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Episode 23 - Top 5 Countdown

On Episode 23 of The Fabled Broadcast, Blake and Billy count down the top 5 episodes based on their total number of plays. We started this podcast a little over a year ago and these are clips from some of your favorite episodes. Or maybe, if you're a new listener, think of this as a good way to test the waters. #5 - Episode 11 with Carey Cool Tripp #4 - Episode 9: The Patterson/Wolfe Takeover #3 - Episode 7 with Philip McClung #2 - Episode 12 with David Ersland #1 - Episode 1: The Maiden...


Episode 22 - Hey Drew, What's New Part Two

This is Episode 22 of The Fabled Broadcast or as we like to call it: "Hey Drew, What's New Part Two". On this episode we take another drink of mank from the chalice of our music oracle, Drew Wilson. Drew shows us some of the bands he has discovered and been listening to since his last appearance. Before Drew arrives, Blake and Billy discuss Fergie's infamous National Anthem and begin to make plans for a Charity Show in the near future. Later on, we chat about our exercise band called,...


Episode 21

Hello listeners!! On Episode 21 of The Fabled Broadcast, Blake talks about his workout regiment, discusses Crossfit, and Billy talks about his glory days as an All-American swimmer. We also discuss about the book of Leviticus, which eventually leads us onto the topic of the infamous T.B.A. parties. We also talk about the outrage surrounding Tom Segura's new Netflix special called, Disgraceful and how musicians will never abandon the word "retard" (we need it, seriously). *On this episode...


Episode 20

On Episode 20 our guest is: none other than...2018!! It's a new year and that means new recording software, new whiskey, and still no new sponsors...or emails. On this episode, we pay tribute to the city with the most Fabled Broadcast listens in 2017, San Francisco, CA. Thank you to everyone in San Francisco for your loyal support over the last year! We discuss ax throwing, Forrest Gump, and the new idiot phenomenon known as the Tide Pod Challenge. Blake and Billy share their appreciation...


Episode 19 w/ Alex Gregory #2

On episode 19 of The Fabled Broadcast, our guest is Alex Gregory. Alex is our first returning guest and he came on the podcast to (or attempt to) promote his upcoming debut solo album called, Petrichor. Alex tells us a little about the making of the album. Petrichor is set to be released digitally on December 31st, with an album release show TBD. On this episode we discuss The Dark Tower series, hunting, and Blake gives us his predictions for the new Star Wars film (he had not seen the...


Episode 18 w/ Joe Libby

On Episode 18 of The Fabled Broadcast, our guest is Joe Libby (and his dog, Tony). Joe is an old friend of Blake's and a loyal Fabled Broadcast listener. Blake, Billy, and Joe spent Thanksgiving together so, of course, we had to cover fire safety. Blake tells us about the music group, Heilung. We discuss Marvel and DC movies, In Living Color, and Kevin Smith Movies. Joe lives in Houston and gives us a first-hand account of some of the damage he witnessed from Hurricane Harvey. He and Blake...


Episode 17 The First Fabled (Remote) Broadcast

On Episode 17 of The Fabled Broadcast, we take our mobile recording rig for a test spin. The first half hour is Blake and Billy eating at Fuzzy's and mostly talking about Billy Corgan's recent appearance on Joe Rogan's podcast. Later on we decide to move the remote podcast to T's in Lewisville. At T's, Billy tells us about his camping trip and reveals a camping secret. We talk to Eric, the owner and operator of T's, and he tells us about the worst bar fight in T's history. Blake and Eric...


Episode 15 Las Vegas Tribute

"When will we rediscover love is all we need?" - Michael Lessard of The Contortionist "This country has a mental health problem disguised as a gun problem." - Joe Rogan Episode 15 of The Fabled Broadcast is a tribute to the victims, as well as the families and friends of the victims of the recent Las Vegas terrorist attack. We discuss mental illness and depression, also how both of these things affect all of us on different levels. During the episode, we pay homage to one of America's...


Episode 14 w/ Rusty Jordan

On episode 14 of The Fabled Broadcast, our guest is Rusty Jordan (his fiancé, Taylor, is off-mic). Rusty is an ex-coworker of Billy's and the guitarist of the band Billy plays keyboards in, Circadian. On this episode, we discuss Circadian, the Michigan Irish Music Festival in Muskegon, MI, and Ari Shaffir. We also talk about School of Rock, Jim Carrey, Trump's comments at the UN, and classic rock tours we have attended. At one point, we think about how to use The Fabled Broadcast for good....


