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Episode 62: $30 Holiday Plates / Ringing of the Bells (ft. Lil DJ)

There is nothing but laughs from beginning to end on this one. And this episode has been brought to you by... the bell. No one is safe from it. Enjoy! This week we discuss, Tyrese mental breakdown, another Diddy name change, hollywood perverts, harassment, and many more topics...

Duration: 02:12:13

Episode 61: Lunch Meat? Ham or Turkey? / What Happened to All The Tissue? (ft. Eddie)

We're back again this week to talk our shit and give hot takes. Enjoy! This week... Halloween costumes, new albums, the lion king, PERVember in Hollywood and many more topics...

Duration: 01:25:58

Time And A Half: Thor Ragnarok Movie Review... Kinda Sorta (ft. #DER & Nicky 4k)

Well this start off as a movie review for "Thor: Ragnarok" but it just went left. You wanna know why? Well if you havent seen the title of this episode and just read the show description... #DER is back in the building. Enjoy!

Duration: 01:29:47

Episode 60: $1 Dranks at 11am / The One Foot Cooling Theory

Here it is the 60th episode (recorded on October 28th, 2017). Better late than never. Since a topic sheet wasn't made for this episode, y'all will just have to go into the show blind. But the jokes still fly, hot takes at an all time high and the funny as always is brought. Enjoy!

Duration: 02:13:05

Episode 59.5: Broke His TibFib / Haywood? Hayward? (ft. Fast Freddy, Webb, & Young Chadwick Franks)

Cubriski The Bear took the podcast on the road for a brief episode during one of his high school's friend wedding weekend. Enjoy! (Recorded October 21, 2017)

Duration: 00:37:42

Episode 59: Divorce YT Woman Drunk / Invest In Ourselves (ft. People Of Cleveland)

This episode is all over the place. And it aint your typical recording, but learn and enjoy yourselves. Info to reach us… The Everyday Podcast Email: Twitter: @Ev3rydayPodcast Instagram: @TheEverydayPodcast Cubriski Twitter, Instagram & Snapchat: @Cubriski Snoodie Fox Twitter & Instagram: @LawdMegatron Deezus216 Twitter & Instagram: @Deezus216

Duration: 01:03:54

Episode 58: Stage One Basic / What Is Being Broke?

Ummmm.... I cant think of anything except enjoyy this new episode for your listening pleasure. Tyrese and the Rock Netflix and Punisher series Supreme BET Hip Hop Awards NBA NFL and ESPN Marshawn Lynch’s reality show Dove ads Nelly T.I.’s comment Harvey Weinstein WhatTheFuckery Many other topics... Info to reach us… The Everyday Podcast Email: Twitter: @Ev3rydayPodcast Instagram: @TheEverydayPodcast Cubriski Twitter, Instagram & Snapchat: @Cubriski Snoodie...

Duration: 01:35:19

Episode 57: Niggraphy, thats Nigga Geography / Stripping Is A Performing Art (ft. K. Leinese)

HUMP DAY! New week means a new episode for yall to laugh and silently judge our hot takes. Enjoy! Trump in PR NBA All-Star format change Lavar Ball pulls LaMelo out of school to train Las Vegas mass shooting RIP Tom Petty Amber Rose, 21 Savage, and the slut walk NBA Preseason Blackish season premiere Shannon Sharpe Cam Newton WhatTheFuckery Many more topics... (Link in the bio. Available on itunes, apple podcast, google play store, soundcloud, tunein radio and podcast republic.) Info to...

Duration: 01:40:29

Episode 56: How Dare You Get Some New Bicuspids / #FoodStamFridays

Yeah we're late with the episode this week, but whatever... set those food stamps out since its Friday. (Recorded on 8/29) -RIP Hugh Hefner -Cardi B -Melo and PG -D-Wade -Russell Westbrook -Reason why Deezus dislike cavs fans -New CTE discovery -Adidas scandal -Taking a knee vs locking arms -Ray Lewis -Kylie Jenner -What The Fuckery -Many more topics… Info to reach us… The Everyday Podcast Email: Twitter: @Ev3rydayPodcast Instagram: @TheEverydayPodcast...

Duration: 01:46:48

Episode 55: There's A White Me Out There / Millions or Monogamy(ft. K. Leinese, Swoope & Mr No Face)

New week, new episode. Enjoy! -Before we start… Chipotle story -RIP Bobby Hennan -Celebrities and ghost accounts -KD has secret social media accounts -Kyrie on First Take -Carmelo -Jim Carrey -Kevin Hart -Canelo/GGG fallout -iOS 11 review -NBA 2k18 review -Adidas is number 2 over Jordan Brand -The Punisher netflix series -Toys R Us filing bankruptcy -Many more topics Info to reach us… The Everyday Podcast Email: Twitter: @EverydayWithDBF Instagram:...

Duration: 01:59:08

Episode 54: Chipotle texted me... IT'S LIT! / She Had None Kids (ft. Kadesha & @Deezus216)

Here's this week's episode..... (recorded on 9/15) NFL week one Cleveland Indians Apple Keynote event Lakers retiring #8 and #24 Beyonce & Rihanna Fenty make up line Marshawn Lynch reality show Chipotle adding queso Insecure season finale ‘Graduation’ album 10 year anniversary Jemelle Hill gets suspended from ESPN Triple G and Canelo Dapper Dan and Gucci Many more topics... Info to reach us… The Everyday Podcast Email: Twitter: @EverydayWithDBF Instagram:...

