheProze) chat about one of, if not the biggest franchise of all time. Brandon poses a discussion topic if any of the new films from Lucasfilm can ever top the original trilogy. Afterwards the team dives into their thoughts on Star Wars Episode VIII The Last Jedi. Don’t worry there will be a spoiler warning once that point is reached. May the force be with...

Duration: 01:10:30

Film Tweakers 4: Star Wars The Force Awakens

Film Tweakers is back! The force is with us as hosts Brandon M. Prosek (@TheProze) and Josh Sibley (@JScottSibley) chat about Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens. This was recorded 24 hours before the premiere of Episode VIII The Last Jedi so no worries there are no spoilers for that film in this podcast. How would you have tweaked Force Awakens 2 years removed from JJ Abrams returning the franchise to glory? Comment your tweaks for discussion. Check out if...

Duration: 00:36:49

45: Favorite TV Comedy Families

We hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving! We apologize for the delay of the episode as we have been dealing with host Jessica Kwazz (@JessKwazz) moving states and Brandon M. Prosek (@TheProze) got the flu and was out of commission for most of last week. This was our Thanksgiving episode where hosts chatted about their favorite families from TV comedies that remind them of their own families or are just the most entertaining to watch. Check out if you’d like to...

Duration: 00:52:48

44: TV Shows That Ended Too Soon

Love a TV show that was cancelled way too soon? Hosts Brandon M. Prosek (@TheProze) and Jessica Kwazz (@JessKwazz) talk all about their favorite TV shows that were given the axe way too soon. Some only lasted a season while some lasted a few, but we all know they deserved so much more. What’s your favorite show that was taken away too early? Check out if you’d like to donate to our company for more content E-mail us at if you have a...

Duration: 01:12:31

43: Movies That SCARED Us as Kids

Happy Halloween people! Instead going the obvious route of discussing horror movies, hosts Brandon M. Prosek (@TheProze) and Jessica Kwazz (@JessKwazz) breakdown films that scared them when they were kids. Even if some of those are totally not in the realm of horror but just not something they should have watched in their adolesence. Check out if you’d like to donate to our company for more content E-mail us at if you have a certain...

Duration: 01:05:06

41: Fall & Winter Movie Preview 2017

Fall is officially here! That means Star Wars, Disaster Artist, Justice League and tons more. Hosts Brandon M. Prosek (@TheProze) and Jessica Kwazz (@JessKwazz) just spoke all about how great the summer season was in episode 40. In episode 41 they decide to breakdown the upcoming Fall and Winter as we wrap up the final few months of 2017. Also find out why Jess is starting her own hashtag #BarryJenkinsforFlash Check out if you’d like to donate to our company for...

Duration: 01:50:54

39: Game of Thrones Season 7 Discussion & New Host!

Winter is here as Game of Thrones season 7 just ended! Host Brandon M. Prosek (@TheProze) gets deep down on the incredible latest season of the HBO Fantasy. We officially welcome Jessica Kwazz (@JessKwazz) as a new host of the podcast too. Spoiler warning for season 7 and all things for Thrones nerds. Check out if you’d like to donate to our company for more content E-mail us at if you have a certain topic you’d like us to discuss. Be...

Duration: 01:38:28

38: Best Movies That Are The WORST w/ Jessica Kwazz

We apologize for the super late episode! Technical difficulties delayed our episode but it’s finally here. Chicago listeners, Entertainment Buffet’s Original Dark Comedy Play “How Does That Make You Feel?” is coming to Stage 773 in Chicago THIS AUGUST 10th-13th & 17th-20th. Buy TICKETS here or call (773) 327-5252. Use Promo code “BUDDY” for $3 off and remember a percentage of all ticket sales will go to charities geared towards Suicide Prevention and Mental Health. This time Host Brandon...

Duration: 01:20:01

Episode 36: Movie Homework Swap

Happy 4th of July! This time Hosts Alaina Stroud (@StroudAlaina) and Brandon M. Prosek (@TheProze) gave each other some movies the other hadn’t seen. They discuss whether the hyped lived up to the other! Alaina was given Dodgeball and Deadpool by Brandon. Alaina gave Brandon How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days and Clueless. See who liked which film after their first viewing. We have an original dark comedy play coming to Chicago in August at Stage 773, stay tuned for ticketing...

Duration: 01:14:55

35: Top 7 TV Comedy Shows

Ranking time again! This time Hosts Alaina Stroud (@StroudAlaina) and Brandon M. Prosek (@TheProze) break down their favorite Top 7 TV Comedy shows. Lots of fun and laughs in episodes 35 PLEASE go support our Indiegogo for our original dark comedy play coming to Chicago in the middle of August to Stage 773! E-mail us at if you have a certain topic you’d like us to discuss. Be sure to SUBSCRIBE on iTunes LEAVE a Review...

