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The Envy McKee Show is lifestyle entertainment on organically grown steroids. It’s a radio talk show, sure. But it’s also a platform for 25-40 years olds to have at it with their best lives possible. This isn’t some quasi-Oprah offering either. This is a work week full of information, inspiration, enlightenment and entertainment, not bound by any seat in a car. But right smack in everyplace your face wants to be: at your desk, at the gym, on a plane, on a train, in the rain, in the dark, with a mouse… you get the idea. It’s more than radio on demand. It’s live radio euphoria while you live your actual life. It’s also the absolute best un-edited conversation cocktail, chased only by the absolute best music on the planet. The Envy McKee Show isn’t bound by the standards of regular old commercial radio fare. This is something else. This is radio as if it were on cable. Like what HBO did for network TV. The Envy McKee Show is radio when radio was good, only much better than that. Envy’s Revolution has begun.






The Envy McKee Show 3-14-13

Happy Just Reg Ole Thursday! Although. It really wasn't just regular ole anything. My big sis Ella stopped through (in place of Todd Anthony who was scheduled to stop through) and we had ourselves a very cool spirit talk on and off the air. It was one of those fly on the wall conversations (inter-populated with loads of all the music I wanted to hear) that I probably needed more than you AND we talk all about it on this particular show. I'm evolving. Anyway. Don't ask, just listen. See you...