Duration: 02:08:17

Episode 53: Wrasslin Belts & Backshots / Takin Your Porn On Tour? (ft. @Deezus216)

Yeah... the episode is up later than usual... but comedy is still pure gold. Enjoy! -Holidays aren't the same anymore -Liquor being a truth serum -Lunar Eclipse -DACA -Hurricane Harvey and Irma -Jay-Z rap radar interview -Music festivals -Award Shows -Lonzo Ball and NaS -50 Cent inks a new deal with Starz -It -Sanaa Lathan -The Joker origin movie -Mario is no longer a plummer? -Mayweather and McGregor -Roasting has become a hate crime -Many other topics Info to reach us… The Everyday...

Duration: 01:26:13

Episode 52: You Fight or Shut The Fuck Up / One Man's 87 is another Man's Queen(ft. @Deezus216)

For your listening pleasure. Enjoy. Disclaimer: The opinions and views on this podcast, does not reflect everybody on this podcast. Charlottesville Donald Trump… again ESPN Dave East NBA Live 18 iPhone 8 Mayweather & McGregor Drake & Billboard Hot 100 Insecure & Ballers get renewed for more seasons Hooters closes several locations Marvel Defenders on Netflix Reason why Marvel cancelled Fantastic Four comic series Stunt actor dies on Deadpool 2 set Gorilla Glue company is suing the makers...

Duration: 01:38:11

Episode 51: The Lord Knows How To Talk Better Than That / Pink Swimmingo(ft. OG Newd & Deezus216)

Another week, another episode. Now for your listening pleasure... Disclaimer: The opinions and views on this podcast, does not reflect everybody on this podcast. -Before we start… -20 year anniversary of DX -Disney starting their own Streaming service -Trump and his itchy nuclear finger -Usher speaks out against the alleged victim -Eric Garner’s Family gets compensated for $4 million -Inmate who beat up Dylan Roff is now out on bond -Carl Crawford not marrying Eyelyn Lozada -Mike Vick’s...

Duration: 01:13:04

Episode 50: Thats Gonna Have To Get Edited Out(ft. B. Tidy, Ashley Renee, @OneYoungLegend & OG Newd)

We actually made it to 50 episodes and not get cancel… Here’s to 50 more. And shame on all of you not wanting a free $50 amazon gift card. Anyways enjoy the show. Disclaimer: The opinions and views on this podcast, does not reflect everybody on this podcast. ITS LIT! -Before we start... -Discriminating against white people -Trump wanting to get rid of affirmative action -Two Nelly songs that almost didn't happen -Blac Chyna wants to become the next big female rapper -Rick Ross thoughts on...

Duration: 01:32:37

Episode 49: God Got Me, It Aint My Kid / No Pregnancy Scares, I Just Had Two Kids

Good thing this podcast isnt called "the every week podcast", cause this episode is very late. Anyways here's what we talked about. Enjoy. -CTE in former football players -Ohio Fair ride tragedy -Transgenders not allowed in the army -Usher hit with another lawsuit -Colorado and marijuana tax income -There’s too much tv to be up to date on -Lamar Odom opens up about his cocaine abuse and cheating on Khloe Kardashian -Uber driver receiving oral sex -Drake getting a Lil Wayne tattoo -What The...

Duration: 01:51:32

Episode 48: Kylie Jenner Is A Wax Statue / I Might Need A Dick Splint

We have another good episode thats filled with hot takes and hilarious outlooks. Enjoy the show. Oh and yes there are fans going on in the background.... it was HOT! R. Kelly’s sex cult, Kevin Hart’s alleged cheating, Usher letting it burn, Comic Con, NBA 2k18 ratings, Meek Mill’s new album, Tyga on the Breakfast Club, OJ Simpson getting parole, Police stories, What The Health, and a bunch of other topics and randomness... Info to reach us… The Everyday Podcast Email:...

Duration: 01:40:22

Episode 47: A Casual Dressed Clit / Fake Black Card Finesse (ft. Nuddie, EJ & Fast Freddy)

Here's what we got for y'all this week... -Dr. Dre & Jimmy Iovine HBO documentary -4:44 Tour tickets -French Montana -Tyler The Creator -Black Panther -ESPYs -Revenge Porn -Blac Chyna’s press conference -NBA rules changes -YouTube Red -“Sis” -WhatTheFuckery -Timbaland vs Swizz Beatz -D23 -And many more topics... Info to reach us… The Everyday Podcast Email: Twitter: @EverydayWithDBF Instagram: @TheEverydayPodcast Cubriski Twitter, Instagram & Snapchat:...

Duration: 02:03:37

Episode 46: Was It A Diss or Nah? / There's A Reason To Do Coke (ft. Nuddie & Dizzy)

I'm curious... Does anyone really read these show descriptions? Anyways #46, here's what we go through. Well some of it cause yall know we're bound to go left a few times. #CubriskiAliasesGiveaway 4:44 Lil Boosie and Future Kanye rumored to leave tidal Spider-Man Homecoming Marvel v Capcom Rob Kardashian and Black Chyna Tesla and Streaming music 2Pac and Madonna Chris Bosh waived Gordon Haywood A dog is almost as expensive as a kid WhatTheFuckery And many more topics... Info to reach us…...

Duration: 02:03:38

Episode 45: #CubriskisAliasesGiveaway / Medium Rare Boxes & The Urban Tie Downs

Episode 45 and we have something special for y'all. Along with our hot takes, outlandish views, and some unpopular opinions, we are running a contest for a free $50 amazon card, so pay attention. Oh and you wont look at steak the same ever again after this episode. -NBA awards -Drake hosting -LaMelo Ball and WWE -Basketball 3 vs 3 -Knicks and Phil Jackson -Rihanna and her new boyfriend -Kodak Black -Serena Williams -Steak Preference -Amazon Prime Day -Jumaji 2 -WhatTheFuckery -And many...

Duration: 01:27:58

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