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039: The Truth About Detox with Josh Gitalis

Have you ever felt like you just need a detox? Like maybe you should stop eating for three days or down a boatload of charcoal or something? People come into my office every day asking for help with detox. I wanted to bring someone onto the podcast who understands detox. Josh Gitalis understands exposure and deals with the process of detox on a daily basis in his own practice. He has developed a series of online programs to help you identify exposures in your own life. Josh is also a...

Duration: 00:47:27

038: Women’s Health Taboo: The Pill with Dr. Jolene Brighten

If there is one topic that is a taboo pertaining to women’s health, it is our reproductive rights. More specifically, the birth control pill. This is a topic that I have tried to pull guests into in past episodes, but no one quite wants to touch it. Well, there is one person that I knew would be brave enough to go there. Dr. Jolene Brighten’s area of expertise is understanding the hormonal environment of the women she treats and the impacts of their medications, including the birth control...

Duration: 00:54:42

037: Prevention and Precision Medicine with Dr. Leigh Arseneau

The last time I had a chance to chat with this particular guest we were on a bus on our way to Banff because we sit on a medical advisory committee together. Dr. Leigh Arseneau has the capacity to take any health concept and dig deeper and deeper. We went off on tangents; we found ourselves in holes but the key thing that happened in our conversation today was that we managed to consistently paddle upstream. If you are looking for the answers and the pill that matches the outcome, this is...

Duration: 00:52:09

036: Your Story Shapes Your Destiny with James Erdt

This was a very compelling interview because of the story it opened with. James Erdt transitioned from a place of darkness and crime in his youth to a way of living that inspires entrepreneurs and everyone around him to be better. This interview is somewhat like a self-help novel, but most importantly it speaks to the truth that each of us has a story of our own, and our stories enable us to do the work we are meant to do in the world. Key Takeaways: [2:31] When James Erdt was just...

Duration: 00:46:56

035: A Natural Path to Treating Lyme Disease and Stealth Infections with Dr. Marie Matheson, ND

Today’s interview is with a fellow Naturopathic Doctor, Marie Matheson. Marie practices in Ottawa and the almost exclusive focus of her practice is Lyme disease and associated chronic infections. While you may at first glance think that this doesn’t apply to you, I couldn’t disagree more. You see, at the end of the day, when we back up and try to understand where disease comes from, it usually comes from two sources: infections and exposures. We don’t just talk about Lyme, we talk about...

Duration: 01:02:07

034: Optimizing Performance Through the Gut Brain Axis with Dr. Vincent Pedre

Today’s guest is someone I met at the gym, at a conference for health entrepreneurs. I had the fortunate experience of running into Dr. Vincent Pedre there at the gym and then later that day at a cocktail party, where we struck up a fascinating conversation about his transition from practicing internal medicine to practicing functional medicine, and how he healed his own digestive issues. In today’s conversation, we go from discussing disease and the influence of the gut on chronic...

Duration: 00:58:34

033: You Are Already a High Performer with Sylvie Tetrault

A few weeks ago I was speaking at an event called Mind Body Reset, and one of the speakers that came before me was Sylvie Tetrault. Sylvie is a holistic nutritionist, a trainer, and the host of the Championship Lifestyle Podcast. The focus of Sylvie’s career is getting all of us to execute as high performers. Sylvie shared so much great wisdom that I approached her after the event and asked her to come on the podcast and talk to my audience. Today I had the pleasure of sitting down with...

Duration: 00:44:06

032: What Diabetes and Hurricanes Have in Common with Dr. Meghan Walker, ND

On Friday I gave a talk at Mind Body Reset entitled “What Diabetes and Hurricanes Have in Common.” This episode, based on that talk, is a call to action for all of you. I can’t think of a better audience to speak to on this topic because those of you who are listening are the doers of this world. You’re not people who are okay or satisfied with fine, and you are people who are willing to pick up a call to action and do something. We need to do something good for this world. I honestly...

Duration: 00:27:46

031: Scaling Your Wellness Business and Living Life on Purpose with Lori Kennedy

Today’s interview was a real pleasure for me. I had the opportunity to interview someone that I both admire and consider a friend, Lori Kennedy. Lori is a holistic nutritionist by background and has gone on to build an online business where she teaches other practitioners how to scale their impact and their message in the online space. What’s remarkable to me is not necessarily the business that Lori has built, but the life she has built. Far too often we sit back and envy what other...

Duration: 00:46:26

030: A Natural Road to Mental Health with Dr. John Dempster

Today I sat down with a friend and colleague, Dr. John Dempster, ND. Over the last several years, Dr. Dempster has developed a real passion for addressing mental health, both within his patient population and in the broader entrepreneurial world through some of his online summits. We got into some of the things that we both feel are missing in the lives of our patients that set them up to be more at risk for inability to manage anxiety and depression on a daily basis. John goes on to...

