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056: Conscious Uncoupling. The Mindset of Moving Forward with Gratitude with Diana Mikas

I don’t know how to describe my next guest, other than to say that she’s a divorce doula. Diana Mikas is someone whom I’ve known for a very long time and have so much admiration and respect for, in regards to her journey and passion for helping women. Diana experienced divorced after nearly 20 years of marriage, 3 kids, and what she thought was a consistent and predictable path forward. Listening to her journey, insight, and the power with which she re-claimed her life is nothing short of...


055: Can We Prevent Breast Cancer? with Stacey Foat

Have you ever had this experience where you wake up and you feel like your body is out of control? Painful periods, hot flashes — your symptoms and your body feeling like they’re literally on fire? This is the story of my next guest. Stacey Foat is a naturopathic physician from Australia and she takes us through her journey of recovering from debilitating symptoms related to hormonal imbalances. Stacey happened to be a naturopath when she started to experience these symptoms and was...



On the theme of business, I’m really excited to introduce you to today’s guest, Charlene Bailey, a figure skater. After leaving the world of competitive skating at 19, she realized there was a void in her life. Through an inspirational, entrepreneurial journey, she found her way back to the sport as a coach and fashion designer. What is so powerful about her story, in particular, is the way that she just put one foot in front of the other to follow her passion. Charlene epitomizes this...


053: What Leadership & Health Habits Have In Common with Paula Pyne

How many of you have thought of mindfulness? Meditation, yoga — all of those core buzzwords — as not just acts of relaxation, but acts of leadership. This is the stance of my guest today, Paula Pyne. Paula is a consultant in the mindfulness space and her stance on the matter is that all of these elements — all of these things that cause us to focus on ourselves and who we are and to slow down — are not just tools to help accelerate the success of teams and new startups but are also acts of...


052: Launching a technology company as a woman, with a side of meal planning with Abigail Hopkins

Today was so much fun! I had the pleasure of sitting down with Abigail Hopkins. Abigail is the Co-Founder of That Clean Life — an online, meal-planning platform for both consumers and healthcare practitioners. Abigail’s goal for That Clean Life is to make healthy eating as simple and fun as possible. She wants everyone to feel incredible in their body, once and for all. This was such a perfect interview for me because it not only gave me the opportunity to explore health, meal-planning,...


051: Mastering Mental Health with Dr. Christina Bjorndal

Today’s interview is important — important to us as entrepreneurs, as women, and as people who interact with colleagues, friends, and loved ones. My guest today, Dr. Christina Bjorndal, is a naturopathic doctor and an advocate for mental health. Dr. Christina Bjorndal is an intelligent, articulate advocate for your right to gain control with respect to your mental health — and she’s also just a heck of a lot of fun. We had a fun — but intense — interview, where we talked about her...


050: The Top 5 Lessons I’ve Learned Over the Last Year

Description: I am so honored to have all of you here and to have had this podcast as an outlet over the past year. So, for this 50th episode, I’m going to explore some of the ideas and themes that have percolated to the surface as a result of some of these incredible conversations that we’ve had together with my guests and patients over the last 50 episodes. In today’s episode, I go over the top five lessons that have become both important and intrinsic to me this year, as a result of...


049: Symbolism in practice, finding balance and building community with Dr. Michelle Peris, ND

Today’s guest is a Naturopathic doctor who practices here in Ontario. What is so fundamentally unique about what she has built is that her business is founded upon the notion of intention and female empowerment. Dr. Michelle Peris leads her business initiatives and entrepreneurial spirit from intent, her spirit, and what feels right — in a way and with a bravery that I wish more people would look at and embrace. With her, it is not about putting out something perfect, but instead, putting...


048: Influencing Yourself and Others with the Power of Words

I was nervous for this one. I fancy myself as a pretty decent communicator, but there is nothing like inviting a communication consultant, to put that confidence to the test. Mary Shores is the author of Conscious Communications and has been working as a CEO and serious badass for the last 20 years. Her interest in language is not relegated to simply one’s vocabulary, she is equally fascinated with the neurological implications of tone and intonation. Seriously cool stuff. Mary teaches...


047: Shift Your Predetermined Genetics with Epigenetics

Have you ever wondered if everything is determined by your genes or if you have some element of control at all? There’s a 50/50 split with all patients sitting in my office; half of them really wish that they could explain all the things that are awry in their life and health through their genes, and the other half are begging for the opportunity to garner more control. The reality is: The truth lies somewhere in the middle. And that’s what we talked about today with Dr. Kara...


