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Episode 33 of The Everything Podcast: Shaolin Style #JUSTICEFORKENNEKA #IRMA, #MARIA, and SOSCHICAGO (Save Our Streets)

Welcome once again you wonderful fine woke people you! This week on The Everything Podcast I give on update on what’s been going on with me and mine during this past week as IRMA decided to push her way through Delray beach (We are fine) also I speak on the JEMELE HILL/ESPN/TRUMP situation as well as my (Unintentional) boycotting of the NFL. (GO KAPERNICK!) and finally I close the show with the Kenneka Jenkins story and ask, What in the fucking hell is going on in Chicago son? All this and...

Duration: 01:20:05

Episode 32 of The Everything Podcast: Harvey/Money/Trump/ and Pumps

Ladies and gentlemen welcome to episode 32 of the Everything Podcast. In the midst of one of the worst natural disasters in american history this episode is coming out hopefully to provide a small distraction to the chaos. In this Ep I will go over the Marvel’s The Defenders on Netflix. I also touch on #HurricaneHarvey and will drop some info on how you can help if you want to. As always thank you for tuning in and please enjoy...

Duration: 01:00:04

Episode 31 of The Everything Podcast: ROCKABYE BABY/Impeach or Resign/Banned Substances and other shenanigans.

Ladies and Gents welcome to Episode #31 of the Everything Podcast!! Got a doozy for you today and the news stories were abundant these past two week. On this ep I will discuss the madness that was Charlottesville, Trumps response, The Giants, Kyrie’s move, The UFC pill problem and finally I give my prediction on MAYWEATHER/MCGREGGOR coming up this Saturday. Missed you guys one week felt like an enternity hopefully you feel the same way. This is the Everything Podcast, hope you enjoy and as...

Duration: 01:31:14

Episode 30 of The Everything Podcast: CHEAT DAY/Adult Shit/Pizza Snobbish/SMACKFU

Episode 30 of The Everything Podcast is here for your listening pleasure. Today is a mobile episode (Thanks BumpersFM) so please bear with my sounds issues. No topic today, this is just a FREESTYLE SMACKER!

Duration: 00:35:18

Episode 29 of The Everything Podcast: BLACKBALLED? Was it something I said? #Melo #FacebookAI #Genes

Hello ladies and gents, Welcome to Episode 29 of #TEP Shorty episode today as I just wanted to touch on the Kaepernick situation, Some scary advances in technology and OF COURSE what would The Everything Podcast be without some #MELODRAMA. Alot of nonsense, rambling and long windedness for you this week. Hope you enjoy!

Duration: 00:56:43

BumpersFM: Pizza Snob 2: The Revenge of the Pizza Snob

Episode II of the Pizza snob… Jacks NYC pizza breaks the Golden rule of pizza hood. No bueno.

Duration: 00:09:05

Episode 28 of The Everything Podcast: SHAME ON YUH! #TrumpVoters #CONGRATULATIONSYOUPLAYEDYOURSELF

Well hello #tepheads. Better late then never right? Usually these drop on Wednesday but I had adult things to do (Not like that sickos) and couldn’t record till today. I was unable to upload due to Podbean issues but HERE WE ARE BABY! I recorded a PRESHOW and a full episode for your troubles. I completely SHIT on #45 and his supporters so if you down with that CLOWN, you might want to duck. I also go in on PAKISTAN and the very shitty way they treat their women. I cover a small bit of...

Duration: 00:58:44

BumpersFM: We need MORE podcasts!

There are people out there who say, “There are too many Podcasts!” I am certainly not one of those people. In fact we need MORE podcasts! MOAR!!!!! My random thoughts on why ahead. PS: sorry for the background noise that sound you hear is my mic hitting my beard… next time I won’t use it. 😉

Duration: 00:19:16

Episode 27 of the Everything Podcast: Girls are not your Enemy, BRING OUR GIRLS HOME!

