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46: New Astra Militarum vs New Ad Mech

We're back! Alec and I try the Open War Mission Deck in an epic battle between Bellisarius Cawl's Ad Mech vs Knight Commander Pask and his mechanized Astra Militarum. Robots vs Tanks!

Duration: 00:27:54

45: Tactical Flexibility and Gentlemen's Agreements

Hobby tips on re-using plucked foam and we discuss the new Death Guard models. Our main topic is Tactical Flexibility, what it means for your army to be able to adapt to changing battlefield conditions. Battle Report: Space Wolves vs Iron Warriors. Subscribe and share!

Duration: 01:00:44

44: A Fine Meat Slurry - Guard vs Deathwatch

How to create snow bases for your minis. First impressions of the new Necromunda models. George gets grossed out by Mortarion. Alec complains about all the toys that the Custodes are getting. Battle Report: Deathwatch vs Astra Militarum!

Duration: 00:56:55

43: The Flesh is Weak - Cult Mech vs Iron Hands

We discuss the new Marine Reiver and Aggressor models as well as do a deep dive into the new Space Marines Codex. Who knew Salamanders had such large quads? Battle Report: Cult Mech vs Iron Hands! Remember to subscribe!

Duration: 01:39:09

42: 8th Edition Tau vs Kharn and Khorne Berzerkers

New Primaris Marines coming including a cool new chaplain and apothecary models. We chat about GW's codex release schedule and why some of us will be left salty for a while. Our battle report has the new Tau facing Kharn, a Bloodthirster and Berzerkers!

Duration: 01:00:20

Episode 41: Necrons Need Their Meat!

We talk about the flood of new Games Workshop releases and do our review of the new Spiderman movie. Our battle report features 8th Edition Necrons vs Astra Militarum! Tanks vs Resilience!

Duration: 01:08:35

Episode 40: 8th Edition Blood Angels vs Chaos!

It's here! We celebrate the release of 8th Edition at Next Gen Games, discuss ugly renaissance babies and play our first 8th edition game: Blood Angels vs Heretic Astartes! Special guests: Alex Serros, Veero Derkarabetian and Jeremy Lueth .

Duration: 01:29:39

Episode 39: Red Dot Laser Sight

8th is almost here! We review an awesome animated series called "Helsreach" and then try out Arkham Horror: The Card Game. Our battle report features 2 games of Shadow Wars where the Astra Militarum take on Necrons and The Inquisition!

Duration: 01:05:46

Episode 38: 8th Edition Preview

We discuss Warhammer Community's latest updates about rules changes to 40K as we near the release of 8th Edition. Alec discovers Bolt Thrower, a UK heavy metal band heavily influenced by Warhammer and we play our first game of Shadow War: Armageddon. Subscribe!

Duration: 00:59:38

Episode 37: Deathwatch vs Death Guard

Don't Panic! 8th Edition is right around the corner and GW's FAQ tells us everything's great! We chat about Dungeons and Dragons, Dawn of War 3 and pit the Deathwatch against the Death Guard in a battle to the...uh...death!

Duration: 01:15:55

Episode 36: New Model Syndrome

George finally finishes the Thousands Sons Tac Squad! We discuss Rise of the Primarch and the results of our recent Reddit poll about 40K superstitions. Battle Report: Alpha Legion vs Belisaurius Cawl

Duration: 01:05:23

Episode 35: The Great Jokaero - Mutilator War

What happens when Stormlord full of of Jokaeros lands on a Chaos Mutilator world? We find out. Plus, we announce our contest winner, get into some hobby progress and we discuss the new Armageddon: Shadow War box set.

Duration: 00:37:13

Episode 34: Don't Bring Lightning Claws to a Dreadnought Fight

Hobby progress includes purchases. right? We talk about the latest Roboute rumors and review the classic board game Cosmic Encounter. Our battle report pits Kharn and the new World Eaters vs the Blood Angels and a Leviathan Dreadnought. Plus we announce a giveaway of our LVO swag! Listen, subscribe and rate us!

Duration: 01:06:06

Episode 33: Riptide Wings and Tactical Kilts

George reports on his experiences at the Las Vegas Open. In our battle report, the Iron Warriors take on the Inquisition, Deathwatch and the Astra Militarum...with surprising results.

Duration: 01:08:22

Episode 32: Soylent and the Gladius Strike Force

There's a new Eldar Triumvirate! We discuss the allure of Soylent. George readies his LVO list and learns some hard lessons about fighting a Gladius Strike Force!

Duration: 00:44:15

Episode 31: For Cadia!

George recounts his first ever ITC tournament results. We totally lose it over the new Lord of Change. The Gathering Storm: Fall of Cadia is out and we discuss the models, rules and its incredible developments to the 40K storyline.

Duration: 00:49:59

Episode 30: The Best of 2016

We present our list of 40K's best models and releases for 2016! We also discuss the Fall of Cadia leaks and review Imperial Agents and Traitor Legions. Battle Report: Alpha Legion vs Iron Hands! Happy Holidays from George and Alec!

Duration: 00:42:01

Episode 27: Flayed!

We cover the Necron's Gauss Flayer and discuss whether its one of the strongest weapons in 40K. Rumors: Sisters of Battle in plastic? We hope so! Battle report: The Sons of The Gorgon and the Stormlance Battle Demi Co. vs Necrons!

Duration: 00:19:48

Episode 26: Lasguns and Void Sheilds

The new Prospero Burning box set arrives! Then a new segment, The Armoury, where we do a deep dive into a 40K weapon. We start off with the humble lasgun. Battle report pits the AdMech War Convocation vs the Tau!

Duration: 01:02:09

Episode 25: Death Company vs Cult Mechanicus

We talk about our favorite washes and inks before we get into a review of the new Angels Blade Codex Supplement. Our battle report features the Angels Blade's Lost Brotherhood Strike Force vs the AdMech War Convocation!

Duration: 00:25:16

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