046: The Secret to Sticking to Resolutions with Dr. Meghan Walker, ND

Welcome to 2018, everyone! I wanted to kick-start the front of January by having a little solo time with you, so this is just a short little podcast. We’re into that second week of January and this is when all those New Year’s resolutions start to dwindle, lose their fizzle, and it becomes hard to keep going. If this is something you can relate to or you work with clients that could relate to this then this is for you! So what I want to talk about in today’s episode is: What are the...


045: Finding your Inner Simplicity with Jenn Pike

The guest for today’s interview is a badass, hands down. Jenn Pike is all about helping people find their inner simplicity. Finding the core things that are important to you and making decisions every day that make your life easier and how that impacts — not only your health — but the health of your kids and the people around you. As most of you already know about me, I get really excited at this notion of health legacy — that the way you live your life has an impact on the people in your...


044: Becoming an Overnight Success (and the 10 Years it Takes to Get There) with Dr. Andrea Maxim, ND

I was really excited to sit down with our guest today, Dr. Andrea Maxim. She’s an entrepreneur, naturopathic doctor, and unapologetically interested in driving her entrepreneurial spirit and finding ways to have a massive impact on her profession. In this episode, I was lucky enough to get her take on a few things: the trends she has been seeing within entrepreneurialism, where she thinks we should be investing our time and energy as we move into 2018, and the common elements that she has...


043: How to Spend Money Guilt-Free and Improve Your Financial Relationships with Shannon Simmons

Today is a super fun interview because it was all about money — our attitudes towards it and our core beliefs about it. We segued right into the concept of ‘how do you go about spending your money, guilt-free?’ My guest today, Shannon Simmons, the author of Worry-Free Money — which just released today. She also owns The New School of Finance and she runs a series of programs online to teach the notion of financial acumen. As a new mom, she gets the pressures of the millennial, emerging...


042: Naturopathic Medicine, Confidence and Finding Your Authentic Self with Razi Berry

I had so much fun with this interview today because it was the perfect coming-together of themes that I’ve been talking about with clients and patients all week long: the notion of confidence and finding your authentic self. Our guest today, Razi Berry, is a mother of three, health advocate, badass entrepreneur, business woman, and a role model to me and so many others. She is the editor of the naturopathic news and review website NDNR and the host of the website Natural Path — and...


041: Don’t Hustle — Prioritize! How to Take Your Business to the Next Level Without Sacrificing Health with Dave Ruel

As entrepreneurs, we get caught in the mindset that we can out-work or out-hustle everyone to get to the next level. When we hear that it’s important to focus and be mindful we feel that we are different. We have to hustle. The reality is that running around like a crazy person, trying to be everything to everyone at all times, ultimately leads to burnout and ineffectiveness. Today I’m sitting down with Dave Ruel to look at the simple things — the operations of a business — to be...


040: Hidden Sources of Hormonal Imbalance wth Dr. Shari Caplan

Today’s episode is super fun. I’m hanging out with Shari Caplan, a traditionally trained medical doctor who has come to embrace functional medicine and the role that adequately balanced hormones play in our lives. She has an incredible clinic in Toronto that integrates medicine, meditation, movement, and all of the things that make us healthy, all under one roof. In our interview, we get into the nuances of hormones and how hormones influence your neurology, your digestion, your vitality...


039: The Truth About Detox with Josh Gitalis

Have you ever felt like you just need a detox? Like maybe you should stop eating for three days or down a boatload of charcoal or something? People come into my office every day asking for help with detox. I wanted to bring someone onto the podcast who understands detox. Josh Gitalis understands exposure and deals with the process of detox on a daily basis in his own practice. He has developed a series of online programs to help you identify exposures in your own life. Josh is also a...


038: Women’s Health Taboo: The Pill with Dr. Jolene Brighten

If there is one topic that is a taboo pertaining to women’s health, it is our reproductive rights. More specifically, the birth control pill. This is a topic that I have tried to pull guests into in past episodes, but no one quite wants to touch it. Well, there is one person that I knew would be brave enough to go there. Dr. Jolene Brighten’s area of expertise is understanding the hormonal environment of the women she treats and the impacts of their medications, including the birth control...


037: Prevention and Precision Medicine with Dr. Leigh Arseneau

The last time I had a chance to chat with this particular guest we were on a bus on our way to Banff because we sit on a medical advisory committee together. Dr. Leigh Arseneau has the capacity to take any health concept and dig deeper and deeper. We went off on tangents; we found ourselves in holes but the key thing that happened in our conversation today was that we managed to consistently paddle upstream. If you are looking for the answers and the pill that matches the outcome, this is...


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