LADIES AND GENTLEMAN welcome to Episode 27 of the Everything Podcast and today’s episode is a doozy. I hit you with the fuck shit early (Knicks, WWE,) then I give the FUCKING NERDS a stern talking to (DR WHO?) and finally I get into some real shit that needs to be addressed. (R KELLY) #BOYCOTTRKELLY Thank you for joining me today, this is the one man show known as The Everything Podcast. Please enjoy responsibly

Duration: 01:20:52

BumpersFM: Mass Effect AnDRAMA!

My quick thoughts on ME:A and it’s collateral damage to fans.

Duration: 00:09:10

The Pizza Snob

Just letting the bumpers world know what my kryptonite is. Damn those magnificent Italians!

Duration: 00:08:40

Hello BumpersFM!

Just a brief introduction into who I am and what I do.

Duration: 00:01:56

Episode 26 of The Everything Podcast: Knickery, MAC & Cheese, and Story time returns!

On this episode of #TEP I’d like to discuss with you good people how much I hate the Knicks (not really). How much I hate Mayweather and Macgreggor, and how much I hate racists. Sound like fun? OF COURSE IT DOES!! That’s why you are here, that or you are a hater trying to see what I’m up to… either way THANK YOU! Also this episode I get into an unexpected Story time and “Lisa” makes her show debut? Who’s lisa?? Stream and Find out, this is The Everything Podcast.

Duration: 01:29:24

The Everything PRESHOW: #TEP26

Another journey backstage as my computer and my dog try to RUIN MY SHOW.

Duration: 00:12:14


Hello friends. 4:44 is out and if you are a fan of hiphop you owe it to yourself to check it out. I will be posting a link to get it free on social media for you. Todays other topics. CNN/Trump, Another fallen Officer, and NBA/Knicks. YOU KNOW WHAT’S MORE IMPORTANT THAN THROWING MONEY AWAY IN A STRIP CLUB? CREDIT.

Duration: 00:53:55

Episode 24 of The Everything Podcast: FREEDOM/EVERYTHINGS ZEN

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO boy! Phil has been RELIEVED OF HIS DUTIES and the Knicks are free of the triangle!! MIGOS, UBER, WALMART, JOE BUDDEN, 4:44, NBA, KNICKS, AND PHIL all discussed in condensed form on this… The Everything Podcast!

Duration: 00:46:44


Hello friends! So this is just a quick 10 mintue insight into my little insanites in regards to how I prep the show. That’s all… just a brief explanation of how I get myself up for showtime. Enjoy!

Duration: 00:11:13

Episode 23 of The Everything Podcast: HELL ON EARTH #RIPPRODIGY

Good Afternoon ladies and gentleman and welcome to Episode 23 of #TEP. Today we mourn the passing of a legend in the realm of hip hop and hip hop culture in Prodigy of the group Mobb Deep. Join me and the #talkingmyteamNetwork along with such shows as The Starting 5 Podcast, All Podcasts Matter and The Podcast Brothers in honoring our fallen brother. Other topics discussed: NBA DRAFT, KNICKS, and PHILANDO CASTILE. This is the Everything Podcast.

Duration: 01:06:23

Episode 22 of The Everything Podcast: It’s Father’s day, LET”S WRASSLE!!!

Suprise guys! Episode 22 of #TEP is here Happy Father’s Day!! I give the only way I know how… by hablando mierda. ) I was extremely bored and decided to start talking and this is the result. On this episode I mainly discuss The WWE’s Money in the Bank pay per view that is happening tonight and I also have a special message to all the dads out there (and single mothers) so If you are not into WRASSLIN then you can skip ahead to the 42 min mark and enjoy the Fathers day message (and a very...

Duration: 00:51:16

Episode 21 of The Everything Podcast: THAT’S THE ANTHEM

Hello Ladies and gents! Episode 21 of #TEP is my recap of e3 2017. I go over all the announcements conference by conference sans PC (because nobody cares) and give you my opinions on each conference and my top 3 games of the show. Also I talk about our new NBA Champions and if they “Earned” this championship. This is the Everything Podcast, thanks for your support.

Duration: 01:40:43

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