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Meagan Duhamel Live From The Olympics - Bonus Episode

Fresh off capturing a gold medal at the Olympics, devout vegan Meagan Duhamel joins the show from The Olympic Village in PyeongChang, South Korea! The figure skater is taking extreme measures to keep a plant-based diet at the games, but she tells “The Weight Loss Champion” Chuck Carroll that they’re working! And who could argue? She’s coming home with two medals! Find out what a gold medal meal tastes like and what the vegan options for Olympians competing at the winter games.


Heart Health and the Vegan Diet

Heart disease kills more Americans each year than accidents, strokes, and diabetes combined. However, a vegan diet has repeatedly been proven to dramatically lower the risk of developing the disease and in some cases even reverse it! Learn how a vegan diet can help you achieve optimum heart health and how small changes to your diet can make a major impact. Plus, seven ways to boost your heart health.


Vegan Olympics: Plant-Based Gold

Olympic ice skater Meagan Duhamel joins the show just before taking the ice in South Korea. She tells “The Weight Loss Champion” Chuck Carroll about the extreme lengths she’s going to make sure she has the perfect plant-based diet at the games. Also, dietician Susan Levin lays out the perfect 4,500 calorie menu for a vegan Olympian in training! Plus, we’ll learn how a plant-based diet changes the body and helps you go for the gold!


Tom Brady's Former Chef

Tom Brady is defying the odds! He remains at the top of his game despite turning 40 and has no plans to retire anytime soon. Heck, he’s in the Super Bowl again! In the NFL, that is unheard of. The fountain of youth might just be his clean primarily vegan diet. In this bonus episode, his former private chef Allen Campbell talks about working with Brady. Campbell quit his job as a restaurant chef because he couldn't in good conscious serve unhealthy food after becoming vegan.


Music and Medicine

Music can heal your mind and body. Dr. Neal Barnard and “The Weight Loss Champion” Chuck Carroll explore why songs can make everyone healthier and could be a breakthrough for Alzheimer’s patients. Also, hear the inspirational story of Silvia Lucero whose meat-heavy diet nearly proved deadly. Her stepfather is a cardiac surgeon who suffered a heart attack! Now she’s opening her family’s eyes to the benefits of a vegan diet. Plus, a delicious Chunky Monkey Truffle Bites for your Grammy Award...


The Cheese Trap

Cheese is one of the unhealthiest foods you could possibly eat and yet Americans gobble it down it by the truck load. Why? Because it's also extremely addictive and causes narcotic-like cravings and reactions in the brain. In fact, the cravings can be so severe it’s called “dairy crack.” “The Weight Loss Champion” Chuck Carroll and Dr. Neal Barnard spend the hour examining its potentially deadly effects. Plus, an interview with vegan NASCAR driver Landon Cassill.


The Meat-Cancer Connection

The link between meat and cancer has been known for more than a century. A 1907 New York Times article enlightened readers to that very fact. The headline: “Cancer Increasing Among Meat Eaters”. Yet, in the 21st century and there are still naysayers. “The Weight Loss Champion” Chuck Carroll along with nutritionist Lee Crosby and Dr. Steve Neabore bring the dangers of meat consumption to light. Lee shares her own emotional story of having two scares with breast cancer and finding hope...


Gut Bacteria 101

The gut has a hotline right to the brain that controls your insane food cravings! If you have a lot of bad gut bacteria you'll be jonesing for all of your high fat food vices! Learn the science behind how the intestines control the brain, the link between gut bacteria and cancer, and how you can detox your gut as "The Weight Loss Champion" Chuck Carroll chats with Dr. Jim Loomis and nutritionist Meghan Jardine. Plus, hear the powerful story of Connie Crosby who weighed nearly 250 pounds...


How To Vegan!

So you’re ready to go vegan. Now what? Here is the answer! Learn a guide to the first three weeks of going plant-based. Plus, “The Weight Loss Champion” Chuck Carroll chats with former football player Marc Ramirez who defied genetics and stared premature death in the face and beat it by going vegan. His family’s history with the disease was no match for a plant-based diet! Also, Dr. Neal Barnard will give you one of the best pieces of advice any new vegan could ever get. This show is all...


New Year, New You, New Vegan

Chuck Carroll talks about his 265-pound weight loss while Dr. Neal Barnard explains food addiction science. The brain reacts similarly to food as it does drugs. Also, bust myths about the vegan diet. Happy New Year! We'll get you inspired to hit 2018 running!


Healthy Holiday And A Vegan New Year

How will you take control of your health on January 1? This is everything you need to know about going vegan in the new year. And before the ball drops on 2018, we'll have the top 3 tips for avoiding unhealthy temptations over the holidays. Make it as easy as possible on yourself when the calendar flips and your journey begins! Just for fun, we'll go on the street and play "Which One Is Vegan?!" We give them two holiday treats to sample and make them guess which is plant-based. Minds are...


A Very Vegan Thanksgiving

It’s a vegan Thanksgiving! Dr. Neal Barnard introduces the debut podcast from The Physicians Committee. 'The Weight Loss Champion' Chuck Carroll finds out what really happens to your body when you eat a traditional Thanksgiving dinner with turkey, sausage gravy, cheese and more! Barnard Medical Center Director Dr. Jim Loomis talks nutrient density and shares a vegan recipe for cauliflower buffalo wings that will knock your socks off! Chuck goes one-on-one with Betty Mizek who emotionally...