Duration: 00:42:19

029: Do You Have The Entrepreneurial Personality Type?

Alex Charfen first became an entrepreneur during his teenage years and learned some very important lessons about business through early failures. At his peak of his financial success, he found himself incredibly unhealthy and stressed out. Understanding he needed to change, he created a wildly successful real estate business with his wife and began living life on his own terms. Finally, when Alex was ready to sit down and write his own book to help entrepreneurs, he had to take a step...

Duration: 00:59:45

028: Finding Balance with Dr. Meghan Walker

In today’s show, I’m switching things up a bit, and I do not have a guest to interview! Between every 10-15 guests, we’ll take a mini break from that format, and go into a solo show. So, today’s solo show is about achieving balance in your life, especially as we transition from summer into the fall. I was watching my daughter ride her bike without training wheels the other day, and some inspiration came to how riding a bicycle is the perfect metaphor for living our real life....

Duration: 00:19:00

027: Wealth Wisdom with David Binns

In today’s show I got to have a really cool conversation. We talked about something that everyone thinks about, but no one really wants to talk about, and that is money. Money is an issue, and whether we like it or not, we all hold beliefs around money. Some of us believe that money is a bad thing, that it is evil. Others have evolved to a place where they allow money to flow into their lives freely and easily. We hear about these people; they are like myths, like mermaids. It’s rare to...

Duration: 00:38:34

026: Hormones, Money Mindset and Birth Control with Samantha Gladish

Today I sat down with Samantha Gladish. Samantha is a nutritionist by background, health crusader and a renowned online entrepreneur. While I thought we were actually going to talk about health, where we went with this conversation was really getting to know the fundamentals that entrepreneurs require to be effective in this world. We broke through some of the commonly-held beliefs that hold people back in terms of being able to achieve what they want to achieve, and then we got into...

Duration: 00:51:55

025: The Ingredients for All-Day Energy with Heather Allen

Today I sat down with Heather Allen. Heather is a nutritionist, an entrepreneur, and all around community builder. She’s a queen on Instagram and someone you absolutely have to know. Heather has a love affair with food, and has an innate capacity to take complicated concepts and turn them into something simple that you can easily cook up in your own kitchen. We talked about fermented food, building community, and the concept of “hangry,” and the blood sugar balancing that we all need to do...

Duration: 00:40:18

024: Using Ketosis to Optimize Your Brain, Body and Microbiome with Mike Mutzel

Today’s interview was really interesting for me. I sat down with Mike Mutzel, the author of Belly Fat Effect. He’s also the host of High Intensity Health, a practitioner, and someone who has immersed himself in this field since he was a teenager. We talked about a lot of things, but mostly we dove deep into the concept of the ketogenic diet. This is actually a concept that, previous to this interview, I wasn’t particularly familiar with. I was used to talking about ketosis from a medical...

Duration: 00:52:07

023: A Holistic Approach to Hormonal Health with Dr. Kristy Prouse

Today I’m joined by Dr. Kristy Prouse. Dr. Prouse is an OBGYN who has gone on to discover the world of functional medicine. Dr. Prouse is an associate professor at the University of Toronto and is the founder and chief medical officer at the Institute for Hormonal Health. She has walked the full spectrum of medical experience, and she has landed at a place where she is able to address people’s health through a lens of hormonal balance, with so many tools in front of her. We had a really...

Duration: 00:48:55

022: The Future of Medicine with James Maskell

Today I sat down with James Maskell. James is an entrepreneur in the functional medicine space. Over ten years ago he started his career as an i-banker and realized that wasn’t the ladder he wanted to climb. He transitioned from that career on Wall Street to selling homeopathic products to doctors. He had a natural ability to navigate a landscape and spot problems as they arose. A natural entrepreneur, James has gone on to speak on platforms such as TedMed and TEDx, and is now the host of...

Duration: 00:41:29

021: Genetic Testing and Optimizing Entrepreneurs with Dr. Mansoor Mohammed

At the end of each of my podcasts I ask my guest this question: “Entrepreneurism, are we born this way, or do we learn to become entrepreneurs?” Never has this question been as loaded as it was for my guest today. Dr. Mansoor Mohammed is a clinical geneticist, and we discussed the correlation and connection between our genetic makeup, our DNA, and our potential and capacity for optimization. We weren’t looking at genetics from the perspective of markers for disease, but rather we went deep...

Duration: 01:00:47

020: Tantra and the Power of Intuition with Katrina Bos

Today I sat down with Katrina Bos. Katrina is an author, a cancer survivor, a mother, a mathematician and a teacher of tantra. Tantra, as Katrina will explain, is not about yoga or sex or weird kinky things, it’s about connecting with people and finding a true state of intimacy. Our conversation was so interesting because it wasn’t just about sexuality or connection, it was about how we leverage these things to connect to who we are as women, and who we are as go-getters in this world....

Duration: 00:58:14

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