Duration: 01:32:37

33: Disney Remaking Animations Debate

Disney is adapting a lot of their classics to live action to cash in on their nostalgic fans. Do you wish they continued these remakes? Or would you prefer they tackle original movies? Hosts Alaina Stroud (@StroudAlaina) and Brandon M. Prosek (@TheProze) continue their discussion that started back in episode 31 regarding original films. Friends Jerry Gonzalez (@Jerrythe_Jerry) and Kaela Chavero are special guests on this episode to join the disney discussion. E-mail us at...

Duration: 01:09:51

27: Top 10 Favorite Comedy Films

1 year anniversary of the podcast is here! To celebrate we have a new host Alaina Stroud! She sits down with fellow host Brandon M. Prosek to breakdown their Top 10 Favorite Comedy Films. We’ll hear all about comedies from classics in the 70’s all the way to modern day raunchy films. We even try a new game/segment of the podcast where we try to modernify classic movie quotes. If you’re in the Chicago area come check out Entertainment Buffet’s first ever play we are hosting a live-read for...

Duration: 01:13:53

26: Romantic Comedies Good or Bad? w/ Alaina Stroud

Valentine’s Day is here and what better way to chat about this fake holiday that romantic comedies. Are they good or bad? Host Brandon M. Prosek (@TheProze) sits down with actress Alaina Stroud to talk all about rom-coms and whether they are all cheesy or there are quality films in there. Some more of our latest sketches: Christmas Present sketch comedy Christmas Party Sketch Starring Alaina Stroud Be sure to SUBSCRIBE on...

Duration: 00:50:50

24: Movie Awards Season Discussion w/ Josh Sibley

And the Oscar goes to… we don’t know yet! But it is awards season as host Brandon M. Prosek (@TheProze) sits down with one of his co-hosts Josh Sibley (@JscottSibley) to talk all about the Golden Globes, Academy Awards, Oscar Bait, Oscar Snubs and just everything they can think of! Check out the latest two sketches from Entertainment Buffet below we did for the holidays below. Christmas Present sketch comedy Christmas Party sketch comedy...

Duration: 00:56:09

23: Star Wars & Rogue One Chat w/ Jerry Gonzalez

Happy new year listeners! To kick off 2017, we sit down to chat all about Star Wars, Rogue One, The Force Awakens, Episode VIII and the future of the Star Wars franchise. Host Brandon M. Prosek (@TheProze) chats it up with writer/director/editor/VO artist and creator of the channel Residence Beyond Jerry Gonzalez (@Jerrythe_Jerry). Check out the latest two sketches from Entertainment Buffet below we did for the holidays. Christmas Present sketch comedy...

Duration: 01:12:17

22: Favorite Christmas Movies w/ Jamie Jirak

Merry Christmas from everyone here at Entertainment Buffet! To celebrate the holidays host Brandon M. Prosek (@TheProze) sits down with writer/performer Jamie Jirak (@JamieCinematics) to discuss their favorite and all the best Christmas movies such as A Christmas Story, Jingle All the Way and obviously Die Hard. Christmas Present sketch comedy Christmas Party sketch comedy Enjoy more videos like our two Christmas sketches above...

Duration: 00:55:54

17: Craig Deering from Evil Iguana Productions Talks Directing/Acting

Directing and Acting can be super difficult! Host Brandon M. Prosek sits down with Craig Deering Co-Creator of Evil Iguana Productions to talk about juggling those two roles on a set together. Craig with his partner Allen from Evil Iguana were actually big inspirations to Brandon way back in 2008 which lead to the eventual creation of Entertainment Buffet. So without those guys this podcast may not even have ever existed! Enjoy! Go also listen to episode 14 when we sat down with Allen...

Duration: 00:58:53

13: Movie Trailer Talk w/ Charlie Duber

Movie Trailers can literally make or break whether you go to see a movie in theaters! Host Brandon M. Prosek sits down with high school buddy and fellow podcaster Charlie Duber (host of Movie Trailer Trash & The Brothers Marvel) to talk what makes great or terrible trailers. If you’d like to see Charlie and Brandon’s high school improv web series click here:

Duration: 01:11:58

11: Game of Thrones Season 6 Review w/ Alicia Wilson & Caleb Jones

Game of Thrones season 6 has come and gone in an explosive fashion! Host Brandon M. Prosek sits down with fellow super nerd Game of Thrones fans Alicia Wilson and Caleb Jones to talk about the season 6 finale as well as recap/discuss the entire season. Beware of spoilers and stay tuned for episode 12 where we talk season 7 predictions.
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