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The Erica Glessing Show is an 8-minute daily inspirational podcast for entrepeneurs and lightworkers.

The Erica Glessing Show is an 8-minute daily inspirational podcast for entrepeneurs and lightworkers.
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The Erica Glessing Show is an 8-minute daily inspirational podcast for entrepeneurs and lightworkers.






Tara McCallam “Unleash the Power of Your Creativity” on The Erica Glessing Show #2047

Tara McCallam Tara is a creatress of magnitude, an International #1 bestselling author of “The Lightness of Choosing You,” and a contributor to healing energy worldwide. She has a complimentary event coming up this week so go check it out and register for live or the recording! Unleash the Power of Your Creativity! And for more Tara, please go to:


Rich German “One Man Can Change the Planet” on The Erica Glessing Show Podcast #2045

Change the world, one ocean at a time… Co-founder of the JV Insider Circle, Rich teaches people how to leverage the power of joint ventures (JV’s). They lead the world’s largest community of JV-minded entrepreneurs. Their clients are experts and leaders in the transformational space who are committed to making a big impact on the planet. To get a copy of Rich’s book “Blue Laguna,” go here: Thank you to today’s sponsors!

Bret Rushia with Georgia Watson “Relationships are Easy” on The Erica Glessing Show Podcast #2044

Bret Rushia is a #1 international bestselling author for the book “Relationships Done Easy” and he shares “THE LIST” with the audience today on The Erica Glessing Show, joined by Georgia, and they share what works (and what doesn’t) in a relationship creation for us on this Sexy Saturday edition! Bret’s website: Today’s show was brought to you by this book:

Donna LaBar “Alkaline Heals” on The Erica Glessing Show Podcast #2043

Alkaline foods can heal. #1 bestselling author Donna LaBar is a speaker, author, teacher and is sought out by many for her ability to sort the complex advice and contradictions about what will get you well and get it down to the most dynamic ways to recover health. Donna has mastered the ability to coach others to transform their health quickly and naturally by boosting the body’s natural ability to heal itself. Her own daughter’s diagnosis of terminal AML lead her to finding the quickest...


Guy Golan “I Married a Workaholic” on The Erica Glessing Show Podcast #2042

Guy Golan Dr. Guy Golan is a personal coach who empowers spouses of doctors, finance, and tech professionals to transform their lives and strengthen their marriages. He has a PhD from the University of Florida. He published more than forty academic articles in leading journals. He was quoted in the New York Times, USA Today, Bloomberg News, and Slate Magazine You can follow him on Twitter @golancoach and join his Facebook group called I Married a Workaholic at! And:...


Licia Berry “Being a Woman” on The Erica Glessing Show Podcast #2038

As an author on themes of women’s issues, resilience, consciousness, divinity, and creative approaches to a balanced, grounded and inspired life, Licia Berry’s words have impacted seekers around the globe; to quote one reader, “Licia is an intuitive and eloquent articulator of the flow of consciousness.” For more: Here is a link to Licia Berry’s new book “I Am Her Daughter” - go get it now! [...]

Lauren Herrera “Love is Indeed a Verb” on The Erica Glessing Show Podcast #2037

“You can’t heal in love the world until you heal in love yourself… Realizing that you aren’t alone, you are one and the same of the universal energy, there is no separateness … No matter where you are, you aren’t alone, you are part of this huge magnificent force that is created all things…” ~ Lauren Herrera Lauren Herrera is a love, abundance and happiness coach helping men and women in over 100 countries create more meaningful relationships with themselves, others and their finances....


Diana Morgan “Heart-Centered Marketing” on The Erica Glessing Show Podcast #2036

Diana Morgan “​​I have a vision of a world of compassion and love where all people of all generations are inspired and empowered to connect and share their hearts!” The mission of Whole Heart Marketing is to empower and educate people on how to use internet technology to share their message, nurture relationships, grow their business and bridge the inter-generational gap that has been created by technology and by doing so, further heal the planet. I’m passionate about you being seeing,...

Rashaad King “The Soul Creator” on The Erica Glessing Show Podcast #2035

Rashaad King Rashaad King is an American screenwriter, film and television producer, actor, author, activist, speaker, talk show host and entrepreneur. He is best known for Conversations for a Change and Fear Thyself. He is the founder of Lifeline Creative Industries, an entertainment and lifestyle company based out of Los Angeles. From Atlanta, Georgia, he began his entertainment career at the young age of 19 when he wrote, produced and directed his first project, A Dream Deferred, a...


Stepping Up into Visibility on The Erica Glessing Show Podcast #2035

Erica Glessing A conversation about visibility and how to show up with more of your chi!


Curry Glassell “Riches for You” on The Erica Glessing Show Podcast #2034

Curry Glassell Right Riches with Curry!


Brittany Rogozinski “The Chaos of Bodies: An Invitation” on The Erica Glessing Show Podcast #2033

Brittany Rogozinski Untangle the chaos of body with Brittany Rogozinski!


Dana Obleman “Sleep Easy” on The Erica Glessing Show Podcast #2032

Dana Obleman for happy sleeping


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