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Steve Zeller and Paul Kibbe – “The Art of Making and Selling Wine”

“I’m quietly tenacious.” – Steve Zeller My guest in this episode was Steve Zeller – a friend I met about four years ago when he and I worked together on a data center project at Donaldson Company. Besides being the... Read more The post Steve Zeller and Paul Kibbe – “The Art of Making and Selling Wine” appeared first on The Extraordinary Friends Show.


Roman Fraulini and Norris Stenson – “There’s no crying in business”

“Most things I do end up being the hard way.” – Roman Fraulini My guest for this episode is my good friend Roman Fraulini. He’s a Director of IT but don’t worry – we don’t spend any time taking about... Read more


Jason Ostrowski and Erik Swanson – “Phone Numbers on Snickers Wrappers”

“Well, that’s probably the person I’m not saving.” – Jason Ostrowski My guest for this episode is Jason Ostrowski – a flight attendant for a regional carrier here in the Twin Cities. My co-host is Erik Swanson – my oldest... Read more


Paul Blomkalns and David Bryan – “Dates with Cadavers”

“The thankfulness washes away the awkwardness” – Paul Blomkalns My guest for this episode is Paul Blomkalns – a Nurse Practitioner and a really great guy who I met through my good friend David Bryan. Both these guys are a... Read more

Jill Strickland, Grace Nxx, and Matt Beukelman – “Ride or Die!”

"I refuse to wear my own hair." - Jill Strickland In this episode my friend, Matt Beukelman, and I talk with our good friends Jill Strickland and Grace Nxx about what it's like to be black women in America. As you see in the Show Notes below, we cover all sorts of interesting topics including: The extraordinary lengths that black women go to for their hair What it's like to work in predominantly white and predominately male company Why you should never ask a person "where they learned...

Stephen Meade M.D. and Chris Alme on Extraordinary Friends – “It wasn’t a dumpster fire.”

This is it - the very first episode of The Extraordinary Friends Show! I am so happy with how it turned out, and that is 100% due to my great guest, Steve Meade M.D., and co-host, Chris Alme. In the show, Steve tells us about: Who are the worst kinds of patients What he hates most about his job The grossest thing he's seen as a doctor Plus all the good things about being a doctor Steve also lets us in on a dirty little secret - that being what the admitting nurse writes down when you don't...