Episode 13 w/ Alex Gregory

We'll call this one a triple-shot podcast. On the 13th episode of The Fabled Broadcast, our guest is Alex Gregory. Alex is a coworker of Billy's, a very creative musician, and an all-around good time. On this episode, we touch on politics (a little). Blake tells us about Red Bull's cliff diving event at Possum Kingdom Lake during Labor Day, and how to nurse a hangover after such an event. Blake also tells us about his participation in the Run For Life 5k and we hear Billy's method over...


Episode 12 w/ David Ersland

This is Episode 12 of The Fabled Broadcast. This week, we have on David Ersland. David is a funny guy and a friend of the podcast. He's also a good friend of Shade Everton's (from Episode 6), as well as a coworker of Blake's. David tells us all about his travels to China, his tattoos, and teaches us how not to drink with Russians. We also discuss porn bloopers, Jon Ronson, The Dark Tower, Tom Hardy, and Founder's beer. Thank you for listening to The Fabled Broadcast! Please subscribe on...


Episode 11 w/ Carey Tripp

Welcome to Episode 11 of The Fabled Broadcast, this one runs a little longer than normal. Our guest this week is Carey Tripp. Carey is a stand-up comedian based out of Denton, Texas. On this episode, Carey reveals his spirit animal to us. We talk about Jim Carrey movies, beer, stand-up comedy, and the time Blake met Rampage. We also discuss football and social media. Blake finds a way to relate haters to the Star Wars saga and we discuss the cosmos. Make sure to check out Carey at the...


Episode 9: The Patterson/Wolfe Takeover

Episode 9 of The Fabled Broadcast is a very special episode! We're calling this episode, The Patterson/Wolfe Takeover. Due to Blake's absence, we filled his seat with Billy's sisters, Annie and Katie, as well as Erik, Annie's husband. On this episode we discuss: Tom Green, fishing, the "Rats" documentary, and the show "Hot Ones". We play "Would You Rather", we also talk about Annie and Erik's family camping trip and Eagle Brand pudding. Also, Sigurd cries and Katie attempts to explain...


Episode 7 w/ Philip McClung

On the 7th Episode of The Fabled Broadcast, we have Philip McClung with us in the studio. Philip is an old friend of Blake and Billy's, as well as an ex-bandmate. Philip currently lives in Austin and runs a recording studio called, Asymmetric Sun Studio. We talk about music, music production and engineering, music equipment and Philip's G.A.S. (Gear Acquisition Syndrome). We also discuss how we met Philip, how we became friends, and "trips" we've been on. Other topics we touch on include:...


Episode 6 w/ Shade Everton

On Episode 6 of The Fabled Broadcast, we have our friend, and Blake's ex-coworker, Shade Everton with us in the studio. This is a long podcast so we split it into two parts. Shade just recently embarked on an inspirational weight loss journey. We talk to him, during the second half, about the last couple of months and about what he has learned in regards to dieting, changing his lifestyle, and getting healthy. Shade has lost 72 pounds in 60 days and may have also inadvertently created the...


Episode 5 w/ Casey Hill

Hello listeners!! This is Episode #5 of The Fabled Broadcast. On this episode, we have a very special guest, our longtime friend, Casey Hill. Casey is an ex-coworker of Billy and Preston's, musician/audio guy, a father of two, and just an all-around amazing person. On Episode #5, we discuss recent concerts in DFW and Star Wars. Casey and Blake also give us a look into what it's like being a dad, in your 30's, in 2017. We also cover colon congestion (so East Coast listeners, you might not...


The Fabled Broadcast #3

On this episode of The Fabled Broadcast, Billy and Blake discuss tattoos, children's movies, political correctness, the German language, and much more. This episode was recorded on Friday April 7th, International Beer Day. Please subscribe to The Fabled Broadcast on iTunes and now available on Google Play! Contact us on: Twitter: @thefabledtweets Instagram: @thefabledbroadcast Email: All music by The Fabled Few Thanks for listening!!


The Fabled Broadcast #2 032417

This is the second episode of The Fabled Broadcast. Blake and Billy discuss bathroom-related accidents, beer, and comedy. Thanks for listening! Please subscribe to The Fabled Broadcast on iTunes, GooglePlay, and SoundCloud. Contact us with questions, concerns, comments, or if you'd like to be a guest on The Fabled Broadcast: Follow us on social media: Twitter: @thefabledtweets Instagram: @thefabledbroadcast All music by The Fabled Few


Podcast #1 Part 1 012817

This is part 1 of the "maiden voyage" of The Fabled Broadcast. Our guests include Sara Albertson and Joe from Deep Ellum Brewing. We cover tequila, Trump, growing up with the Albertsons, pee-pees and tee-tees, and more. Stay tuned for more episodes! Please subscribe on iTunes, GooglePlay, and SoundCloud. Contact us with questions, concerns, comments, or if you'd like to be a guest on The Fabled Broadcast: Follow us on social media: Twitter: @thefabledtweets...


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